The Staff of Aaron
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Up in the air, Austin stared gravely at his team as they struggled against the Legendary Titans.

Even after using so many power-up moves, they could barely contend with the titans.

Which made Austin wonder if these titans were so powerful then how powerful were the more dangerous legendary pokemons.

Shaking his head out of his thoughts, Austin asked," How much more time is it going to take Haunter ?" 

{ She says she is going as fast as possible }

{ Tell her to hurry up or we are all going to be six feet under }

{ .... }

{ Sorry, I am worried for everyone. }

{ I understand but you have to be patient.}

( ~ Breath in ~ )

( ~ Breath out ~ )

{ Oh, no. }

{ Is something wrong Munna? }

{ I can feel that some people are coming towards us. }

{ Well, shit! Tell Clefable and Pidgeot to get ready }

Austin's telepathic message was conveyed to Pidgeot and Clefable who immediately took action.

Clefable's body glowed pink as he shrank down with minimize while Pidgeot let out a thunderous call that alerted everyone.

{ Haunter, found it !}

Munna telepathically shouted out as Austin nodded with a giant smirk on his face.

Munna's eyes glowed with a green aura as the stone held within Austin's hand began to distort before Munna's move item swap teleported the position of the two objects.

Austin gulped as he gazed upon the blueish-pink crystalline cocoon-like flower in his hands.

The Time Flower.

Clefable and Munna looked at the time flower with interest but quickly shot down that interest as Austin put the flower in his backpack.

Bulbasaur, Wartortle, and the others quickly returned to their pokeballs while Pikachu hopped onto Pidgeot's back.

Butterfree used Baton Pass while transferring all of its power to Clefable.

Clefable repeatedly hits his stomach with his hands as white ripples were created with each hit, maximizing his attack power in exchange for half of his health.

Clefable's eyes glowed with a psychic aura as he released stored power onto the Legendary Titans who were charging up Hyperbeam.

The Hyperbeam of the Legendary Titans clashed against the wave of psychic energy that caused an orb of white to form in the middle of the sky that exploded out in a flash of light that covered the entire sky in an orange hue.

Leaving the Tree of Beginnings with a Sonic boom was Austin on the back of Pidgeot with Clefable's gravity keeping everyone safe.

Austin glanced at his pocket as he rubbed the head of the minimized Clefable.

Couldn't have done it without you, buddy?


Glancing out of the walls of Cameron Castle, Queen Rin, and Princess Ilene gasped as they saw the beautiful night sky covered in an orange hue.

The people of Rota looked at the night sky. Some took this as a sign of the apocalypse approaching, some considered it as a signal from the Gods and some even considered it to be the sign of the birth of a new Aura Guardian. But one thing was for certain, the people of Rota were confused.

( ~ BOOM ~ )

( ~BOOM ~ )

Something fast, extremely fast moved through the sky of Rota as winds blasted through the entire city.

The thunderous sound caused many people t hide in fear while many scrambled away in fear.

The senior Aura guardians of Cameron Castle were on high alert and perceived something flying towards them at high speeds.

The high towers of Cameron Castle were blasted away by crescents of air as everyone was alerted to the northern side of the Castle.


[ Cameron Castle ]

" Your Majesty and Princess Ilene, please retreat to the safe room. The Aura guardians will immediately handle the situation."

One of the older knights called out as he felt the aura of a Pidgeot.

It was fast, extremely fast.

As some of the guards and servants escorted the Queen and Princess out of the Room.

" Someone go get the Sinonian Princess, she is in the great hallway" Princess Ilene commanded as a few guards bowed and ran out of the room.

It took a few minutes for the guards to get to the great hallway but what they came across shocked them to their core.

A giant hole had been blasted through the wall while the Sinonian Princess was left unconscious alongside a Ponyta.

" This can't be !" One of the guards shouted out as he pointed upwards to the giant painting of the Great Aura Guardian Aaron.

Everyone knew that beneath the painting lay the aura guardian's staff which was now gone as if it had vanished into thin air.


[ Cameron Castle - Northern Side ]

The Elder Aura Guardian had made it to the northern side as he gazed upon the hundreds of pokemon writhing on the floor alongside his men.

" The Aura is with me. " The Elder Aura Guardian outstretched his aura senses to find the location of the assailant only to find no one.

The assailant that had attacked the northern side was gone.

Just what was his/ her purpose for this attack?


[ Tree of Beginning ]

Up in the air, Lucian and Alakazam frowned as they examined the place.

" Did you find anything? "Lucian asked his t


{ Not much but one thing is for sure, whoever came to this place certainly knocks how to cover their tracks.}

" Can't you track the pokemon who released his abundant amount of psychic energy? "

{ Can't do Lucian, the psychic trail immediately cuts off after a few meters away.}

" Shouldn't that be impossible?"

{ It should be impossible but somehow someone did just that. }


Riley and his team outstretched their aura senses to cover the land all around them.

When they came here? All they found was a battlefield filled with trenches, ice, and flames.

The land had been changed forever by the brief skirmish that had happened.

" Sir Riley, should we let that outsider onto his sacred land ?" 

" You have heard the Queen's orders. Now isn't the time to be thinking about anything else other than finding out, who dared to destroy this sacred land."

Riley shouted out as he outstretched his aura sensing more and more only for it to pick up the attention of something.

Riley found himself in the presence of the Legendary Titans whose majestic aura warped images into Riley's mind as he found himself in three places at the same time.

A giant sandstorm with Regirock walking out of it.

A giant snowstorm with Regice floating through it.

A giant steel temple with Registeel standing at its doors.

To these Legendary Titans, Riley was nothing but an insect that wasn't much danger to the tree of life.

Riley meanwhile bowed to the titans in fear.


[ Omake Paragraph ]

When Meowth and its Pay Day attack were first discovered, it prompted a flurry of speculation so great it threatened to collapse the world's economy. The idea that a pokemon (even a rare one) could produce coins identical to those minted by governments from silver and gold mined at great expense was enough to trigger a period of lost savings and desperate purchases and massive inflation. Wealthy business interests and governments battled over Meowth's habitat, seeking a pokemon worth more than its weight in gold.

They were fighting for nothing.

Pay Day indeed produces money, but it is a small amount, not a world-breaking one. Meowth is a high-maintenance pokemon with large appetites but was this the only issue, Meowth gold would still be a profitable enterprise on par with farming Miltank. Those who attempted this enterprise soon found a far more damning issue: kleptomania.

Meowth produce coins, but they are also drawn to them. Shiny and round objects have been known to attract them from miles away for them to steal and add to their hoard. Few of these stashes have ever been found by trainers, and they typically steal far more than they create, and from their trainers before their neighbors. Most Meowth farmers went bankrupt, while a few learned to keep their pokemon on a leash and watch its front paws – and hide their own money for good measure. These lessons have been passed down to every Meowth trainer today, and most who use them can break even based on the battling income they provide, but the very idea of investing in Meowth remains a synonym for self-destructive foolishness to this day.