The Aura Pokemon: Lucario
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[ Kingdom of Rota ]

Deep within the mountains surrounding the City of Rota, a cave was being heavily protected by a group of Pokemon.

Outside the cave, Clefable healed Scizor with the move Life Dew while Pikachu gagged at the smell of the healing cream Austin had rubbed on Scizor's wounds.

Fearow sneered at Scizor to which the pincer Pokemon glared back.

Pidgeot hit Fearow's head with her wing.

" Pid!" 

Fearow glared at Pidgeot before angrily screaming out.

" Fearow!"

Bulbasaur outstretched his vines to separate the glaring avian duo.

While Charmeleon and Kingler stared blankly at Wortortle and Ninjask who were having a dance competition.

Shedninja floated creepily as it stared at the mountains blankly.

Ignoring the banter between his pokemon, Austin gazed upon the staff that was roughly two-thirds his height, it consisted of a wooden shaft, a series of black steel rings, one circular that expanded from the shaft, and a large half-sphere that connected around the top of the first ring, similar to an equator. In the center of this was a large crystal from the Tree of life, expertly cut into a twenty-six-sided rhombicuboctahedron.

Completing the design was a pair of large, teardrop-shaped weights where the two rings connected, reminiscent of the appendages on Lucario's head.

As soon as Austin grasped the staff, the small cave they stood in began glowing bright blue.

Everyone rushed towards their trainer as they saw the staff shaking so violently. The light was so blindingly white it seared their eyes. Austin turned the staff away from them, even though he was certain it wasn't going to erupt. 

His paranoia when it came to the safety of his Pokemon kicked out the logical part of Austin's mind.

"Get away!" Austin shouted absent-mindedly

I will stop you.

And then it did explode, but not in the way Austin expected. He was thrown backward as Scizor was quick to catch him while a beam of energy shot out of the end of the staff. It coalesced into an

upright Canidae shape, almost mistakably humanoid saves for the ears and tail.

Then with a blink, the white light shimmered away, leaving a black-and-blue-furred pokemon kneeling in front of them all. It lurched up with eyes still squeezed tightly shut.

Sir Aaron!

It whirled on the spot, its voice echoing startlingly through the minds of everyone present. 

Austin wondered how it whirled about, it had to be blind even though he was certain Lucario wasn't blind in the movies.

Austin backed away a little especially since he didn't like how the air seemed to shiver around Lucario's paws.

I've found you.

" Wait!" Austin cried out, only just rolling out of the way before the pokemon pounced upon him. The ground beneath cracked as Scizor blocked Lucario's attack.

Fighting through the pain, Scizor launched Lucario back a little who seemed to get more furious due to the intervention.

Your goons won't stop me! echoed more bodiless words.

You will not win this, Sir Aaron. You've grown soft in your complacency. I will end your treachery. I will end you.

" ( ~Gulp~ ) Sorry about this in advance. "

Austin said as he snapped his fingers before a giant cloud of chemicals was released by both Bulbasaur and Butterfree.

Lucario ignored chemical warfare as he lunged toward Austin.

" Shedninja."

( ~ Screech ~ )

Lucario jumped a little as he heard the scream before he saw Shedninja who simply stared back at him.

"Move or you'll get hurt !" Lucario barked out asked, pointing back the way they had come.

Shedninja simply stared at him.

"Do you think you can survive ?" Lucario asked, guessing now as he sensed that all those previous Pokemon and " Sir Aaron " were all just standing there.

Why ?!

Shedninja meanwhile simply stared at Lucario.

'Is it all right?' Lucario wondered as he glanced at Shedninja before lunging forward. 

I will deal with you later after I deal with Aaron.

Suddenly Lucario felt a sense of vertigo as he stumbled a little.

Electricity discharged from Lucario's fur as he stumbled back.

The shadows behind Lucario shot out in the form of ethereal black tendrils that held Lucario in place, alongside Psychic and gravitational forces that held the aura pokemon in place.

Seeing Lucario snarl, Haunter just smiled.

Lucario decided that he didn't like that smile as Haunter shoved a ( BDSM ) gag into Lucario's muzzle.

Austin walked out of the cloud of lethal chemicals with Clefable's gravity protecting everyone.

Austin looked at Lucario blankly before glancing at Haunter.

" Never trust a man who can dance." 

Austin's words confused Haunter and the others who were discussing something amongst themselves.

" What are you guys..."

" Pidgeot!" 

" and gals talking about?"

{ We were wondering how you know all of this }

Munna's telepathic words caused Austin to stop and think while everyone awaited curiously for the answer meanwhile Lucario glared at Austin as if he had killed someone close to him.

" I just read a lot of books."

" ..... "

{ ..... }

" ..... "

Austin and his Pokemon stared back at one another.

Every one of Austin's Pokemon looked at him as if he had told the biggest lie to their face.

" What?! I read sometimes."

{ When. }

" When I have free time."

{ When. }

" Didn't I just say when I have free time ?"

{ Seriously, when. }

" Ok, let's continue this conversation after we handle Lucario. "

" Pika"

Everyone cried out in agreement as they turned to Lucario who was still glaring back at him.

" Haunter, can you please remove that "gag" from Lucario's mouth? "

" Kekekeke "

( ~ Snarl ~ )

As soon as the gag was removed, Lucario snarled out in fury but Haunter just threw the gag at his head.

" Well, we could have met in better circumstances but let's get this straight. I am not Sir Aaron."

" I was carelessly summoned from my staff by Sir Aaron. A moment of weakness, perhaps. Where did he flee to? Tell me quickly and I will trouble you no further."

" Sir Aaron is dead," Austin said as he went on one knee. He delivered the words with no hint of relish, but no pity either. Just cold and empty, so they couldn't be argued against. "He died centuries ago, protecting the kingdom from the Great War. If anyone summoned you, it was me."

Lucario's eyes narrowed. "That's not possible."

" Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible! ..."

Austin said as he brought out the time flower.

" Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night."


[ Omake Paragraph ]

The ancestors of the Persians were enormous beasts with long saber teeth, related to Raikou and Mew. They were not normal-type pokemon, but psychics whose power emanated from an enormous red jewel on their foreheads and could shoot thunderbolts from their giant whiskers. Like most of the pokemon world's megafauna, a mixture of climate change and overhunting wiped them out, and only their smaller, weaker descendants are alive today.

Modern Persian jewels are usually a vestigial body part, akin to a human's tailbone or an Empoleon's wings. However, there is a limited atavism found in Persian throughout the ages: they do not regrow their old fangs or size, but they learn electric attacks without special training and powerful psychic attacks which cause their jewels to grow a deep crimson hue. They are also expert ventriloquists, able to move their mouths to telepathy to the point where virtually all trainers mistake it for human speech.

There are only two atavistic, psychic Persian confirmed to be alive today. This is not an unusually low number; such Persian are extremely rare. One of them is kept as a pet by Sabrina of Saffron City, and the other is believed to be in the possession of Team Rocket.