Scizor and Fearow
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[ POV Change ]

[ Cameron Castle ]

" Is he awake?" A voice called out as Queen Rin the VI walked into the room gazing upon her daughter who was taking care of Riley.

" No, mother." Princess Ilene's voice broke as she looked down upon her friend.

The other guardians had told them that Riley suddenly collapsed while using his aura.

" What did the doctors say?"

" Riley seems to be medically fine but he just isn't waking up," Ilene replied to her old mother who just nodded.

" Mother, will Riley be alright?"

" Don't worry child, I am sure Riley is just exhausted."

While the Queen was reassuring her daughter a couple of guards ran into the room.

" Your Majesty, we have found Sir Aaron's staff."

" That is wonderful news."

" But there seems to be a problem." The head guard gulped as he saw the Queen's eyes narrow.

" Elaborate further!"

" Yes, your majesty."

" We don't have all day now do we, say your words or I will have your tongue."

" ( ~ Gulp ~ ) Your Majesty, the staff....."

[ Kingdom of Rota - Central Park ]

A crowd of people whispered to one another as they gazed upon the statue of Queen Rin The Great, the ruler of rota during the time of war.

" That's funny."

" Roger, that's highly disrespectful."

" Who could have done such a thing?!"

" Who dares to do such a thing?"

People in the crowd commented as they gazed upon the guards trying to pull the staff of Sir Aaron out of the Queen's statue's butt.

But people in the crowd were focusing on the message written on the giant white cloth attached to the staff of Sir Aaron.

" ~ Harder ~ Daddy ~ Harder " 

The message, written in all red, ended with a portrait of Queen Rin doing the aheago face.


[ Inn ]

Austin walked down the hallway as he asked," Haunter, did you place the staff where I told you to?"

Austin's shadow warped into thumbs meanwhile Pikachu narrowed his eyes at Haunter.

He could feel it in his gut, she did something.

Austin opened the door to his room which was filled with darkness.

With a little frown, Austin tried to find a switch but as he stepped forward but the sound of someone scrambling caused him to stop at the door.

( ~ Click ~ )

A small lamp lit up the room revealing Yellow sitting on the couch like a mob boss while stroking tenty, the tentacool.

Austin blinked a few times as he awkwardly looked at Yellow who was trying to be intimidating.

" And where were you?"

" .... "

Austin couldn't help but crack a smile at Yellow's adorable attempt at being intimidating.

" I am pretty sure, mob bosses don't have saliva dripping down their faces."

Austin's comment caused Yellow to blush in embarrassment as she quickly rubbed the saliva off.

She must have dozed off while waiting for him to return.

Austin thought as he was impressed by Yellow's attempt at recreating a scene that they saw in the movies in the SS. Anne which had led him to wake up late for his surprise match against Misty.

" I am impressed."

" Thanks," Yellow replied as she rubbed the back of her head with a small blush on her face.

" Hey, don't try to change the subject. Tell me where you were." 

Yellow said before her heart began to speed up as she saw the frown on Austin's face.

" And why do I have to tell you where I go?!"

Austin's words and tone caused Yellow to shake a little.

" B..but aren't we friends?"

"..... No, we aren't. I think I have made that abundantly clear in my call." 

Austin's words caused Yellow to look on in disbelief.

" .... " Austin didn't say anything but walked forward to his bed before stopping as he pulled out an envelope from his pocket.

Throwing the envelope towards Yellow," You said you didn't have any money, it contains the key to your room and enough money to buy you a ticket to Kanto."

" wa....want to l...leave." Yellow's voice called out to Austin who didn't even turn around.

The message seemed to have gone through to yellow who returned tenty before walking out of the room with the envelope in hand.

The silence of the room was broken by the small sobs of yellow as she slammed the door shut.

" ..... I did the right thing didn't I." Austin asked Pikachu who just nodded.

Even if his friends hate him, at least they were safe.

Pikachu was reminded of his trainer's words before he did that call.

Looking up at the boy who was smoking away his grief, Pikachu just smiled.

Maybe one day they will understand your actions.

[ Nighttime ]

Munna looked on in interest as she saw Scizor and Fearow playing a game of chess meanwhile everyone else was asleep.

The duo was too prideful to admit their love for the game so they threaten.... ahem..... convinced her to never talk about this to anyone.

Haunter meanwhile was on the roof spray painting those gloves under their trainer's commands.

She was pretty sure, their trainer is going to regret it later that he gave Haunter those spray cans.

Munna smirked as she looked at her sleeping trainer.

Her worry was visible on her face as she expelled a dark purple dream mist from an oval spot in a darker shade of pink on her body.

Her trainer's dreams were getting more and more violent, alarming, and dark.

This worried her, her trainer needed help but who could she turn to when she didn't know if he wanted help in the first place?

Munna was broken out of her thoughts as she felt a burst of dream aura.

A little intrigued, Munna floated towards the location meanwhile Scizor smirked as he moved his knight.

Fearow's eyes showed a glint as he moved his bishop to checkmate Scizor.

Scizor looked up from the board in surprise.

How did you do that?

What can I say I am just smart.

Fearow replied as he puffed out his chest.

I want another game.

Scizor's words caused Fearow to scoff.

I don't play with losers.

Don't call me that.

Scizor replied as he got up with the life orb hanging around his neck glowing.

You want to go.

Yeah, let's go another round this time I am white.

Fearow snorted while moving forward.

Don't go crying to the human when you lose.


[ Yellow's Room ]

Munna gazed upon Yellow who was twisting and turning in her sleep.

She could sense a weird psychic aura coming from Yellow.

It was as if she was gazing upon two different individuals.

Munna quickly went in to help her trainer's friend.


[ Omake Paragraph ]

Although quite far down the list of pokemon which pose a danger to humans, Mankey as a species is unmatched in their aggressiveness and ferocity. They are both brave and brutish; they will pick fights whether their battles would be easy victories against weak and often unwilling foes or impossible struggles against legends. Their courage has won them many accolades, which they typically squander just as quickly by fighting just as ferociously against young children who wander into the tall grass.

Because of this ferocity, they are typically considered to be dumb beasts; in reality, they are nothing of the sort. As far as non-psychic pokemon go, pokemon neurology has demonstrated convincingly that Mankey possesses brains nearly as developed and intelligent as humans. It is commonly thought that the combination of a self-aware brain and a body that can only run, punch, and repeat its name creates a great deal of frustration which drives Mankey to rage against everything in sight.

There are, however, those who believe that Mankey's aggression does not stem solely from frustration and existential angst. After all, Mankey's closest living relative (apart from Primeape) is Man, which is no stranger to assault, murder, and war.