A Dark Past and A Promise
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[ POV Change ]

I also exist in this impossibly huge system....for a brief moment before disappearing.

A young yellow thought as she saw the beautiful night illuminated by the lights of the houses of Viridian city alongside Wilton Amarillo.

All she knew was that this vast world .... and the night sky twinkling with the stars were new to her and made her feel something she had never felt before.

" It was nice meeting you, kid." Wilton Amarillo said as he waved goodbye to the young yellow who turned to crawl back to the hell hole she called home.


Yellow and her malnourished mother stared at one another as yellow said," Mom, I went outside !"

" I saw a Rattata and other people. I saw houses, but nothing big like on T.V. I ate candy."

( ~ Slap ~ )

( ~ Thud ~ )

Yellow's innocent words were rewarded by a slap to the face as the malnourished woman screamed out.


The malnourished woman cried out as she hugged Yellow.

" Please don't abandon me....please." The 

woman begged yellow who did nothing but stand around in a daze.










I want to earn a lot of money.

I want to have cool stuff.

I want to be popular.

I want to date them.

I want to be acknowledged.

I want to be healthy.

I want to eat delicious food.

I want to be loved.

Such emotions are a natural part of human life but they were quite unfamiliar to the little girl.

For the first time in her life, yellow had a desire.

I want to go outside.

I want to go outside and see the world.

For a few days, yellow focused on the sound of her heartbeats.

She could count the beat.

She realized that when her mother fell asleep.... she didn't wake up until her heartbeat at least 21,600 times.

It took 1000 beats for her mother to fall asleep.

Yellow counted her heartbeats and ascended to the surface once more.

" 1,336 .... 1,337...."

Yellow didn't get lost as she replayed the memories of that day over and over again.

Wherever she went, the paths were connected anyway.

" 2,146...."

Yellow found herself standing before Wilton Amarillo who just smiled.

" It's been so long, have you come to visit me ?"

Wilton asked with a smile

" 2,147..."

" 2147 ?"

" I am counting my heartbeats."


The girl liked it here.

The girl tried different flavors of candy.

She saw people striving greatly to make a living.

She saw a person who lost his way.

She saw the beautiful pokemon that roamed the sky and the land.

She saw a life worth living.







[ Months later ]

Yellow couldn't hear the sound of her heartbeat as she gazed upon the corpse of the Rattata that she had followed up to the surface.

" Kid, don't look." Wilton Amarillo said as he covered Yellow's eyes from the gore of Persian eating a Rattata.

And the world kept spinning.

Perhaps that's why.....

Yellow wondered as she gazed upon the room that was once her entire world destroyed by the delusions of her mother.

" If it wasn't for you !" The malnourished woman screamed out as she strangled Yellow.

Each second went by as yellow didn't even try to put up a struggle.

What was the point?

Even if I die, the world would keep spinning.

" What is my name ?"

Yellow asked as she gazed upon the woman she called mother.

Tears fell in Yellow's eyes as she asked once again.

" What is my name ?"

That seemed to snap the woman back to reality as she let go of yellow who greedily sucked in the air.

" I ...I am sorry."

The mother said as she balled her eyes out.






" Eat." The malnourished woman said as she placed the bowl of instant noodles in front of yellow.

( ~ Slurp ~ )

" Is it yummy ?"

" Yeah, it is yummy."

" Good."


" Come on, let's sleep together."

" Did you have a good time outside ?"

" Yeah, at first I was following this Rattata and then I met this uncle."

Yellow talked about everything she saw outside ..... one by one...and fell asleep next to her mother.

" I see."

A feeling of peace settled over Yellow that she never felt before as the girl slept while remembering a memory that she cherished very much.

" What are you doing ?" The young yellow asked Wilton.

" Oh, I am drawing a picture."

" Do you like to draw ?"

" No, I have never drawn a picture."

" Yeah? Wanna have a go ?"

" But what should I draw ?"

" Anything that you find beautiful."

Yellow gazed upon the scribbles on the paper that depicted a loving family.

[ The Next Day ]

Yellow woke up to see the hung corpse of her mother dangling from the bathroom room.

A gangster man once married a woman who worked in the illegal adult entertainment industry.

Both broken and unloved thought they would find comfort with one another.

It was a decent life for a few months but the hole in the woman's heart couldn't be filled.

So she tried to find comfort with other men.

When the man found out, he was unable to control his anger and possessiveness so he locked her up in this hell hole.

' Why ?' Yellow wondered as she looked upon her mother's hungry corpse.

The corpse of the mother swung side to side as yellow hugged her mother's legs.

' Why did this happen? '

She remembered when Wilton asked her if the drawing was from her family.

" No, but it is something cool and good."

" Do you wish you had a family like that ?"

" I think it is great if you had a family like that. One day you will."


( ~ Creak ~ )

The door of the room opened revealing an injured man as he gazed in shock and horror at the sight of the corpse of his hungry wife being swayed back and forth while his child hugged her legs.

( ~ Bang ~ )

Yellow's body crashed into the wall.

( ~ Slzth ~ )

The man's fury turned yellow.

' Why, even in this situation .... he doesn't know anything beside violence ?'

Yellow thought as her father's fist crashed into her face.

' Does inflicting pain on others relieve the suffering in his heart ?' Yellow wondered as reality bent for a second due to a crimson wave expanding out.

' Is it fun hitting people ?' Yellow wondered as she gazed upon her father's fist.

' I think he might kill me.'

" Um, ...daddy," Yellow called out stopping the beast from attacking further.

" Can't you just love me ?" 

Yellow's words seemed to anger the beast more.

Yellow's body reacted on instinct because even in this hell, a small ember of desire lived on.

Yellow's eyes glowed a cyan color for a second as the pulmonary artery of the beast ruptured causing the man to drop to the ground.

Yellow glanced at her dead father before looking at the door.

What is this world?

Where are we all headed?

Yellow walked out of the room never glancing back.

As the dream world's reality broke apart, Yellow glanced back to see a crimson-eyed Austin with a melancholic look in his eyes.

" Are you real ?" Yellow asked as her eyes showed no spark.

Shards of memories floated all around the duo.

" I never knew." Austin didn't know what to say.

Who knew that yellow had such a dark past?

" Neither did I," Yellow replied in a monotone voice.

Austin flinched at the lifeless tone of yellow.

A shard floated in front of the duo showing a scene at a hospital.

" Mister Wilton, Yellow's mind seems to have broken due to shock."

" Can't you do something about it !'

" We can but ..."

" But what ?!"

" The procedure would result in yellow's memories being sealed away."

" What does that mean ?"

" The memories that caused Yellow's mind to break would be sealed by a psychic Pokemon and she would forget everything but the seal would take a great toll on Yellow's body as she would try to sleep after every activity."

" Doc, can it help yellow ?"

" I assure you Mr. Wilton that this is the only way to help this child."

" Doc, if this can help then please make it happen."


Austin didn't know what to feel as he gazed upon Yellow's memories.

" Why are you here? Shouldn't you be out there battling? Wasn't this why you abandoned Brock and Misty? Wasn't this why you abandoned me ?"

Even if it was said in a monotone voice, Yellow's words stab Austin's heart.

" .... " Austin put his head down in shame. What could he say at this point?

He tried to push everyone away for their safety.

He acted like an asshole so they would leave him and be safe.

At the end of the day, it was just him running away from his anger of facing the people who were indirectly responsible for Raticate's death.

If they had listened to him then maybe Raticate would have been alive.

People try to blame others in their anger.

Austin had done the same and as the realization settled in his mind, he could only feel one thing.


Disgust at himself for blaming others when he knew that they couldn't help it, how would they know what is going to happen when he knew that the ship was going to get attacked?

Why didn't he try to warn anyone?

Why did he try to get Bill or maybe Professor Oak to help?

Why didn't he do anything?

Yellow moved forward towards the dazed Austin.

" Are you going to abandon me again ?"

Yellow asked.

Austin just looked up to Yellow.

" You could have been free with Misty and Brock yet you chose to follow me, why ?"

" You were the only person who gave me my freedom. Uncle Wilton was very protective over me and didn't want me to go out but you gave me a chance to break out of my cage and fly through the sky. I choose to follow you because I could feel it, the boy who help me escape from my prison was hurt and I couldn't look away."

Austin subconsciously smiled at Yellow's words.

" If you are going to give a speech at least put some emotions into it."

Yellow in response just kicked Austin's shin.

" Try to read the atmosphere sometimes."

" Sorry, sorry."

Austin chuckled a little as he saw the entire void begin to be engulfed by an ethereal light.

" I guess this is goodbye," Austin said as he knew that Yellow's psychic seal would seal away these memories from Yellow.

" I don't like goodbye," Yellow said in a monotone voice as her body was engulfed by the ethereal light.

" I can't say I don't disagree," Austin replied as he covered his eyes.

" Ash."

" Austin."

" What ?"

" Austin, call me Austin."

 Yellow suddenly grabbed Austin's collar.

" Don't forget me."

" I won't."

" Pinky Promise."

" Yes, Pinky promise."

" Can you open your eyes ?"

Austin peaked out at Yellow's request as he saw Yellow hugging him.

" Austin, please don't abandon me."

" Don't abandon me, you idiot !"

A little surprised by the monotone shout, Austin just replied.

" I won't! I promise !" 


[ Omake Paragraph ]

Without the domestication of Growlithe, some believe that mankind today would still be living in caves. It is a fire that allowed man to cook food and warm shelters, defend itself through flaming weapons and keep hostile pokemon away eons before man invented the Pokeball and became master of nature itself. And it is Growlithe, a friend to humanity through all ages, which brought fire to Man.

Were fire alone the benefit accrued to mankind by the presence of this pokemon, it would have been far more than enough! But it was not. Growlithe eat Rattata, Zubat, and other vectors of disease so common in the pokemon world. They need little sleep, and while serving as playmates by day, spend the nights guarding the caves which nocturnal pokemon threaten. They naturally sniff out and attack criminals, allowing to this day for the preservation of good government and checking the corruption of the police force. And most importantly, it was through their bonds with Growlithe that man learned the lessons of pokemon training, which he would apply to more and more species until the world itself was his own.

It is no small wonder that, among primitive peoples, Arcanine is far and away the most revered of the gods – for it must have seemed like divine protection that a pokemon like Growlithe was around to help man through its earliest, most trying age.