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Author Note : Sorry 😔 for not uploading these past few days, I was really sick and had to go the hospital. Thankfully it was just a severe flu and cold.

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[ Austin's POV ]

As my eyes opened, the first thing I saw was a graffiti-drunk buff middle age man doing a kawaii pose.

My mind went blank thinking I was still in a dream.

{ You are not in a dream }

Hearing the telepathic voice of Munna, a sense of dread filled my heart.

How much is this going to cost?

{ A lot }

Thank you for your input, Munna.

{ No problem }

Sigh, who did this?

{ Do I even need to say it? }

Fuck, where is haunter?

{ Haunter has gone out but you should look at what she did to your underwear }

What did she do?

I thought as dread filled my stomach.

Suddenly all the pairs of underwear I have floated above me.

Each of the underwear had been dyed pink and an extremely accurate pokemon drawing in extremely suggestive poses.

I didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

Munna, Burn them.

{ Really! }

Yes, now burn them.

{ If you say so but only on one condition. }


{ Can you wear them at least once? }


Austin was left speechless as he got up from the bed.

I am going to get Charmeleon to burn them.

{ Come on, just try them once. }

I'd rather burn in hell.

{ ..... }

Ignoring Munna's pouting, Austin gathered all his decorated suggestive underwear to burn.


[ An hour later ]

" ..... but don't worry my pokemon put out the fire," Austin said with a smile at the staff member who asked about the smell of smoke coming from his room.

" Thank you for that and I apologize for disturbing you on a morning."

" It is no problem, you were just doing your job."

Austin said as he closed the door.

" Guys, cut in out." 

Austin said while gazing upon the crying Munna who was sitting on Scizor's head.

Pidgeot and Clefable comforted the psychic type while Scizor read his rom-com novel.

Wartortle licked his lips as Pikachu flipped the skillet he was using to fry a couple of mushrooms on an annoyed Charmeleon's tail flame.

" What am I going to do with you all ?" Austin asked himself as he sat on the bed while Kingler spat out mushrooms that were covered in garlic Ketchup.

Switching on the Xtransceiver to make a call to Bill Montgomery, Austin activated the call function, he selected Bill's contact number, and after three rings, a flash of light appeared on the screen as Bill's- wait-

"What the?!" Austin screamed, getting up from the bed, and he yelled into the Xtransceiver.

On the screen was Bill with a black eye.

" What's wrong ?"

To answer Bill's question, Austin just pointed at his eye.

" Oh, well your friend here is quite energetic."

Bill's screen moved to show Lucario playing with a rumba.

Lucario touched the rumba before jumping in the air as the rumba beeped.


Austin thought before coughing into his hand.

" So mind telling me, why you sent Lucario to me even though you can legally carry 20 pokemon with you ?"

Austin chuckled dryly as he replied," Let's just say I found him by chance."

Bill narrowed his eyes at Austin who looked away.

How could Austin tell bill that he had gaslighted an aura master Lucario into becoming his master and pokemon and to keep his white lies from being found out he had sent Lucario to Kanto?

" Fine I won't get into the nitty-gritty of it but I have to say Ash you are my lucky star."

" Why ?"

" Because now I have a Pokemon to talk to."

" Can't psychic types talk to pokemon ?"

" They can if they have the telepathy ability and it is not easy to find such a pokemon."

" Oh," Austin replied as he glanced at Munna.

'I should thank Cynthia next time I call her.'

" Anyway, Bill I am going to transfer Lucario when I return to Kanto."

" Really ."

" When are you coming back ?"

" Tomorrow."

" Really."

 Hearing Bill's disappointed tone, Austin frowned," What's wrong ?"

" It's nothing."

" You want to spend more time with Lucario."

" Yes, please, can I ?"

" You can."

Bill's face was like that of a child receiving a new toy.

" But I have a few conditions."

" Anything, what do you want ?"

" So Bill, what can you tell me about the Safari Zone ?"


[ Inn : 10: 30 A.M ]

Yellow pulled herself out of bed as she washed up.

When she noted the time, her eyes widened as she had slept in, her pokemon must be starving.

" Everyone, I am sorry." 

Yellow quickly went through her fanny pack where she found that all her pokeballs had been opened.

( ~ Bzzz ~ )

Hearing the sounds of Kitty's wings, Yellow went to the small kitchen where she saw all her pokemon eating.

" Finally awake sleepyhead."

Austin's voice shocked yellow who remained frozen.

" A...Ash."

" Yeah."

" What are you doing here ?"

" Feeding your pokemon since you decided to sleep in."

Yellow rubbed her head in embarrassment.

Dody placed Yellow's straw hat on her head.

" Thanks, Dody."

" Yellow, I have some bad news. You might want to sit down."











( ~ Sob ~ )

( ~ Sob ~ )

( ~ Sob ~ )

Dody, Tenty, Dish, Kitty, and Yellow all were balling their eyes out as Austin broke down the news of Raticate's Death.

" Free !" 

Butterfree struggled to breathe as Kitty was hugging him while crying.

Similarly, Dody was being comforted by Pidgeot and Scizor ( reluctantly ).

Dish and Tenty had Bulbasaur and Pikachu to comfort them respectively.

Austin used 420th tissue to clean Yellow's face who had cried so much that she had fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Glancing at the sleeping Yellow against his arm, Austin just smiled melancholically as he remembered the dark reason why Yellow always slept.

If Munna hadn't confirmed that everything that he saw was real, he would have assumed that it was just a horrible nightmare.

A few minutes later, a sad atmosphere formed in the kitchen as Yellow's pokemon mourned the loss of their friend while Austin's pokemon tried to cope with emotions that flared up when Raticate's death was brought up.

" Yellow."

" Y...( ~ Sniff ~ ) Yeah."

" I am going to hunt down team rocket."

" B..( ~ Sniff ~ ) But isn't that dangerous."

" It is and that is why I want you to promise me that you won't tell anyone about this."

" E...Even Brock and Misty."

" Especially those two!"

Yellow nodded before hugging Austin who was surprised by the gesture.

" I am sorry."

" Sorry for what ?"

" Sorry that you had to deal with Raticate's loss all on your own."

" Don't worry, it wasn't your fault that Raticate died. It is team rocket's fault and they are going to pay for it."

" A...Ash, I want to help."

' ( ~ Sigh ~ ) I knew this was coming.'

" Let's have a battle."


[ Omake Paragraph ]

Typically, to speak of a legendary pokemon is to speak of a unique pokemon. There is one Zapdos, whether it rests in the power plant or races around Sinnoh. There are two Mew, but one is a clone so warped it's considered "Mewtwo", a different pokemon entirely. And yet, anyone with a Growlithe and a Fire Stone (which you can buy at the Celadon department store) can possess an Arcanine.

These Arcanine, however, are pale copies of the original. While some legendary pokemon have been captured by great trainers and only regained freedom after their deaths, Arcanine – the real Arcanine – has never been captured. It is a beast more like Groudon or Kyogre in size than Entei, capable of running across all Eurasia in the space of a couple of days, and its fire is hot enough to melt the Onix it steps on when racing around the world for fun.

Its cult is among the largest and most faithful of all the world's legendary pokemon. Arceus, although always acknowledged as creator, is too distant to attract much devotion, and most of the legends hole themselves up in caves like hikkikomori, completely withdrawn from the world, or run away whenever encountered by man. Arcanine, however, seems as though it is everywhere performing miracles and setting the unholy aflame, and it always sticks around for its temples to pay its respects. Even its commonality makes it more popular: it is far easier to relate to a big, evolved Growlithe than some weird thunderbird.

More legends have sprung up about Arcanine than any other pokemon, and it is with good reason that the Pokedex calls Articuno a freeze pokemon, and only Arcanine a legendary.

( A.N: The original Arcanine doesn't exist, it is just a belief people have created to give Arcanine the title of legendary pokemon )