The Seawave City Incident
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[ POV Change ]

Austin and a red-eyed yellow walked out of the inn only to stop as they saw everyone in the lobby standing there looking at the Television screen intently.

It should a live scene in Seawave City.

The sound of the helicopter blades blared through the speakers as someone turned down the volume.

The video was shot from a helicopter and a woman was trying to give commentary but she was barely audible.

Seawave City was a big city with big skyscrapers sprouting from the street white beaches and fancy-looking palm trees.

Or Austin assumed that Seawave City would like that because right now it was a battlefield.

I don't know what you call a group of Gyarados, a swarm. A school?

Another appropriate name would be a bloodbath.

Austin couldn't see how many Gyarados there were but from the helicopter, it looked like a can of worms had been released into the city.

The entire shore of the city was flooded with murky, brown, and slightly reddish water which allowed the Gyarados to swim through the streets, the water flooded at least a good mile into the city, drowning everything in its path.

Most skyscrapers that were too close to the sea had collapsed, either by the waves that continuously slammed into them or by the Hyper Beams, the Gyarados were firing.

Entire city blocks were leveled, and other parts were visibly buried into the ground by seismic attacks.

Gyarados were very scary Pokémon on their own but with an entire swarm of them, they were a nightmare.

Whirlpools and tsunamis rose from the sea and crashed into the parts of the city that were not destroyed yet.

Among the destruction, there were small islands created by toppled skyscrapers and buildings that hadn't collapsed yet.

The Gyarados were rampaging through the city but not without any resistance.

People and Pokémon were fighting back, or at least they tried to.

Pokémon trainers had gathered on the small islands and were firing ranged attacks at the hostile Gyarados with their Pokémon.

Lances of light, lasers, and psychic waves met the Gyarados and caused a lot of them to go under.

People flying on bird Pokémonm circled to draw the Gyarados away from the vulnerable parts of the city, all the while they had to dodge the Hyper Beams that were thrown at them.

Bigger water Pokémon moved people and other Pokémon around to safer areas, evacuating those in need of help.

One would say it was amazing to see Pokémon and humans working together, but that would be a lie.

Because the people and Pokémon who tried to stop the rampage were losing.

No knight in shining armor magically wished the monsters away or a protagonist who changed the tide with heroism.

The camera angle didn't provide Austin with a lot of details but the overall picture was grim.

For every violent Gyarados, they managed to take down two more roses from the water to take their place.

Strategy wise the Gyarados should've been at a disadvantage because they were attacking from the sea.

But the people and Pokémon defending the city were no match, they were scattered everywhere and the constant barrage of waves allowed the Gyarados to swim through the city and slither through the streets.

There seemed to be no coherent plan on either side, the Gyarados were bent on causing havoc and the defenders were trying to take down as many Gyarados as they could.

The situation in Seawave City was no joke or a children's show.

The people and Pokémon who tried to fight back were dying, and not in a heroic way either.

Tidal waves tore through the hasty defense lines people had managed to set up. The water was not clean seawater instead, it was filled with glass, cars, and big pieces of concrete that had been torn out from the buildings and turned seawater into a meat grinder for whoever got swallowed by it.

Mangled bodies, both Pokémon and human, floated on the water, coloring it red.

Austin immediately turned to shield Yellow from the gore only to find her sound asleep.

Some Pokémon survived the initial wave but that didn't mean they were safe yet. There were water Pokémon like Tentacruel and Slowpoke who tried to rescue the ones that had fallen into the water.

Being in the water was risky, even for water Pokémon, the tidal waves constantly tried to slam them into other objects and buildings, turning them into a red splash on the wall.

People and Pokémon in the sky weren't safe either.

Friendly fire was off and people who tried to get close to the Gyarados in the water risked being hit by their allies.

Buildings and huge skyscrapers collapsed around them and buried anyone unfortunate to be underneath them.

And whenever a Pokémon or trainer fell into the water, they were consumed by it.

Rain and thunder made flying hell and the weather could change at any second.

The helicopter allowed Austin to see multiple city blocks that had different weather systems, one was entirely frozen in ice with a blizzard in the sky while not even a block away there was a sandstorm razing through the streets.

I am a human after all and I can not look away from a train wreck.

Austin considered briefly.

Pikachu was mostly unfazed by it, he watched the video with more morbid curiosity but he didn't seem to be afraid, yeah he kept hugging Austin's neck but Austin suspected that the video was an excuse and not the reason.

No matter how bad the situation in Seawave City seemed to be, situations like this were nothing out of the ordinary in the world of Pokémon.

As if the cameraman had heard Austin's thoughts he changed the angle of the camera and panned out.

This time it showed the battle closer to the seashore.

"It's still unknown who or what caused the Gyarados to become this angry," the reporter cried out, "There has been no official response from the Johto League yet, besides raising the threat level and-"

The helicopter swayed and the woman screamed, underneath the helicopter, a huge tidal wave had formed and headed towards the city and in the process almost caught the helicopter out of the air.

The helicopter stabilized and the woman tried to continue as if nothing had happened, "But it's clear that the situation is grim."

Talking about grim, the camera angle changed again and this time it focused on a much bigger Gyarados.

It had the size of a small skyscraper and it swam through the shoreline as if it was a big earthworm, slithering around torn-down buildings, or sometimes it swam straight through them, seemingly unhurt by the falling debris.

The Gyarados in question were times bigger than a normal ones and were glowing faintly red.

The giant Gyarados was angry, that much was clear.

It lashed out with its entire body, sending tidal waves everywhere and tearing through everything in its path.

The Gyarados themselves also had a weird weather effect surrounding him, a red sky was above him and made it look the creature came from the depths of Tartarus.

"Impossible," Austin muttered, "What a joke."


[ Omake Paragraph ]

The skin of a Poliwag is semi-transparent, especially in the white circle on its chest. Through detailed study, its internal organs are visible – not just the spiral-shaped intestine, but if you look closely, even the brain and heart can be seen. This fact has made Poliwag a staple of science classes for young children, as they could be used to study anatomy without forcing the children to dissect a pokemon.

In ancient times, it was from analyzing Poliwag that the science of medicine began. Observing them in nature allowed people around the world to discern the functions of various body parts, along with the common mishaps they suffered. It was not a perfect knowledge – Poliwag are amphibians, only distantly related to humans – but knowledge in this field grew by leaps and bounds, and in the age of antiquity man through Poliwag had already begun to understand that humans and pokemon are related.

Interestingly, it was only a few centuries ago that Chansey was effectively domesticated, and before this, it was Poliwag that nurses kept on hand in pokemon centers. As assistants, they were not nearly as helpful as Chansey. Their oily skin, hypnosis technique, and water type made them worth having around, but their use owed as much to tradition as to utility.