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The Gyarados opened its mouth and a huge laser tore through the skyline.

Except it was blocked by a light barrier that appeared in its path and shot the laser back.

This angered Gyarados even more.

A constant barrage of attacks surrounded the giant creature and it was clear that the most firepower available to the defenders had been put into stopping the big Gyarados.

People sitting on the backs of flying Pokémon swarmed around the creature, dragons and birds alike.

Even a few Ghost Pokémon floated in the air and tried to attack the Gyarados.

The fact that it was huge made it easier to hit but on the flip side, it was surrounded by water which the giant used to block attacks and move around quickly.

Gyarados was bit by the reflected Hyper Beam and went under and for a brief moment, it looked like it was down for good.

Then it flew straight up, like a Venus flytrap it snapped an unfortunate Pokémon trainer who rode on a Skarmory and swallowed both of them.

The people flying around it began attacking again.

The camera swayed and panned in on a certain individual.

It was a blue-haired woman riding on top of a Dragonite, her hair bound in a ponytail and swaying in the wind.

She and the Dragonite flew around the Gyarados and targeted the eyes with long-range attacks.

The Gyarados seemed to hate her more than the others because it lunged for the pair, its entire body flying out of the water as if it was made of paper instead of flesh and bones.

She didn't hesitate and dropped straight down with her Dragonite, narrowly avoiding the huge jaw, before pulling up and continuing their attack.

"News update," the female reporter shrieked from behind the camera.

She was cut off by a loud bang.

The camera panned out and again focused on the city as a whole.

All the previous weather effects had disappeared and now all the clouds above the city were turning black and suddenly the city was covered in a thick, black blanket that blocked most of the sunlight.

Lightning arced through the sky everywhere and the black clouds in the city began to swirl around each other in a tornado-like fashion.

All the clouds and lightning seem to connect above the giant serpent.

Lightning coiled around it in the air and over the water, skipping over the surface but strangely not getting consumed by it.

Austin thought that it was Gyarados' doing but the giant itself was also surprised by this new development.

The swirling tornado in the sky began to form into a wind funnel and all the water in the city began to swirl too as if the entire city had become the middle of a huge tornado.

The clouds in the middle of the vortex parted and the light shone through, forming an almost angelic beam from the sky.

In the middle of the beam, a large creature was revealed, it descended from above the clouds and slowly hovered down to fly above the giant Pokémon.

It was white and big, definitely big. The creature didn't look like anything I'd ever seen on my earth, the closest thing would be a dinosaur.

It folded its two big white wings outward, like an angel displaying her wings, and managed to keep hovering in the air.

Lightning kept flashing through the air and rain disturbed the sight yet it was pretty clear who had arrived.

Austin couldn't make out the expression but the body language revealed one thing; it was pissed.

The electricity that had gathered from all over the city started to make its way toward the flying dragon and gathered around the white wings.

"What is that?" Someone in the crows asked.

"Lugia," Austin whispered, his own eyes practically glued to the screen.

Gyarados didn't like the newcomer and opened its mouth, a multicolored beam the size of a skyscraper shot out of its mouth towards the flying Legendary.

Lugia slammed its wings forward and all the electricity around it shot toward Gyarados.

The electricity transformed into something comparable to a spear as it left Lugia's wings and headed toward the giant serpent.

The Hyper Beam didn't even delay the attack, the spear ripped through it like it was made of paper, Gyarados didn't even have the chance to look surprised.

The spear hit it in the head and flew straight through it with a loud crackling sound.

It exploded into a red mist that could've been blood but Austin suspected it was something entirely different.

The giant stopped moving and dropped dead in the water.

A silence followed a figurative calm before the storm.

The hostile, smaller Gyarados had stopped their rampage and stared at the sky.

People and Pokémon alike were captivated by the looming Legendary that hovered above the city.

Lugia surveyed the flooded city underneath it without moving from the spot.

Now the fighting had stopped the damage was visible.

Parts of the city had frozen and were covered while other parts were on fire.

The roads that weren't flooded had cracks in them, visibly displaying parts of the city that had sunken into the ground due to seismic attacks.

The parts that had been flooded looked like they were part of the sea with islands sticking out made of buildings and piled up rubbish.

Lugia raised its head upwards towards the sky and let out a howl that roared over the city like a tidal wave of sound.

The water in the city began to stir, though it wasn't the Gyarados' doing this time. Everywhere water began to retreat to the original shoreline, taking cars and mangled bodies with it.

The Gyarados who had been fighting were dragged into the water with whirlpools that began to form around them.

They tried to flee the retreating tidal wave but failed.

The tidal wave reached the height of Lugia and swept over the city and took everything with it, revealing the dry ruins of the city underneath it.

Some buildings had come out unscratched, a gas station seemed to be intact. Other buildings, like a city mall, were completely torn apart.

The tidal waves were harmful to the Gyarados but left the humans and Pokémon unharmed, creating gaps wherever needed to keep them out of harm's way.

The sea finally returned to the original shoreline and Lugia let out a second cry.

The water in the sea began to twist and formed a whirlpool the size of a football field.

Lugia dove forward and flew towards the whirlpool; ignoring the city underneath it.

And then it was gone.

The woman behind the camera managed to find her voice after a full 10 seconds of silence.

"A-and it seems that Lugia has left the scene." 

Lugia was the fourth Legendary Austin had seen in action and his mind was still processing what he had just witnessed.

He began to understand why some people in this world thought of them as gods.

They weren't like the level 50 ones in the game that a 10-year-old could catch.

True his sample size was small but from what he has gathered Legendary Pokémon were truly godlike power-wise.

It shouldn't have amazed him like that but it did and Lugia was only the tip of the Legendary iceberg. Lugia hadn't even battled, only swatted aside the annoying fly that was Gyarados.

And that was only Lugia, what about the other more powerful Legendaries?

Legendaries in this world were nothing like the ones in the games or anime.

And one of them had brought me here in this world, supposedly.

It was concerning if Legendary Pokémon were this strong and my fate as Ash Ketchum was practically tied to them.

What was Fate's game plan?

Austin woke Yellow as the duo made their way to an open battlefield attracting quite the attention.

Austin and Yellow ignored the crowd forming as they pulled out their pokemon.

" Go, Dody." 

Austin paused for a second if he wanted to shout something cool before sending his pokemon out.

Austin considered it before concluding that it was too childish.

In a flash of red, Butterfree appeared on the battlefield.

Butterfree glanced at his opponent as he heard a snapping sound from his trainer which caused  Butterfree's demeanor to shift showing that he wasn't joking around. Butterfree silently floated above the ground waiting in preparation.

" Dody, use Aerial Ace."

Dodrio charged forward leaving behind a cloud of dust in its wake.

Butterfree didn't move from his spot before suddenly it used Quiver Dance.

Dody's body was like a bullet and before it could reach Butterfree, he found Butterfree's body turning around just as he was about it.

Butterfree's Quiver Dance was coordinated masterfully with Dody's aerial ace in such a way that Butterfree dodged it.

The audience's jaw dropped at Butterfree's moves.

Butterfree's body glowed with orange highlights as its eyes glowed with psychic energy.

Butterfree's use of psychic made the ground beneath Dody's feet glowed with a blue hue before the ground broke apart as pieces of the soil latched onto Dody's feet.

" Dody, get out of there," Yellow said in worry but Butterfree's psychic caused the soil to burst apart and clump onto Dody's body.

This was a move that Butterfree and Austin had been working on for some time.

Austin had had Butterfree learn psychics from a TM and then have him use psychically to solve a 3d puzzle before moving on to much harder practices 

With all of this training, Butterfree had mastered the move that Austin had dubbed Quick Sand.

The dust settled revealing Dody covered in head-to-toe lumps of soil.

Yellow sensed that Dody had been knocked out.

Opening the PokeBall, Yellow returned Dody while she thought.

When did Ash get so strong?


[ Omake Paragraph ]

Poliwhirl is a pokemon commonly found in lakes and rivers where humans swim. Typically, the two coexist peacefully; humans occasionally collide with Poliwhirl because of their water-like color, the Poliwhirl shrugs it off and swims a little deeper next time.

Occasionally, an unfortunate swimmer dives too deep into the water and gets lost in the swirl on a Poliwhirl's stomach. Although on land the spiral must deliberately rotate to hypnotize, and even then often fails to so much as put the opponent to sleep, with a background of murky water, and with it undulating as it does when a Poliwhirl swims the white-and-black circle gains a special potency. Swimmers are taught from a young age to close their eyes when they dive underwater to avoid the Poliwhirl swirl, but occasionally one of them forgets to do so or lacks the good sense to listen, catches sight of the swirl, and falls asleep instantly.

Typically, they will drown before they wake up. Those who are rescued will unfailingly describe vivid and wonderful dreams, and will inevitably return to the water (over the desperate pleas of loved ones) to have those dreams once again.