Yellow’s Awakening
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[ POV Change ]

Opening the PokeBall, Yellow returned Dody while she thought.

When did Ash get so strong?

" Let's go, Tenty."

Yellow called out as a tentacool appeared on the battlefield.

" Poison Sting."

The middle orb on Tenty's forehead glows purple and it fires multiple purple darts from it at Butterfree. 

" Spin Canon." Austin calmly called out as Butterfree used the spinning motion of Quiver Dance to dodge Poison Sting.

Butterfree's body radiated with a powerful aura before it fired an Energy Ball at Tenty.

" Dodge."

Yellow called out but Butterfree's powerup Energy ball was too fast for Tenty to dodge who took the direct brunt of the attack causing Tenty to fly out into Yellow's hands.

Austin glanced at the audience before releasing Munna beside him.

With the help of Munna, Austin established a psychic connection with Yellow.

{ Yellow, do you hear me? }

{ A...Ash ? }

{ Yeah, it's me. Yellow, tell me do you still want to come with me even after seeing just how weak you are? }

Yellow's hands shook as she registered Austin's words.

Sensing her trainer's distress, Kitty's PokeBall shook

She touched Kitty's pokemon as she sensed Kitty's intent.

Looking up, Yellow looked at Austin who raised an eyebrow in response.

{ Ash, I am going to show you that I am not a burden. }

{ Then show me! }

Yellow threw a PokeBall out that split open revealing a giant Beedrill that caused the audience to take a step back.

Kitty and Butterfree stared each other down.

" Aerial Slash " Yellow called out as Kitty used aerial ace to disappear and appear in front of Butterfree as her stringers glowed with a white aura.

" Protocol 1 " Austin called out as Butterfree's psychic enveloped his body.

With an unnatural perpendicular turn, Butterfree dodged Kitty's slash.

' Yellow, I have the high ground.' Austin thought with a smirk before calling out to Butterfree.

" Flash Orb. "

Butterfree's body erupted in a bright light of flash blinding Kitty.

" Beee !" Kitty screeched out in pain at being blinded as Butterfree gathered ghostly energy into an orb.

Yellow's eyes widened as she saw Shadow Ball hit the blinded Kitty.

( ~ Boom ~ )

The alpha Beedrill crashed into the ground.

{ Yellow, I don't see evidence that you are not a burden. This is why I pushed you, Brock, and Misty, away. Every one of you would have tried to stop me because Team Rocket is dangerous, I am not going to stop because you guys are weak. }

Austin's words pierced through Yellow's heart as she closed her eyes.

Her mind flashed to every moment she had on her journey. 

She loved it, she loved seeing the world with her friends but now when her friend was running toward danger, she could do nothing.

She hated this feeling of helplessness.

She hated this feeling of being a burden.

She wasn't a burden.

Yellow's eyes opened showing azure-colored eyes.

Kitty's injuries began to heal as she pushed herself up.

Kitty's body radiated an aura that resembled one of Cynthia's weaker pokemon.

Austin immediately recognized yellow's ability to temporarily buff a pokemon to the level of an Elite Four.

Austin clicked his tongue as his eyes glowed red for a second.

One of Kitty's stingers shot toward Butterfree like a bullet.

" Chemical Storm! "

Austin screamed out as Butterfree started spinning with a white aura with the surrounding wind picking up and not long after a giant whirlwind formed on the battlefield.

Kitty's Fell Stinger was returned with greater momentum.

Kitty slashed the stinger apart before looking up as she saw the entire whirlwind covered in a multitude of colors.

Kitty immediately jabbed her stinger's into the ground to protect herself from being blown away.

The audience looked on in anticipation as the chemical storm settled revealing a sleeping alpha Beedrill.

" Nightmare Entrapment." Austin calmly said as Butterfree's used dream eater.

Yellow watched with worry visible on her face as she saw a shadowy silhouette of Butterfree over Kitty.

Kitty's body released orbs of light that were absorbed by Butterfree.

The entire soil of the Battlefield glowed with psychic energy just before clumps of soil rose into balls floating mid-air.

Yellow's eyes glowed more as Kitty woke up but it was too late as all the balls of soul bombarded Kitty.

" Beedrillllll !" 

Kitty screamed out in pain.

Yellow's eyes flicked for a second as she outstretched her hand toward Kitty.

She wanted this battle to stop but Kitty thought otherwise.

Fighting back the pain, Kitty looked at Butterfree as an orb of orange forward in her mouth.

Seeing the Hyperbeam forming, Austin called out.

" Spiral Impact !" 

Kitty shot a Hyperbeam at Butterfree whose body was covered by psychic energy.

Butterfree flew towards Kitty at high speeds and with the help of a psychic he turned his body to perform a spiral motion around the Hyperbeam.

The audience's jaw dropped at the awe-inducing spectacle as a purple spiral formed around the beam of white light.

Unlike in the games where the Compound Eyes raise the ability-bearer's accuracy by 30%, in this world compound eyes gave the pokemon extreme levels of spatial awareness.

This allowed Butterfree to spiral around Hyperbeam as Butterfree landed with a Giga Impact onto the trapped Kitty.

An explosion covered the entire battlefield.

Austin clicked his tongue as he hated this anticipation.

The smoke-covered battlefield parted revealing a struggling Beedrill and Butterfree trying to get up.

Yellow and the Audience looked on as they held their breath meanwhile Austin picked his nose.

" Pika."

Pikachu scolded Austin for his nonchalant attitude.

" Come on, Pikachu you can't be serious."

Austin replied as he said," Roost."

Butterfree took a deep breath just as all the injuries covering his body healed meanwhile Kitty crashed into the ground knocked out.

Yellow clenched her hands as she returned Kitty.

With her head bowed down, a few tears escaped from her eyes.

She didn't want to lose her friend as he walked along a path that could result in him losing his life.

She didn't want to lose the one person who gave her what she always wanted.


As Yellow's mind was filled with many overwhelming and negative thoughts, she felt a hand brush against her head.

Opening her eyes, Yellow saw Austin looking at her with a smile.

" Yellow De Viridian Grove, I am going to go on a suicidal journey of destroying the most powerful criminal organization in Kanto and Johto. Would you like to join me ?"

Austin asked before saying," That sounded better in my head."

Yellow just chuckled as she hugged Austin.

" Do you even need an answer ?"

Austin jokingly answered," Yes, yes I would like an answer."

Yellow answered," Then my answer is yes."


[ Omake Paragraph ]

Although Gyarados is the pokemon that sailors tell frightful legends about encountering, far more sailors have lost their lives in battle to Poliwrath. Poliwrath possesses muscles nearly as powerful as Machamp and has enough strength to punch through all known types of sailing craft. They remain a danger to this day, as the advent of metal coating and thicker hulls have done little if anything to make this more difficult for their fists.

Wild Poliwrath is even rarer than wild Gyarados; it is the trained ones sailors must watch out for. Naval combat since the discovery of water stones has been fought below as well as above the surface of the water, as elite squadrons of Poliwrath battle platoons of other water pokemon, seeking to sink the ships which fire powerful cannons and carry soldiers to other battles. More ships are sunk by Poliwrath than by other ships, and because of the ever-present danger produced by this pokemon, navies in the pokemon world typically rely on small, fast boats which can transport soldiers and supplies as quickly as possible. A large cruiser is a sitting Psyduck.

In light of this, it is unsurprising that the submarine is also known as the mechanical Poliwrath. Militarily, real Poliwrath continue to be more valuable, and submarines have been slow to catch on.