Bill and Austin
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After everything that had happened in Rota, Austin and Yellow booked a flight directly to Fuschia City, Kanto as they didn't have much to do in the ancient kingdom.

[ Fuschia City - Pokemon Center ]

[ Austin's POV ]

"Seismic waves of 5.4 on the scale of Groudon, struck this morning in the East part of Johto. There is major damage done to the landscape and it seems that the casualties among Pokémon and humans are relatively low. The earthquake's epicenter was luckily in a wild area and no-"

I tapped on the screen of my Pokédex and the radio switched to a different station.

Nothing important is happening in Johto it seems, though it was interesting to see that people used Groudon as a magnitude scale instead of Richter as my world had. Does this mean they recorded a Groudon-related earthquake once and used that as a 10?

"Pika!"  Pikachu complained and pulled a hair lock.

I raised an eyebrow, "Seriously? You want to hear about that?"

" Scizor ." Besides the duo, Scizor exclaimed and I sighed and switched back to Johto Star-Radio, the most important news station according to them.

The Pokédex began playing the radio again and the people in the studio were discussing the aftermath of the earthquake.

I tuned it out as Pikachu, Scizor and Bulbasaur kept listening to it with Pikachu from atop my head.

It had been a grave mistake to listen to the radio while these three were nearby because the moment I flipped open the Pokédex they wanted to listen in too, even though I only wanted to do a quick listen to see what was going on, they wanted to listen to it till the end.

I guessed that they were starving for entertainment, considering the trio was now paying attention to 3 nerds talking about seismic waves and they genuinely seemed to like it.

Guess I had to get them a book sometime in the future but Scizor already had a secret stash of Rom-com novels which Scizor very convincingly threatened me to not tell anyone so looks like I have to put that on the shopping list, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do something useful.

It was kind of funny though, the fact that I considered an earthquake unimportant news. In my old world it would be big news but living in this world has changed my view on a lot of subjects.

" Hey, Ash."

" Yellow, I told you to call me Austin from now on."

Yellow placed her hands on her hips and said," If you are not going to use my secret undercover nickname then I am not going to use yours."

" ( ~Sigh~ ) Yellow, I am not calling you Miss Clam Chowder."

" Then what about the other nicknames I suggested ?"

Yellow asked as she suddenly ducked as Fearow flew by.

" So as I was saying, you can call me by the other names."

" Which ones; Miss Choco Loco, The Sunday Surprise, or Miss Doom Supreme."

" Mhmm, that makes me hungry."

Austin face palmed himself at Yellow who was rubbing her stomach.

" Putting aside your horrible naming sense."

" Hey."

" Did you feed everyone ?"

" About that."

" What happened?"

" It's your new pokemon."

" Munna ?"

" No, that weird bug type that never talks."

" Ninjask ?"

" No, the other one."

" Shedninja?"

" That's the one, I can't for the love of me. remember his name."

" Shedninja is not a male, Yellow."

" Then it's a she ?"

" No, it is genderless."

" What does that mean ?"

" It isn't a male or a female."

" I still don't get it, then what is Shedninja."

" Do I look like a scientist to you ?"

" Well, you always seem to know the answer to everything."

" Thank you."

"You are welcome but Shedninja doesn't seem to be eating."

" Hmmm."


"Here, Shedninja," Austin said, pointing at his bowl. "Breakfast."

Shedninja stood there.

" See, what did I tell you," Yellow said in a tone that said that she was proud of herself.

"Eat your breakfast," Austin said as he ignored Yellow.

Shedninja scuttled forward and began rapidly devouring the food. Austin and Yellow watched until it had eaten every last crumb and began gnawing on the bowl. "That's enough, Shedninja."

Austin stopped.

Austin looked at Yellow.

"I don't know what to tell you," Yellow said, shrugging.

Suddenly the pokemon center intercom spoke out.

" A Call for Mr. Ketchum is coming. Mr. Ketchum if you are listening please come to the front desk."

" Well that must be bill calling, I am going to the front desk. Yellow, can you look after everyone while I am gone ?"

" I can," Yellow said with determination in her eyes as Austin nodded before leaving.

As Austin left the room, Yellow turned when she felt a tap on her shoulders.

" Hello ?" Yellow said as she saw a cake in front of her in the hands of one of her friend's new pokemon, Haunter.

" Hello there haunter, is there something I can help you with ?"

Haunter innocently pushed the cake into Yellow's hands before disappearing, leaving behind a very confused yellow.


" So are you alright bill ?" Austin asked with concern as he saw Bill's black eye.

" Don't worry, Lucario was quite the handful. I accidentally sneaked up on him and this was the result."

" Well, I have to keep that in mind. And Bill did you get what I asked for ?"

" Well, for your concern it was really hard to get."

" It wasn't me who asked for more time with Lucario."

" Fair enough, but I have to ask what are you doing with all of these things ?" Bill asked curiously.

Austin paused for a second before replying," The attack on SS. Anne taught me that I am weak so I am going to use this opportunity to make myself stronger before going back to the Gym Challenge."

" Well, that is great. Ash, you can plug in your Pokedex and I will transfer all the data you asked for."

" Thanks, Bill."

" It's not you who should be thanking me but I. Ash, thank you for giving me this great opportunity to talk to a pokemon."

Austin smiled as he plugged his Pokedex into the cable.

" So should I send in the duo ?"

" Yeah."

The slots between the screen glowed with a bright light. The slots opened revealing two Pokeballs; an ultra ball and a normal Pokeball.

" The luxury ball is Lucario's PokeBall and the second one is the pokemon you requested from me. That pokemon has been domesticated from the time it was born so it may take a while for it to get the hang of battling."

" It doesn't matter how long it takes and Bill, thanks for everything."

" Well, I have to get back to my work and Ash."

" Yeah."

" Can you get me a few samples of Venonat's blood ?"

" Why ?"

" You remember that weird question you asked me if Venonat and Butterfree's evolution had some similarities."

" Not the exact question I asked but yeah."

" Well, I am now skeptical about the research that was done on the topic and I wanted to do some experiments of my own."

"I'll get you the samples. How many do you need ?"

" A Dozen will suffice."

" How will you get the samples from me ?"

" Ash, you don't know."

" know what ?"

" That the same technology used to transport pokeballs can be used to transport small items."

" Really ?"

" Of course. Oh, yeah before I forget, I will transport the proper equipment you need for the job."

Austin nodded as he saw a much bigger slot glow and open up revealing a white bag.

" If you need anything, just call me."


( Author Note: Guess what Austin's new pokemon is? )


[ Omake Paragraph ]

Apart from the legendary beasts and a few other divinities, Abra is the only pokemon that has truly learned the fear of man. While most pokemon attack trainers and a few (like Chansey and Tauros) wait to determine if the trainer is hostile, Wild Abra responds to any encounter with a human by teleporting away.

For generations, it was believed that this was because Abra can only use this technique, but recent observations from far-off have revealed that they are also capable of using every technique known by a Kadabra of equivalent experience. It is simply that Abra never uses them in the wild, and once trained refuses to use other attacks until a trainer has proven his or herself by sticking with it until it evolves.

Abra is the youngest form of the super-intelligent Alakazam and possesses a remarkable talent for mind-reading. Perhaps they fear human contact so much more than other pokemon because they alone can truly see the wretched minds of mankind. Then again, perhaps this is only a childish, black-and-white understanding of human nature: Abra, after all, evolves into Kadabra.