Lucario and Austin
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Austin looked at Lucario's ultra ball as it suddenly opened up.

Austin had barely time to cry out before he found himself in a familiar chokehold.

"Let me go!"

"Oh, it's you." Lucario released Austin, letting the human scramble away from him. Austin frantically brushed himself off, as if the pokemon's touch still held some power over him. He glared at Lucario, pulling himself back to his feet with the help of the nearby cabinetry.

"Goddammit," Austin hissed, smacking the newfound switch on his Pokedex to light up the dark room but it was unnecessary as the backup generator switched on showering the two of them with artificial light. Lucario stared wide-eyed up at the low lamps across the ceiling, but Austin ignored his innocent surprise. "Is this how it's always gonna be between us?"

"You shouldn't sneak up on me."

" I didn't sneak up on you."

" Oh, really then why did I open my eyes from that contraption into a dark room ?"

" I don't know, the lights suddenly went off when your Pokeball opened."

Austin curiously found that Lucario was standing as if transfixed.

"What's wrong?" Austin asked.

" We aren't in Rota anymore."

" Yeah, we are in Kanto." 

Lucario's ears dropped down reminding Austin of a sad dog.

" What's wrong ?"

" It's nothing, I just wanted to look upon my home before coming to Kanto."

" I am sorry, I didn't know."

" Couldn't you have summoned me in Rota ?" Lucario curiously asked.

Austin puckered his lips before saying his white lie," I couldn't since there wasn't any transport machine or PC in Rota."

" What's a transport machine ?"

" Like this." Austin pointed at the screen beside them.


Nurse Joy opened the call room as she heard the sounds of something being torn apart.

Nurse Joy saw Austin trying to light a cigarette while Lucario tore apart the screen.

Nurse Joy was too dumbfounded to say anything.

" I'll pay for it."

" Sure, to which sugar daddy should I contact." Nurse Joy sardonically said.

" How much is it ?" Austin asked with a helpless tone.

" 10,000." Nurse Joy answered.

" Catch"

( ~ Whoosh ~ )

Nurse Joy glanced at the item she had caught as her eyes widened.

In her hand was a stack of 10,000 pokedollars.

" I am sure that is enough to cover the cost. Please close the door on your way out."

Nurse Joy obliged as she closed the door while glancing at the stack of money in her hand.

Are trainers these days this rich?

Should I become a pokemon trainer?

Hearing the sounds of Lucario, Nurse Joy thought.

' On second thought. Maybe I shouldn't become a pokemon trainer.'


Lucario paused to touch the Pokenav he had snatched from Austin, not able to make heads or tails of its odd design.

Austin came up alongside him.

Lucario eyed the tool with far less reverence before returning his attention to the pokemon in front of him. "So you don't remember… being in that crystal all this time."

"Small mercies," Lucario muttered, touching the cool plastic handle before pulling back with a start. It was quite unlike any material he had ever seen forged before. His eyes fell back upon the strange young man standing next to him. The future was still too foreign.

" I want to apologize for breaking that stranger transport machine."

" ( ~Sigh~ ) Don't worry, you were just curious. I already paid for the damages."

" Sir Austin, I promise you that I will return the money to you."

" It's not a problem, Lucario, you promised me that you will teach me the ways of Aura and you accepted to being my pokemon and I am responsible for anything you do."

Lucario frowned before asking," Does that mean I am your servant ?"

" No, No, being my pokemon means that you are my family. It's your choice. If you want you can destroy your Pokeball and leave anytime you want."

" You are a kind man just like Sir Aaron. Master Austin, thank you for accepting me into your family."

Austin's sweat dropped at Lucario's knightly words.

" Sure."

" Master Austin, may I ask how one earns money at this time ?"

" There are many ways but the highest way is through pokemon battles."

" I didn't know there was a war going on in Kanto."

" There isn't," Austin replied with confusion visible on his face.

" Then how does one earn money through battle if there isn't a war ?" Lucario curiously asked as they climbed the stairs with Lucario and Austin ignoring the gazes of everyone who looked at them.

" I am confused. What was your question Lucario ?"

" Master Austin, if there isn't a War then what is the purpose of pokemon battles."

Suddenly it clicked in Austin's mind as he asked," Lucario, were pokemon battles in war a means of earning in your time ?"

" Yes, is that not the case in the future ?"

" Nope."

" Then what is the purpose of battle if not for the safety of the land and people."

" Entertainment, I guess."

" Entertainment, Entertainment! What barbaric times have I gone to? Battle in the name of entertainment" Lucario replied as if he was offended by the very notion of pokemon battles for entertainment.

" Well, we can't help it. Times change." Austin tried to calm Lucario down which seemed to work.

" I guess Master Austin is right"

" Lucario, why do you call me Master Austin?"

" Because I have been accepted into your family. It is only right that I call you master."

" You can call me Austin."

" I wouldn't dare."

Austin chuckled at Lucario's words.

" Lucario, don't call me Master in front of other people or they'll think you into BDSM," Austin replied with a giggle 

" What ?"

" Nothing it was just a joke."

" Was I supposed to laugh ?" Lucario curiously asked causing Austin to blush in embarrassment as he realized his immature joke.

Seeing Austin's embarrassment, Lucario tried to muster a laugh.

" Forget it, you're just making it more embarrassing," Austin replied.

" My apologies."

" .... "

Lucario curiously looked around the halls they were walking in.

" Lucario, can I ask you something?"

" Yes."

" Why were your eyes closed when you were released from the staff ?"

" I was temporarily blinded before I was sealed. When I was released, I sensed your aura which was the same as that of Sir Aaron's which caused me to attack you."

" Mistakes happen I guess. So are your eyes ok ?"

" Thank you for your concern but the witch doctor was able to fix my eyes."

" Witch doctor? .... due you mean bill."

" Yes, Sir Bill was able to treat me back to health and he even gave me a delectable treat that I still can't forget. It was like the flavors of heavens were washing over my tongue."

" Uh, huh," Austin replied as he opened the door to his room which revealed a mess.

Cake batter and cream cover most of the carpets.

Scizor, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur were watching something on Yellow's Pokedex while everyone else was running around trying to clean the mess.

A cake-covered Yellow spoke up," Ash, I can explain."

Lucario curiously asked Austin," Is this some kind of greeting ritual in the future?"

Austin released a big sigh as he opened his cigarette pack only to find it empty.

' Goddamnit!'


[ Omake Paragraph ]

It is quite rare for any pokemon not of the dark type to become seen as a symbol of evil, but the usage of Kadabra during the war has made them more than deserving of that title. In battle, of course, they were no more good or evil than any other pokemon, but their usage on prisoners of war is the sort of atrocity one would expect of Darkrai, not a psychic like Kadabra.

It is no accident that the torture squads of the regime whose name is forbidden to be spoken had two lightning-bolt 'S's on their uniforms. Officially, they stood for Soul Silver, the name of the paramilitary order, but they were quite clearly based on the markings which appear on every Kadabra's stomach. Most of these trainers carried Kadabra, and they would enthusiastically take part in the abuse of prisoners of war and captured dissidents.

After the war, most of those who were broken said that they could endure thumbscrews, the rack, and waterboarding, but not the agony of Kadabra's personalized psychic attacks.