The Ninja Janine
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It was the next day when Yellow and Austin made it to the Fuchsia City Gym.

" Ash, where is Lucario ?" Yellow asked curiously.

" I don't know. He went out last night and hasn't come back."

" Aren't you worried ?"

" No, I trust Lucario's ability to take care of himself," Austin said as he puffed out his cigarette.

In times of stress, a cigarette always calms him down.

Pikachu jumped from Austin's shoulder to Yellows' due to the smell of nicotine burning his nose.

" Pika, Pi." Pikachu gagged as he pointed at the cigarette to which Austin just rubbed his head.

Yellow blushed due to the proximity between her and Austin.

" Shouldn't we be looking for team r.... ?" Yellow innocently asked as Austin was quick enough to stop her from completing the sentence.

" Not right now." Seeing the serious look on Austin's face, Yellow quickly nodded.

" Ahhh, why are we in the gym ?"

"  I'll tell you later," Austin said as he looked around himself suspiciously.

He was in a gym where trained ninjas lived, in here the walls had ears.

Yellow pouted at Austin's words.

Just like all of the other buildings in Fuchsia city, except for the Pokemon Center, the Fuchsia gym was a reference to Japanese culture. It seemed all of the gyms the group had been to had their differences to make them unique. Pewter City's gym looked like a giant boulder. Cerulean City's gym looked like a giant aquarium. In the case of Fuchsia City's gym, it looked like an ancient Japanese castle.

The duo opened the sliding doors and stepped in. The inside of the gym looked very much like the Vermilion Gym, just minus the hulking soldiers and a lot bigger. There was no sign of the gym leader or anyone else for that matter. Yellow figured a place this large would be overflowing with people, but it was quite the opposite.

"Hello?" Yellow called as she stepped further into the building. Once again, there was no response.

"I guess we should try looking around," Austin suggested as he wondered if the gym was like the anime or games.

Yellow nodded and continued to walk further into the gym until she bumped into something hard.

"Ooowww," Yellow said as she rubbed her nose painfully.

"What's wrong," Austin asked but in his mind, he had already figured it out.

This gym was like the games.

Even with that discovery, Austin silently thanked whatever deity was out there since he didn't want to go to that bobby-trapped laid horror gym from the anime.

"There's something here that's blocking the way, but I don't see anything," Yellow told Austin in confusion.

" Hmmm," Austin muttered as he brought off his fist and knocked on the hard substance before making his conclusion. "It's an invisible wall."

"Why is there an invisible wall here? Furthermore, if there is one here, how are we supposed to look around?" Yellow asked in exasperation.

Austin pushed against a nearby wall, and to yellow's great surprise, the wall flipped horizontally which sent her falling to the other side.

"Woah! A trick wall…," Yellow muttered as her eyes sparkled.

It looked like this room was no different than the one before it. It was just another large, empty room.

"This place is really weird," Yellow said as they looked around the room. "How are we even supposed to find the gym leader if there are invisible walls and trick doors all over the place?!"

Austin meanwhile was on edge as he remembered the anime episode where this place was rigged by bobby traps, slanted walls, and hordes of explosive Voltorb.

Yellow's question was soon answered, however. The group heard a cry of "Hiyah!" as a throwing star was thrown right past Yellow and Pikachu's faces. It embedded into the wall behind them, causing the two to freeze.

"Haunter" Austin whispered as his shadow outstretched into the darkness.

' Let's end this cat and mouse game before it begins.'

"Chuuuu," Pikachu said nervously.

Just then, another ninja star flew through the air. It once more sailed right past Yellow and Pikachu's faces.

"Hey! Who's throwing those?!" Yellow yelled across the room but saw no one.

Yellow closed her eyes to sense who was throwing those.

"Kyaa!" a voice soon hollered across the room again.

The duo then saw a figure be dragged from seemingly nowhere as Haunter's hand held the figure upside down. The figure was revealed to be a young girl with dark purple hair tied back in a spiky ponytail and brown eyes. There was something familiar about her. Upon a closer inspection, Yellow let out a gasp of surprise as she realized she was the girl who danced the previous night!

"Wait! You're that kimono girl! What are you doing here?!" Yellow exclaimed.

"I think a better question is what are you doing here?" Janine replied smartly.

"Well Miss Wannabe Ninja, I am Ash Ketchum! I'm here to challenge the Fuchsia City gym leader for a Soul Badge" Austin said as he snapped his fingers causing Haunter to let go of Janine who landed with a back flip mid-air.

"Pi Pikachu" Pikachu and Yellow clapped at Janine's acrobatics.

"A Soul Badge, you say?" Janine smiled slyly as a glint appeared in her eye. "If that's the case, you will have to beat me to get it!"

"You mean you're the gym leader of Fuchsia City?!" Austin exclaimed as Yellow and Pikachu put on surprised faces.

' Does that mean Koga is an Elite four of the Johto League? Or is this situation similar to the anime where I defeat Janine and Koga pops up ?'

"That's right! Graceful as a Ninetales, swift as a Rapidash, deadly as a Scyther! The Ninja Janine of Fuchsia City Gym! That's me!" Janine finished with a pose.

"Well, Janine! I challenge you to a battle!" Austin stated as he brought out a Pokeball.

"I accept your challenge, Ash!" Janine answered with a smile. "It will be a three-on-three Pokemon match! Only you can make substitutions! If you win, the Soul Badge is yours!"

"Sounds good to me!"

"If you lose…" Janine added with a smirk and winked, "…you have to go on a date with me!"

' Wait, what ?!'


[ Omake Paragraph ]

To the majority of Machamp, dodging or blocking an attack is the height of cowardice. All Machamp are champions, if only in their heads, and a champion will endure whatever attacks are thrown at it, to the point of running into an attack if it appears likely to miss. These Machamp expect the same honor from their opponents and have developed normally wild attacks like Dynamic Punch with pinpoint accuracy, at the expense of possessing any skill in dodging.

Centuries ago, a hated Johto Emperor was overthrown, and the revolutionaries put him and his pokemon to a Pinsir's guillotine. They fled in every direction; the emperor was caught and executed, but some of his smaller pokemon escaped into the crowd. His Machamp would do no such thing. Faced with a hopeless struggle, he punched the Pinsir in the face before his execution, so he could say he went down fighting, then stood unflinching as the Pinsir's giant, spiked horns ripped his head from his body.

There is a minority of Machamp who do not believe evasive measures are cowardly and will dodge any attack they can. Surprisingly, these Machamp are not weaklings attempting to win at any cost, but equally ferocious fighters who follow a different code of battle. They are known far and wide for their guts.