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[ POV Change ]

The old dojo was a place of history and tradition, the wooden floors creaked under the weight of years and the smell of sweat and determination hung heavy in the air. Trodaire, the master of the dojo, stood tall and proud, dressed in his traditional Karate Gi, the white fabric adorned with intricate designs and symbols. He stood before Austin and with a stern voice, he instructed him on how to properly wear the Gi.

On the side of the dojo, a group of students stood huddled together, murmurs of discontent could be heard amongst them. "Master, is this necessary?" one student questioned. "Yeah, that brat doesn't even know how to wear a Gi, how is he supposed to fight us?" another chimed in. The Old Master listened to their complaints, his wise eyes taking in the scene before him.

"That brat has offered to pay us 10,000 pokedollars if we spar with him." The Old Master's words caused a sudden silence to fall upon the dojo. The students' eyes widened at the mention of such a large sum of money, it was enough to pay off the dojo's lease for a few months.


The old dojo was a place of history and tradition, the wooden floors creaked under the weight of years and the smell of sweat and determination hung heavy in the air. Trodaire, stood tall and proud, dressed in his traditional Karate Gi, the white fabric adorned with intricate designs and symbols. The students of the dojo, dressed in their Gis, watched as Trodaire prepared to begin the match between Austin and Hideki. Yellow stood to the side, her eyes filled with worry as she hugged Pikachu tightly.

"Lucario, isn't Ash going to get hurt?" Yellow asked, her voice filled with concern. Lucario replied with confidence. "In terms of physical strength, no one in this dojo should match up to Austin, and in terms of fighting prowess, that will soon become a non-factor." His words, while reassuring, confused Yellow.

"Are both fighters ready?" Trodaire announced, causing Austin and Hideki to bow. "Let the fight begin!" As Trodaire called for the fight to begin, Hideki said while taking a stance, "Don't worry, I'll go easy on you." Austin just smiled in response as he tried to take a boxer's stance, but everyone could see multiple flaws in the boy's stance.

Hideki, who was an experienced martial artist, took a defensive stance, his legs shoulder-width apart, his left foot behind his right, and his hands in front of his face, ready to defend or attack. Austin, on the other hand, looked uncoordinated as he tried to mimic a boxer's stance, his feet were not parallel, his back foot was not pointed forward, and his hands were not in front of his face.

Seeing Hideki on the defense, Austin took the opportunity to charge forward as he lashed out with a punch. Hideki simply parried Austin's punch with his palm before gripping the transmigrator's gi and judo flipping him onto the mat. ( ~ Argh ~ ) Austin grunted as his back was slammed into the old mat, while Hideki clasped both sides of Austin's gi before crossing them as he performed a Gi choke on the transmigrator.

Austin's tattoos glowed before he grasped Hideki's hands and forcefully made him break the choke. Hideki jumped back as he looked at his wrists that had Austin's palmprint on them. "How was this kid so physically strong?" Hideki thought before turning his attention back to Austin who got up and, suddenly, under everyone's eyes, Austin replicated Hideki's stance without any imperfections.

The Old Master and all the other students looked at Austin's identical stance, it was as if they were seeing a mirror version of Hideki.

Hideki, meanwhile, was the most shocked at Austin's mirroring of his stance. He immediately charged to attack and leaped up and spun through the air, aiming a powerful kick at Austin's head. He had planned to play it safe at first but after witnessing Austin's freakish strength and his weird mirroring, Hideki had enough and just wanted to finish the battle.

( ~ Whoosh ~ )

( ~ Boom ~ )

Lucario smirked at Austin's unconventional use of mirror move while Yellow was mesmerized as Austin parried the roundhouse kick with his palms. To the eyes of the Old Master, he could see that Austin's parry was exactly one-to-one to that of Hideki's previous parry. "Mirror Move!" he exclaimed.

Austin's eyes glowed for a second before he spun on the heel of his foot and landed a devastating roundhouse kick on Hideki's face. ( ~ Thud ~ ) 

Hideki landed on the mat out cold. 

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted out in excitement as Austin stood over the downed Hideki. "No, that has to be a mistake," another one of the students said as he stepped into the ring with Austin and, unlike Hideki, he took on a Jujitsu stance.

Austin smiled and mirrored his opponent's stance to a tee. This was the reason why he had come to this dojo. Not because he wanted the Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan, but rather because he wanted to fight these martial art experts and steal their moves into his own with mirror move. Unlike Pokemon, who forget the specifics, human bodies retain muscle memory and coordination with mirror moves. He just needed to see a physical action being performed and he could copy it perfectly.

The Old Master watched in horror as Austin fought off the other students, each one falling to his unmatched strength and precise mirroring of their moves. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

This boy wasn't some kind of prodigy, no; he was a freak.

People said money can't buy one's experience and hard work but on this day the dojo saw the skills they developed through years of blood, sweat, and tears get stolen in exchange for money.


[ A Week Ago - Sinnoh ]

[ Pokemon League ]

The large conference room was dimly lit, the only source of light coming from the large projector screen at the front of the room. Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh region's Pokemon League, sat at the head of the table, her Elite Four by her side. They all sat in silence as they gazed upon the scientist from Johto, Spencer Hale, as he began his presentation.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today I bring to you some exciting news," Spencer began, his voice filled with excitement. "As you all know, we have been studying the ancient ruins of Celestic Town and the artifacts found there. Our research has led us to some intriguing findings, particularly in regards to the fluctuations we have found between the artifacts and the pillars of Creation."

The Elite Four leaned in, their attention fully on Spencer as he continued his presentation. He displayed graphs and charts on the screen, detailing the fluctuations and their findings. "As you can see here," Spencer said, pointing to a graph on the screen, "we have found that there is a direct correlation between the artifacts from Celestic Town and the pillars of Creation."

The Elite Four asked a few questions, their curiosity piqued by Spencer's findings. Cynthia, however, sat back in her chair, her arms crossed as she observed the presentation. She had seen many presentations like this in her time as a champion and as a student, and she couldn't help but wonder what the purpose of this entire meeting was.

"Spencer, what is the purpose of this entire meeting?" Cynthia asked, her voice calm and collected. Spencer turned to her, a smile on his face.

"The purpose of this meeting, Cynthia, is to reveal that we have found a way to activate the Azure Flute." Spencer's words caused a stir amongst the Elite Four, their eyes widening in surprise.

"The Azure Flute? That's impossible!" Flint, one of the Elite Four exclaimed.

"Not impossible," Spencer replied, a hint of pride in his voice. "We have found a way to activate the Azure Flute, and with it, we will be able to access the hidden chambers of the pillars of creation."

Cynthia leaned forward, her interest piqued. The Azure Flute was a legendary instrument, said to have the power to summon the legendary Pokemon of time and space, Dialga and Palkia. If Spencer's findings were true, they could change the entire course of their research.

"Spencer, this is groundbreaking," Cynthia said, her voice filled with admiration. "But how do you plan to activate the Azure Flute? And what do you hope to achieve by accessing the hidden chambers or if there are any ?"

Spencer took a deep breath before he began his explanation "We have found a set of specific notes and melody that when played on the Azure flute, will activate it and allow us to access the hidden chambers. As for what we hope to achieve, we hope to uncover the secrets of the ancient civilization and hopefully unlock the true power of the Azure Flute."

The Elite Four sat in silence, their minds racing with the possibilities that Spencer's findings could bring. Cynthia sat back in her chair, a small smile on her face. She knew that this meeting would be the beginning of a new chapter in their research and she couldn't wait to see where it would lead them.

The meeting ended with Spencer and Cynthia discussing further steps and plans, the Elite 4 and other scientists were left in awe at the thought of unlocking the secrets of the ancient civilization and discovering the true power of the Azure Flute. 

[ A Week Later ]

[ Sinnoh - Celestic Town ] 

' I wonder what Austin's doing right now.' 

Cynthia thought while stepping onto the stage. The roaring chatter of the assembled reporters died down as the Champion of Sinnoh made her presence known.

Everyone had seen the video, by this point. They saw her play an old runic flute at Spear Pillar, and they saw the things that answered her call.

While they weren't the Legendary God of Time and Space, the glimpse of the plane between the four realities had left the entire world shocked especially the scientific community.

The four Realities were real and pokemon existed in between the worlds.

Cynthia's phone had been ringing off the hook for several days. The government told her, politely but forcefully, that it was time for a public statement. She supposed, in hindsight, that she really should have expected something like this would happen when she had used the old flute. 

"Thank you for coming here today," she began. "First, and most importantly, I want to assure everyone there is no cause for alarm. The unknown pokemon have left and the azure flute has been relocated to a secure location."

All the reporters jumped up at once. "Representing the Sinnoh Gazette –" one shouted louder than the others, jabbing a microphone forward. "Does this prove the superiority of the Trinity?"

Cynthia blinked twice, briefly confused. "Well," she said slowly, "pokemon that didn't match the descriptions of Dialga and Palkia, didn't appear –"

"Yes, but what about those unknown creatures, were they the avatars of the Trinity," the reporter explained. There was an unnerving glint in his eye, the look of a man who has had his world turned upside-down and is now finding a way to explain how it is still right-side-up. "They appeared to protect you from the wrath of the true God, opposing the false creator. Is that correct?" The other reporters gave him looks of varying contempt and bafflement.

Cynthia blinked again. She did not recall learning that particular fact in church, not that she ever tried to attend that place. "I am… not certain if that is wholly correct," she said carefully. "The pokemon that appeared was only for a short time, but they did not appear to be communicating with one another. But on that topic, I wish to urge everyone –" She raised a hand as the hubbub rose again. "– I wish to urge everyone not to jump to conclusions. We have not only confirmed that the four realities exist, but have also gained the understanding that a new type of pokemon resembling the human alphabetical language appears to reside in the plane between the four realities, but the possibility of Palkia and Dialga still is up in the air; it's been longstanding academic consensus that they did exist in some form. That does not necessarily mean the ancients were correct in their beliefs surrounding these pokemon –"

She was drowned out by shouting, and another reporter jumped up. "People are arguing that this proves they are the creators of the universe, disproving the superiority of the Trinity and all other religions. Do you have any comment on –the"

"That proves nothing!" the Sinnoh Gazette reporter exclaimed. "The Trinity could still have come first. Surely, higher thought and emotion would have to come before the creation of base physical aspects. As Champion Cynthia says, there is no need to jump to conclusions."

"Calm yourselves," a reporter called from the back, her Kalosian accent giving her words a nasal air. "Let us look at this rationally, please. The ancients may have been bedeviled by their power, but we need not be. They are only pokemon."

Cynthia had to stifle a sigh of relief. Finally, someone sensible.

"And no pokemon could have created the universe. After all, God made us in his image."

There was a brief moment of complete silence. Then, "Well," the Sinnoh Gazette reporter said tightly, "well, that is certainly one opinion, but the Trinity of the Lakes –"

A reporter across the room stood up. "Kanto Times here," she said sharply, "could these pokemon fit in a lake?"

Cynthia stared at her blankly, feeling like she was rapidly losing track of her press conference. "…Yes?"

"Okay, then." The Kanto reporter snapped at the bickering Sinnohans, "There you have it. They're your lake gods. Now, onto an important question," she said, turning back to Cynthia, "how do we know these unknown pokemon will not attack again? You claim they 'left', but do you have any evidence for this?"

Cynthia relaxed. This was an easier territory. "I am quite certain that if they were still anywhere on the globe, we would know. A new organization is currently being built to monitor and study these unknown pokemon and the mystery relating to the four realities. They have returned to wherever they were before."

"But that doesn't mean they'll stay there," the reporter insisted, staring her down. "What if they are only preparing for their next move? If they can manipulate space and time, could they not appear at any moment? Will they retaliate against your attack? Have you doomed us all, Champion?"

"Indeed," a thin voice said before Cynthia could respond. She looked for the source and found it came from a small group in one corner, all wearing the same strange outfit: a jacket studded with Giratina's golden ribs, and a tall hat jutting out with Dialga's crest. "How best may we appease the new gods? Tell us precisely what happened."

The strange man and his entourage were, briefly, more interesting to the reporters than Cynthia herself, and she was grateful for the moment to compose her answer. "Truthfully," she said as the attention turned back to her, "I am not sure if they want anything at all."

The room rose to a clamor again.

"But if you angered the creator –"

"The False God attacked the creator, should we be concerned about potential conflict –"

This time she held up her hands for silence. "Please," she said firmly, "let me explain what happened. After I played the summoning melody, those unknown pokemon appeared. I am aware there is a popular belief that my actions may have enraged the creator, but nothing happened to me."

She paused, trying to think of how to describe that indescribable moment. She settled on, "...things got weird. I would not say the unknown pokemon protected me, but nor do I believe they were trying to attack us. It was an unpleasant experience, but no one was harmed.

" Those pokemon to me felt like they were asleep and my, use of the flute may have woken them up and those unknown pokemon. vanished a moment later, again not paying us any mind."

A skittering sound came to her attention, and her eyes were drawn to the strange group. As one, they had pulled out notepads and were scribbling notes furiously. She stopped for a moment to stare at them. "Honestly," she managed after realizing the silence had stretched out for too long, "I think they just want to be left alone."


[ Omake Paragraph ]

Rhydon is a fairly unremarkable species of pokemon, a middle-stage beast that generally does not become truly fearsome until it evolves into Rhyperior. Although impressive in appearance, like Onix they lack the fighting ability to back up their terrifying stature and roar. And yet not only have they been the official Indigo League mascot from its founding, but Rhydon is a pokemon so beloved among that organization that they flank their gyms with magnificent statues of them.

The roots of this tradition are older than the Indigo Pokemon League, and some say they are as old as the Indigo Plateau itself. According to legend, the plateau was formed in the aftermath of an earthquake on Mount Silver caused by a rampaging Rhydon, who became the god of the local shrine outside Victory Road. While the veracity of this fanciful story is considered by scholars to be doubtful, Rhydon has long been a symbol of the region, depicted on coins and statues and in other works of art originating from the area; some have been found as far away as the ruins of Alph.

In recent years, as the league has grown, there has been a movement away from the usage of Rhydon as a symbol in favor of a Pokeball. Traditionalists and Rhydon trainers have met it with protests, and the brief removal of Rhydon from the official logo was followed by a League tournament full of Rhydon and Rhyperior; the championship team was no exception in this regard. The League backed down, the old logo was reinstated, and a statue of the champion's Rhydon delivering its knockout Rock Wrecker to win the final bout was placed outside the League's entrance as a show of respect for this noble pokemon.