Chapter 71 – Amaterasu: This goddess is not a woman you can easily get
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Moments after Amaterasu entered Qin Tian's house and sat in the living room.

"Please drink the tea."

"Thank you..."

The blonde maid nodded with a polite smile and quickly retreated to the kitchen.

As Amaterasu stared at the innocent-looking and gentle blonde maid, she guessed that this girl must be the heroine named Asia that she had heard about from his inner voice.

And there were also other girls wearing maid uniforms, she wasn't sure about their names, but she knew they were all heroines.

There was even Rias Gremory and a beautiful black-haired woman whose identity he wasn't sure of. The two of them weren't wearing maid uniforms, so he could only assume that their status in Qin Tian's mansion must be special.

She knew Rias was in a romantic relationship with Qin Tian, but the woman sitting next to him... Could it be Li Yan? Big sister, dog man?

By the way are all the women living here his harem? This dog man opened a harem!

As expected of a villain!

Amaterasu looked at Qin Tian who was sitting in front of her complicatedly, although she knew harems were something quite common in supernatural society, but somehow she felt uncomfortable seeing this dog man having a harem.

'Bah, bah, bah, what was I thinking?! It's none of my business whether this dog man has a harem or not.'

She shook her head and quickly dispelled the inappropriate thing that was on her mind.

Seeing a Goddess like Amaterasu shaking her head with a slight blush on her cheeks, Qin Tian who was sipping tea felt like he was watching a beautiful and cute work of art.

[I don't mind being made to look at a Goddess as beautiful as Amaterasu for a few hours. It's quite entertaining, especially when watching her move her body with a blush on her cheeks.]

[Hey~ Is this the charm of a Goddess? Amazing~ Although her beauty is not that different from sister Yan, Rias, and other heroines, but she has a unique aura that might be related to her power as a Goddess.]

"Wh-What are you..." The blush on Amaterasu's cheeks thickened for a moment and she stammered at the inner voice full of compliments about her beauty.

Although this was not the first time someone had complimented her on how beautiful she was, but hearing that compliment from this dog man somehow made her emotions panic.

"Hm... What's wrong Miss Amaterasu? Is something wrong?" Qin Tian asked in confusion as this woman was getting more and more strange and abrupt.

Rias and Li Yan who were sitting beside Qin Tian rolled their eyes when they saw this.

At this point, it was clear that the two of them had at least confirmed that Goddess Amaterasu could also hear inner voices.

'So even Goddess Amaterasu is also a heroine? Sigh, this fictional world...'

Rias sometimes wondered how many heroines there were in this world? Not that she was worried about their numbers, but what she was worried about was her boyfriend...

This bad guy wouldn't gather all the heroines around the world in his harem, right?

Her eyes flatly glanced at the person sitting beside her, the man's face looked calm like a monk while gazing at Goddess Amaterasu, but she knew this scumbag was actually just pretending.

In his heart he was actually mesmerized by Goddess Amaterasu's beauty!

Rias silently complained with jealousy in her heart.

'Oh... How I want to pinch him hard.'

Her hands gripped the sofa itchily, but she refrained from pinching him because she didn't want to disturb him in front of the guest.

On the other hand, as usual Li Yan smiled mysteriously when she saw the new heroine around her little Tian.

It seemed like she had some ideas in mind.

"Nothing! *Cough* It's just a little hot in this room... Anyway, I'll get straight to the point. I want you to take responsibility for the trouble you caused in my territory!"

Amaterasu stopped blushing, she was back to her professional mode now.

"Responsible? Can you explain more specifically? If you don't explain it I might misunderstand that you want me to take responsibility by marrying a beautiful Goddess in front of me or something." Qin Tian said with a teasing smile.

"Sassy! S-Who would want to ask you to marry me! Please don't joke around with a Goddess... Qin Tian."

Amaterasu said as she took a breath calmly and glared at him with an angry gaze, yet there was a blush on her cheeks that could be seen by everyone.

[Bad, teasing a Goddess turned out to be quite fun. I want to do it more.]

His aunt's corners involuntarily curled and trembled slightly as if he was holding back laughter.


"Qin Tian!"

The table was slapped with one hand and Amaterasu screamed with a mixture of anger and embarrassment on her face.

Her normally calm personality had been thrown out the window.

Fortunately she controlled her power so as not to blow up this house due to her unstable emotions right now. Otherwise, the table she had previously slapped would've been burnt to ashes due to her divinity.

It's the dog man's fault for continuing to praise and tease her! Especially from that sincere voice of his heart!

Ugh... that's why her emotions couldn't calm down after hearing it.

And she was strangely affected by his praise and tease, even though she was already immune to receiving all that from the opposite sex, especially with her long life experience as an Goddess.

Looking at the Goddess who looked angry...

"...." Qin Tian, Li Yan and Rias fell silent.

Qin Tian wondered if he had gone too far?


"Um... Please don't take Tian's words seriously, Amaterasu-sama. This man sometimes likes to tease people, even though he's usually quiet." Rias said politely to Amaterasu, the other party was like her boss because she was the one who lent Kuoh city for her training as a city supervisor in the human world.

Qin Tian turned to his red-haired girlfriend with a puzzled look.

[Huh? Rias, who are you calling quiet? Me, I'm quite talk a lot... I'm not quiet!]

Rias: "You just speak much on your heart like now dear. You don't actually open your mouth that often."

"Rias is right, Goddess Amaterasu. Please don't be angry, my brother is sometimes mischievous when he sees a beautiful woman like you. Usually he is quite kind and quiet." Li Yan added with a gentle smile.

She was actually trying to make a friendly relationship with this Goddess, after all in her mind he already regarded Amaterasu as her future little Tian harem candidate.

Although it was not certain yet, but if he could attract her little by little. It was possible to make this Goddess fall for her little Tian's charms.

"Sister Yan... Even you too?" Qin Tian stared at his sister in disbelief, he even opened his mouth and didn't speak through his inner voice.

Li Yan didn't answer and only rubbed his thigh gently.

Qin Tian's lips twitched, why was he suddenly treated like a child?

"Eh, well... You..." Amaterasu knew Rias, but this woman...

"My name is Li Yan, I'm his older sister" Li Yan said while hugging Qin Tian's arm.

"O-Oh, so you're Miss Li Yan... Ahem, well, I'm actually not really angry with Qin Tian. It's just that... Please don't tease me like before."

Amaterasu smiled kindly at Rias and Li Yan, then looked at Qin Tian with a reprimanding gaze as she said that.

Rias and Li Yan nodded at her words, and now they were all staring at the only man in this room.


Qin Tian took a breath, should he go on a rampage?

How could the destiny villain be treated like a child!

Oh, and he's not quiet!

After he was done dealing with Amaterasu, he would definitely slap Rias and Li Yan's ass as punishment.

They should know what the phrase means: 'Never offend the destiny villains!'

If Rias and Li Yan heard this, they would only smile gently and say.

Rias: "So gentle, as expected of my cute destiny villain. Come on, you can slap and play with my ass all you want, even if you want to do something more, I'm ready to do it dear~"

Li Yan: "My brother... Want to punish sister's soft ass? Fufu, sure. Let's do it in the bedroom tonight."


Feeling everyone staring at him, Qin Tian smiled gently, he even maximized his smile with his extreme charm.

The three women who saw this smile were dazed to see him and their faces flushed slightly.

This dog man/bad guy/little Tian's smile is dangerous!

If this man was really serious about being a scumbag, it would definitely be easy for him to pick up all the women on the street, even housewives who are married and have husbands will not be safe from his charms.

"Miss Amaterasu, I won't say that I won't flirt with you again in the future, after all you're single, right? So it doesn't matter if I just flirt with you."

"Qin Tian, you... I'm a Goddess, I've lived longer than you, you should at least be polite to me. Don't tease me like you do all those women."

Amaterasu said with a twitching smile on her face, she wondered if this dog man was deliberately fighting her to make her angry?

Qin Tian smiled hearing her words.

"Sorry, but it looks like I still want to tease you.

"You! Qin Tian, are you testing my patience? Do you think I won't get angry if you get too sassy with me?"

The temperature in the room began to rise and divine energy faintly began to gather around Amaterasu's body.

At this moment Amaterasu had already forgotten her original purpose for coming here, she now only wanted to teach a lesson to a child who was disrespectful and dared to tease a person who had outlived him.

Do you think this Goddess is an easy woman for you to get?

Rias and Li Yan slightly panicked, they looked at Qin Tian with worry.

What did this man want to do?

Do you seriously want to offend a Goddess and fight with her here?

They really don't understand how this man's brain circuitry works!


Author Note

Sorry for the short chapter because I wasn't feeling well while writing this chapter. I also want to say that Issei will die in the next encounter with Qin Tian, but that might still be a while. I won't include Issei's training chapter with the old man or anything like that because I know you guys are already sick of Issei. And in my pâtreon Qin Tian has met the blue-haired heroine, you can guess who it is because she is in the same school as Basara.