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He leaves Elacruz's car parked behind him, covered in Elacruz's blood.

Huguel Herinque gets into his car and leaves at high speed.

Huguel Herinque arrives in a big city called La Noche de Mi Corazon

There is a man with long brown hair and green eyes sitting in a white truck.

They are driving towards a building that has an American flag hanging from the front.

they arrive at the gate and a security guard comes in and tells someone what they came here for. the guard then leaves and lets them in. Guards escort them up several flights of stairs, into a hallway decorated with a black rug. The guard leads them to a door marked "Office", opens it and tells them to wait outside.

Two men come out of a room at the end of the hall.

Huguel Herinque enters the office and greets one of the men.

"We've finally located the last piece in the key." the man said to Hugo.

Huguel Herinque replies: "I hope it doesn't take too long."

Huguel Herinque is seated in a large chair with his back to the door. He leans forward. The man beside him pulls out a small box containing the missing piece of Carlos' map.

Huguel Herinque says: "I'll go first. We need this key".

he takes the box and takes out the map, unfolding it. He looks at some of the lines on the map, memorizing their position, color, scale, etc.

Huguel Herinque turns to the security camera and says "we know everything about this map and how we should get it".

Security turns on the video camera and starts recording.

"The map shows the location of the key. However, if you don't find the key in time, you may not be able to get it. But we will. Because this key belongs to our country. And this key too. So when we acquire these keys together, it will be the beginning of the end of the military college of San Marcos." Hugo said confidently.

Huguel Herinque puts the map back in the box, folds it and puts it in his coat pocket. He looks at the camera and adds

"The key must also be hidden somewhere that only the person who has access to it can use it. For example...here."

Huguel Herinque pointed to the corner of the room. Then he turned to the guard.

the guard nods. So Hugo takes a flashlight and goes to the corner of the room.

Huguel Herinque points the flashlight to a place that was very dark

"Here we go." Hugo says as he starts to light the flashlight

The beam of light shines in the direction Hugo indicated

A few seconds later, a dark figure emerges from the shadows, holding a small metal object.

Hugo turns the beam of light towards the object and sees that it was a key. He walks slowly and carefully towards her. He stops in front of the object and stares at it.

Huguel Herinque says: "this is the key".

The security guard turns off the video camera and leaves the room.

Huguel Herinque turns the key in the lock and opens the door.

The door opens revealing a dark room.