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Chapter 3

Morneiros is a military college student who is involved in the war between the military college and the United States government colleges. He is known for his talent and his intelligence. He knows more secrets than anyone else in college. He also likes to play pranks to make fun of people. He is smart.

But he is still considered the weakest link in his group because of that.

All the students, including Morneiros, were on the battlefield to destroy the enemy faculty's enemy students, but Morneiros, despite having the power of invisibility, always found himself hiding in corners and watching the shadow fight while laughing at the students.

It was raining.

The raindrops falling from above got smaller and smaller until they landed right next to the soldiers, making them soaking wet.

"the battle continued between the two schools for almost 2 hours and they still weren't affected in the slightest."

"The two schools fought to a draw after an unknown amount of battles. Finally, both sides gave up."

A large hole was now located within the city wall. A small number of students and adults sat on benches within the city wall.

Morneiros was hiding thinking about how he could become someone important for his school, which is Colégio Militar de São Marcos. He wondered if this plan would work, but he felt pretty confident about it. He was sure that tomorrow most students would forget there was a school, leaving college alone. The only thing left to remind them of her existence would be Morrie's name on her graduation certificate.

Morneiros then decided to capture the girlfriend of the leader of the enemy university called Green Valley School for Boys. She was beautiful, with blond hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. Although she was extremely popular with the boys in her group, she was never interested in dating any of the boys. Instead, she preferred to spend time with teachers and students. But now she was the reason he had to defeat the leader of the military college'

Morneiros then started his plan to kidnap the enemy girl and hand her over to the military school, hoping this would give him more opportunities to join the school and gain power.

Morneiros then infiltrated the Green Valley University School for Boys to kidnap the popular girl and deliver her to the Military College. Upon arriving at the building where the Green Valley School was located, Morneiros entered and went to the basement. There were hundreds of students there playing football, baseball, basketball, volleyball and many other sports.

Morneiros walked along the corridor that led to the basement of the Green Valley School until he came to a door. The basement was dimly lit except for a few emergency lights. Morneiros then opened the door and saw that the basement was empty except for the school president.

When he reached the middle of the floor, Morneiros realized he was in front of a small table with a laptop. Morneiros took the laptop and opened it.

he began looking for information about the Green Valley School. When he got his search history, he realized they owned the school. Looks like that's where they planned to send all the students.

Morneiros then delved further into the university's history, looking for records about the attack during his freshman year. He finds out that the school was attacked by the military at the beginning of the first year and the student government was trying to take over, so they created a secret army with the help of another school. The military was defeated and the students returned. This led to the current crisis.

Morneiros heard footsteps coming towards him, so he used his power of invisibility and looked around to find whoever was approaching him. After confirming that he was just the president, he turned his attention to his laptop.

he started reading school-related information that the school owned and learned that the principal was killed during the attack.

so the president sets fire to the laptop where Morneiros was reading. Morneiros was stunned for a moment before recovering. He then uses his ability to see through walls.

then Morneiros looking back is to see the dean of the University calling Zek to look at him, then pointing at Morneiros behind him.

Zek turns to see Morneiros standing there. Then he approaches Morneiros.

"What you want?" asks Morneiros.

"I want you to hand over the school map." Zek says calmly.

"Morners say why?

Zek replies, "Because I have the power to destroy your entire school. If you don't give me the map, I can do it."

Zek smirks and says, "If the government finds out what happened here today, the whole country could fall apart."

Then Zek turns and walks away

Morneiros then realized that Zek had told anyone he was here that his plan could be destroyed.

Morners then use their invisibility power and go after Zek, Zek doesn't see

Morners arriving then

Morneiros punch Zek in the belly which throws him against the wall

and hits Zek in the head and knocks him unconscious, then throws him to the ground.

Morneiros stands still and watches Zek lying in a pool of blood and is sad that he killed the guy.

He looks up and notices that the president is no longer there. He then leaves the basement

Morneiros flee the Green Valley University School for Boys, but a camera records everything that happened in the basement where

Mornings were captured alive

Police are investigating the death scene for clues as to where Moneiros went after killing Zek.

Maneiros goes straight to the airport. He then boards the flight back to Germany.

he then sits on the plane and looks out the window. As he looks at the city

But soon

Morneiros thinks it's better to get off the plane in time and says to himself

my plan is not complete yet

he thinks