Chapter 61 Commissioned by Kriegan ‘Screams Internally Louder’
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Blood, gore, burnt remains. That summed up Khorne's realm within the Warp. There were large dark gothic-styled structures but they were just blasted brunt away ruins from the constant never-ending slaughter that was the reality in Khorne's realm.

And I fit into Khorne's realm like a pea in a pod, a piece of the puzzle that was missing that just got added... I truly fucking belonged here as every breath I took not only fed my cultivation with the blood-soaked winds that howled across the rocky soil of the realm. But the infernal flames so common in the realm also fueled my internal Yang Sun making my physique even stronger.

I gleefully cut a swathe through the clashing armies of lesser chaos spawn, abominations that looked like Non-Euclidean monsters that were tinged in the crimson bloody color of Khorne that were fighting with Khorne's bloodletters, bipedal classical demon looking... Demons with large horns on their head are typically armed with demonic swords or axes.

"Blood for the!-" One of the Bloodletters tried to call out, but a blinding bright but thin ribbon of sword qi bisected him keeping him from calling out as I laughed uproariously at how the breaking down demonic essence in the area was flooding into my body at ludicrous speed.

"Yes! Bleed for your god and leave your skull for him!" I roared as I dived down cackling with my sword wreathed in golden flames that made the demon's flesh around me crackle like bacon on a red hot skillet. "The rest of your remains are fucking mine haha!" I gleefully roared sending waves of Yang flames with some sword and martial arts into the modest army of a few tens of thousands of demons and human cultists that were fighting the endless tide of chaos spawn and beasts.

Already I could feel myself breaking into the second level up the Spirit Realm after only a few minutes of constant absorption of Khorne's demon's true selves. And not just the pieces I got to devour that came out of the Warp into the material world in one of my portals.

After a bit more of using my sword and feet to kill demons, I stomped my foot on the ground, but instead of flames being summoned. An endless pitch-black pool of darkness replaced the ground within five meters of me and every moment the pool of darkness spread another meter as it overtook the demons and swallowed them within the pool of inky reflective darkness.

But the pool of darkness that seemingly swallowed the demons wasn't the point, from within the pool of darkness came figures clad in shadows, armed with weapons of pure darkness and that were filled with the simple purpose of swallowing the light of their demonic kind.

Wordlessly I ordered my darkness warriors to attack the demons and even as I fought alongside them I couldn't help but notice how many of the shadow demons that previously looked more like the shadows from Kingdom Hearts had begun to take on more humanoid forms.

Their forms were truly unimportant in the grand scheme of things honestly. So long as they could rip and tear through the demons ever more efficiently with their devouring of Chaos's inhabitant I was satisfied.

But after three hours of constant slaughter and absorption even as I grew to the second level of the Spirit realm I realized a fucking crucial fact... The battle was literally never going to end. At every moment like a mirage, more demons would walk through the blood-tinged howling winds to join the carnage. Chaos Spawn would just teleport in, or likewise just come out of the damned ground like a mole or something.

I was well aware that for all my strength I could easily clap these weaker demons. That there were just too damned many of these bastards, so after my foundation at the second level of the Spirit Realm was assured, I flew off on wings of flames that burned away any flying weaker demons and chaos spawn that came close to me.

"Ok... So Khorne's realm is a good place to kill demons without dealing with a black hole or demonic lightning being thrown at me as Tzeentch's realm would be like." I muttered wryly as I continued to fly 'South' through Khorn's realm.

Actually, at the thought of Tzeentch's realm, I honestly doubted it would be that bad for me to visit as a human... Well sure the demonic denizens would likely try to capture me to study or likewise curse to a gibbering chaos spawn but they could possibly be useful in the Sect and I imagine I could in fact learn some interesting things there.

Either way, thankfully I had memorized the general map of the Chaos gods section of the Warp in my past life somewhat, and although yes the Chaos gods did always move the stuff around in their realms but there were always constants to their realms.

Like, for example, I was currently flying over Khorne's mostly flat Hunting Fields, which were pretty self-explanatory as being a massive wide-open field filled with rivers of lava, hills, and blasted fortresses built on the small hills.

And to the south was the border of Khorne's realm and I knew I needed to pass through the Wrathgate to reach the Bastion Staircase that would lead to... Yeah, I had a number of named scary locations that were probably guarded by Greater Demons of Khorne before I used the Bridge of Fools to cross past without entering Tzeentch and Slaanesh's realm to get into the realm of Nurgle.

The distance was only a thing of suggestion here in the Warp, as both space and time itself were relative to one's self, so within a couple more hours of flight I reached the extremely tall very active volcanoes that acted as part of Khorne's border with the Prince of Pleasure and to stop the influence of the southern neighbor of Nurgles domain as the very active volcano's burnt away the endlessly flowing contagions that endlessly spread from the diseased god's realm.

It was kinda funny honestly. Khorne's realm which was actually above Slaanesh and Nurgle's realm had their borders lined with highly active volcanoes that endlessly poured lava into the chaos god's realm while on the border with Tzeentch, there were no such volcanoes...

'Probably because Tzeentch would use his magic to make Khorne's volcano erupts into his own land honestly.' I thought wryly as I flew lower to the ground and slower so I could see better through the all-consuming dark smoke that came from all the active volcanoes.

But finally, after more flying, I saw my first obstacle to getting to Nurgle's realm. The Wrathgate and I could already from here feel the presence of a greater demon... Or maybe even a demon prince that was holding the massive gothic fortress that guarded the clearest path between the four realms.



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