Chapter 62
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The Wrathgate, a monolithic structure and effigy to Khorne's more organized warlike nature was a massive fortress that blocked off the great Bastion Stair that linked the four realms in the center with the Bridge of Fools.

"Do I just fly over the Wrathgate?" I muttered looking over the massive fortress that stretched as far as the eye could see and as though in answer, an oversized mutated car-sized vulture attempted to do what I was thinking but a crackling bolt of crimson lightning shot from the spikes mounted everywhere on the structure and the bird was instantly turned into ashes...

I wryly watched the ashes fall to the ground and knew that even with my Chaos resistance and heat resistance at that, that lightning was a bit too much honestly.

So I did more recon and as I came to the ground and merged in with the constant crowds that were walking to the Wrathgate I blinked before mentally laughing as the guttural words a demon roared at our group made me realize I had 'nothing' to worry about. "The toll for the Wrathgate is three skulls for the Blood God!" The bloodletter roared and I basically got the gist of it... One skull for the blood god for going through the gate, one skull for me surviving going through the gate, and one skull for the demons as a sort of bribe I guess.

"Form groups of four and the survivor gets to move through the gate!" The demon roared the large crowd I was walking in was separated and forced into little gouged-in boxes carved into the rocky ground inside the fortress's open-air center that opened to the bloody red sky above us.

Takin in my so-called opponents, I just rolled my eyes as they were begotten mutated twitching messes that only vaguely could be called humans with how they clearly were trying to get Khorne's favor with their obviously cheap and terrible augmentations that had skulls mounted on the spikes of their cybernetic shoulders and arms.

The moment our so-called referee called the start of the battle I killed the other three with three simple slashes of my sword removing their heads to fall to the ground. But as their bodies fell into the ground I saw the heads merge into the ground almost like it was sinking into quicksand with the blood shooting from the neck stumps instantly entering the ground despite the ground being a hard rock that should have had it pooling up.

"Hmm, a true warrior has graced these grounds..." The demon grumbled and I took in the red-skinned bloodletter and my face twitched as I realized the demon even as I looked at it was taking on a more feminine form but was still a spike monstrous Khornate demon with its almost football-shaped head. "I am obligated to offer you free passageway with your victory... But do you wish to earn bounties and greater glory than you could ever be wandering to another realm, should you best me and enter the service of our great god?" The demon offered...

It was the same with base Slannesh demons for me honestly, if they looked like a monster with a fucking crab claw for arms and spikes everywhere. Even if they added feminine features there was nothing fuckable or remotely seductive about the demons.

So I answered flatly but not challengingly. "No. I have my own quest to perform, so excuse me." Normally I would be a lot more... Rude or even arrogant to these lesser demons, but I could sense the greater demon or possibly even Demon Prince holding down the Wrathgate and running into some form of flying Bloodthirster or even Angron sounded like a brutal way to die so I didn't dare to make a ruckus right now.

So surprisingly as I made me through the Wrathgate, I wasn't actually further molested or otherwise challenged besides the odd challenging snarl from some demons or cultists... But those were just heartfelt greetings here in Khorne's realm so I just made my way down the stupidly large Bastion's Staircase and once I reached the bottom I reach what many called the center of the Chaos god's center of their realms. The Bridge of Fools.

The bridge was countless miles wide and long with cultists and demons of all four Chaos gods and demons of Chaos undivided or just demons of other entities freely walking across the dimensionally displaced bridge. No one could fly upon the bridge so even the birdlike demons and cultists of Tzeentch were forced to walk across the bridge but each step we took regardless of what we were, made us travel a completely random distance and direction which visibly seemed to drive the knowledge-hunting demons of Tzeentch even madder than they typically were.

They became almost like Khorne demons as their frustrations boiled over and I heard one demon crying out about how they had been on the bridge for more than ten thousand years and even Tzenntch was using him for a case study for how long people could remain locked within the randomly twisting space of the Bridge of Fools.

But unlike the demons, I was calmly just walking as I hid a smile. As my cultivation senses could feel the spatial tides shifting with each step I took. So with each step, I would wait for a second and then I would step on the ripples of the spatial disturbance my previous teleport sent me so I would be heading in a straight line and finally before my eyes could adjust to the abrupt teleportation as I was teleported off the bridge I smelled where I was before I could see it...

The Gardens of Blight, I could literally see, smell, and taste the Plaguelords mansion in the distance over the endless sea of mutated and monstrous trees that were twisted by living next door to the chaos gods palace... "And Isha is supposed to be here in the Gardens of Blight," I muttered as I took a breath before wrenching at the unholy vile smell filling the air that not even my chaos and cultivation resistance could help me withstand... Nope, the smell of distilled 'Nasty' was completely natural and thus I had no fucking protection from its all-empowering stench.

"I am going to have to wash Isha with a fucking hose aren't I." I cursed shivering with disgust as each breath I took clung to my nostrils and heavens forbid I breathed through my mouth, as the flavor of endless decay and disease clung to the roof of my mouth. "Let's get the fuck out of here." I shuddered and flew at my fastest speed into the Gardens of Blight to just get the hell out of there as soon as possible. With my form wreathed in Yang fire burning away the clouds of mutated insects that swarmed over my form to greet me lovingly into the Grandfather's realm.



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