Chapter 63
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The Garden of Blight was Nurgle's domain in diseased life and in full swing, trees with pulsating cysts filled with acidic boiling pus that would explode their filth against anything that touched the tree. Flowers both carnivorous and not that reeked of the most delicate and aromatic foul stench of decay that attracted the clouds of insects to be devoured.

Despite the vile nature of Nurgle's realm, his domains of balance and the cycle of life had a serene beauty in them that I couldn't deny as everything had its purpose in that cycle. Regardless of the filthy way the demons or beings in the realm are inherently here.

Oh, it was utterly filthy and disgusting. Literally, as I was flying over the forest I saw a pool of what looked like boiling watery fecal matter but such things weren't unusual here in Nurgle's realm as in fact there was an entire sub-continent called the Septic Isle that was a massive land mass of shit surrounded by a sea of diarrhea that supposedly filled the rest of the realm with the 'nutrients' to survive.

So to say the least I hauled ass through the gardens of blight as I flew towards the area surrounding the Plague Lord's Mansion.

Finally, as I reached the end of the Gardens of Blight and reached the edge of the grandfather's mansion finding Isha wasn't hard at all actually... As her own weakened divinity radiated outwards like a soothing vanilla candle being lit in a Port A Potty.

She was almost between the Gardens of Blight and the Nurgles Mansion but she was locked inside a withered thorn-covered cage that was placed right beside Nurgles cauldron that he made his infinite diseases and poxes to gift to the material galaxy as a sign of his loving care.

So yay finding the hentai-looking elf goddess that looked suspiciously like Celestine from Kuroinu was nice and all... But there was an issue, a massive mountain of flesh leaking pus, wooden spikes adorned his form, and many gaping mouths filled with rotting jagged teeth were leaking monstrous maggots and insects that were bigger than me...

Grandpappy Nurgle was working his toils at the cauldron but I realized something disturbing... No matter which way I approached and came from, I always came directly in front of Nurgle and his cauldron as he carefully added the vilest things to the massive cauldron that was softly boiling and sending a corrosive steam that I my instincts were screaming at me to avoid.

I wasn't stupid... I realized that Nurgle knew I was here, though not why I was here, and he was letting me approach on my own terms but I didn't know why he wasn't sending his damn near infinite demons at me to 'escort' me to him so knowing Nurgle was the most family and honestly caring of the Chaos Gods I decided to just wing it and I dropped to the ground and just walked up to the massive Chaos God that towered so high over me.

Before long I walked up a massive rickety staircase that stood on the edge and lip of his massive cauldron that could hold enough disease and poxes to supposedly fill every ocean in the galaxy's worlds with its contents and even just standing there I could feel my chaos physique struggling to withstand just how fucking filthy, toxic, and disgusting the demonic concoction in front of me was.

Nurgle finally looked up from his cauldron and I had to hide a shudder as Nurgle's beady green and yellow eyes looked at me with power that I had never felt before that just seemed to ooze over my form like a sludge that felt like it would never go away before it abruptly left my form. "I never thought I would see a human that wasn't an Astartes or the Emperor, not go mad at the sight of me," Nurgle spoke with his voice gurgling like his throat was filled the thickest of phlegm that could be chewed on... But even worse was how his voice echoed like multiple people speaking in the depths of a deep cave.

I couldn't stop the shudder that ran through my form as Nurgle jiggled like a wave of fucking disgusting Jello as he burst into fat golly laughter at my discomfort. "So why have you come to my home human... Did you wish to directly join the Deathguard or did you seek me out for something in particular?" Nurgle asked me conversationally. No threats came from him, I didn't feel his power seeking to change me into one of his cultists or anything...

I was reminded how despite how utterly putrid and disgusting Nurgle's gifts to his followers were. His gifts were almost always only beneficial with how Nurgle made his cultists damn near immortal and took away their sense of pain. Almost made me feel a bit bad to NTR him away honestly.

"Lord of Life and Death I have come to make a bet with you," I spoke up and Nurgle merely looked at me with amusement.

"And what bet can you offer that which I cannot take little human?" He spoke gutturally with his great jowls jiggling with his words and from between the thick folds of the sideways-looking chins came tiny Nurglings his lesser demons that fell into the cauldron and screamed with joy and drank of the pestilence within while Nurgle looked down with at the demons with an indulgent smile as he began carefully fishing them out with his massive ladle.

"My bet is thus Lord of Disease, you will present a vial of disease for me to drink and if I can stand up on my feet and deal with it internally you will grant me the favor of allowing Isha to return to me to the physical plane of reality." At my words of taking Isha, Nurgle's eyes snapped to me with his divine power filling the area and I could hardly breathe but I managed to spit out the rest of the words. "Isha as a goddess cannot stay in the material world for more than a couple minutes at most anyway... I just need her help for that amount of time before she is pulled back into your realm Lord Nurgle." I finished and Nurgle's gaze softened as he seemed to think about something.

"Mmhmm..." He groaned with his voice coming out less of a hum of thoughts and more of a drawn-out chainsaw revving up as I saw mucus fly from his gaping stomach mouth but then the humming chainsaw of his thinking abruptly cut off as he spoke but his voice wasn't a challenge, nor curse, or even a threat. It was actually a pity... "You have a sick or dying friend don't you..." He stated and then continued with a sigh as he made a vial filled with glowing pestilence float off to me. "Boy," Nurgle spoke out and I looked up to him and the golly grandfather looked down at me with a jagged smile as he pointed at me.

"You could always feed that vial to your friend and they will become immortal and undying locked within time of that very moment, but with all their nerves broken so they could never feel the pain of their sickness while they live." Nurgle offered and I took the large vial that was the size of a soda can and I shook my head.

I imagined Arya's ghostly sister locked into her spirit as I responded so I wouldn't lie when I spoke. "Lord Nurgle I greatly appreciate your offer but sickness nor a failing of the body is the issue and needs Lady Isha's direct care," I spoke looking down to the busty blond goddess that was wearing a pure white dress that clung to her curves and Nurgle grunted and tilted his head at the vial in answer.

"Then drink boy... Should you survive and deal with it in any way you can, then you may borrow my goddess Isha for the minutes she will remain in the material world before she is forced to return to the Empyrean. Though I make no promise of her actually helping you. But should you die, your soul is forfeit to my service." Nurgle said with finality and I silently nodded as I held the large vial slightly above my head.

'College cheap keg chugging days don't fail me now...' I mentally howled and then I did it. I shotgunned the fucking vial of vile filth...



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