Chapter 65
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To say the least Isha and I landed atop the soft mat of my meditation room that was sealed to all hell, the Eldar goddess was to say lightly completely fucking flabbergasted by not only my kiss but how I dragged her out of the warp.

"So do I get another kiss for stealing you away from Nurgle?" I joked and still her green eyes only blinked in surprise before she slightly smiled and I felt her smooth and warm hand caress my face as she spoke with her voice trilling with the tiniest hints of the divinity that lay buried within her body.

"Is that what you desire of me, young human?" She whispered softly as her hand seemingly mapped my face out with her soft hands and I realized that even as a goddess she was literally in denial as to what had happened and was happening now as I could see her other hand roughly rubbing the silky smooth sheets of my thick meditation mat and she seemingly couldn't comprehend the comfort in which she was feeling. "You stole me away in order to have a wife of sorts?" She questioned and I as her hand that cupped my cheek squeezed gently I saw the desperation in her eyes.

I could literally viscerally see the reality that she couldn't sense the warp, nor with how I bound up her divinity like a fucking pretzel within herself nor could say divinity leak outwards to get attention from the denizens from the Warp. She realized I had indeed stolen her from Nurgle and in her mind, after watching the race she helped birth and grow, and then fall in creating Slaanesh from their depravity and then with her Pantheon devoured by the just-born Chaos God and tortured for thousands of years under Nurgle's 'care'.

Isha was willing to accept and even welcome any form of 'love and care' that wasn't going to be a continuing unending torture.

Beyond her clearly willing reaction, I realized something... What would Ellesmere think of me marrying Isha? I knew intrinsically that she wouldn't dare be mad and be more along the lines of 'What the actual fuck Jake!' So with that thought said I decided now more than ever I deserved a straightforward reward for being a hero.

Literally, everything else I did other than saving Ellesmere from the genestealer cult slavers where she would have been either killed or have worse things done to her had more or less blown up in my face. Like with how I got involved with that Sister of Battle who ended up tracking me here and there damned burnt husk of a ship was still laying in the valley of my mountain range for god's sake.

I held Isha's soft hand in my own and wordlessly her thin fingers intertwined within my own before I could do so and I spoke solemnly. "I am romantically involved with an Aeldari named Ellesmere, and I have full intentions of seducing you to becoming my wife and having you likewise come to care for me however you can," I spoke straightforwardly laying the cards on the table. I wasn't going to bullshit her nor make issues if I didn't need to...

But seeing a fertility goddess that looked like a more realistic Celestine from Kuroinu literally offering herself up?

Isha at my words only smiled lightly before elegantly sitting up and taking a deep breath and her smile grew as she spoke softly. "Even on this demon world you live upon, it still smells and feels so pure compared to the filth of Nurgle's realm Haa..." She sighed just taking in deep breaths before her eyes opened and she nodded. "I am not blind, young human, I can feel hints of your energy is binding me to you with those seals. But those seals are keeping me closer to the concept of pure mortality so the Material Realm doesn't reject me back to the Warp... Let us go meet your wife, this Ellesmere and I if you will." Her smile turned a bit sharp as she stood up regally with her large breasts partially bared with her pure white dress wide open front billowing in the motion.

"I am well aware of my existence and well-being in not being sent back to Nurgle... Or even devoured by Slaanesh is by your leisure, so let's see if I shall be your wife if your lover welcomes me." She said with some hidden steel in her voice as she gently held my arm between her breasts as she led me towards where I could feel Ellesmere talking with the other Eldar students of our Sect.

Walking Isha across the main Sect building was an adventure in of itself as every few moments she would gently stop with her body leaning into mine so she could look out a window and breathe in the fresh air that was clean of demonic taint within the Sect's parameters. I didn't complain as Isha was being adorable and just being around her made me feel comfortable in her aura.

To say nothing of her pure white thin dress concealing nothing of her form and how she all but molded against me so I could feel her breasts points pressing through the thin cloth into my arm.

Once we arrived at the room in which I could feel Ellesmere was within I took a breath and threw open the door. And as the door opened, I saw Ellesmere's blue eyes widening with joy seeing me back but as the door opened and Isha came into view her face flatlined into shock as she obviously knew instantly who was standing beside me. The only truly living divine of the Aeldari who wasn't the fucking jester/clown god who was being a hobo in the Space Elves' super space maze tunnel system they used to travel around in.

Isha gently extracted her arms and breasts from my arms and then she imperiously stepped forward into the room and all the Eldar, whether they be my students or even Ellesmere. They all bowed with their heads touching the ground as they kneeled. But Isha had her eyes on only one Eldar.

She intrinsically knew who Ellesmere was and she all but glided over the floor with her bare feet before she kneeled down beside Ellesmere and then carefully lifted her chin up with a finger as she spoke. "Ellesmere, my dear daughter. Daughter of Ultherade, and Mellionois of your lovely craft world, I have been stolen away from the Plague Lord Nurgle by your lover, and in order to prevent me from being eaten by She-who-thirsts... He has bound me into being his wife, so I hope you will welcome me with open arms as a fellow lover." Isha finished softly with only kindness in her voice that made Ellesmere's mouth open and close like a fish.

"Jake! You!-" She started but out of the view of the other Eldar who were looking up from their kneeling position Isha had pinched Ellesmere in the side and even though she was smiling I could see in her eyes that steel in her that allowed her to survive the fall of her pantheon and being tortured for god knows how long with the Warp's influence while under Nurgle's influence.

"Jake merely asked for a hero's reward for saving a lady. And I accepted his joking request with all due sincerity I could Ellesmere. Do not judge him for I shall pay him his due for so long as he lives in the Material World before with the connection being broken I will likely be taken back to Nurgle's realm." Isha explained gently and the fire in Ellesmere's eyes died and she pouted at me as she truly had no foot to stand up on when it was her goddess herself said to shut up and accept my place and your own massive shoot up in Aeldar's hierarchy for being the sister lover for one of the only living Eldar deities.

I coughed and looked at the Eldar students who flinched under my look. "Return to your dorms and obviously don't say anything as this needs to be kept quiet," I ordered and the two male Eldar and the two-and-a-half female Eldar left as well with the half being the disembodied soul of Arya's twin that followed her sister around.

So now it was just Isha and Ellesmere in the room and I couldn't tell if Ellesmere wanted to ride me into the ground for saving her goddess... Or ride me into the ground harder for taking another 'Eldar' lover without her vetting them like we agreed on previously and she didn't dare to 'evaluate' Isha.



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