Chapter 68 R-18
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Isha was a fertility and motherhood goddess, she was quite literally built to breed, and although a demure lover, she clearly knew exactly what she was doing. And Isha was a soft goddess of a woman, she was never aggressive with even the Eldar she so disdained.

So our lovemaking was gentle and fulfilling to our very souls as I felt the tiny tendrils of her divinity soothing my stressed soul that was still weak after my jump in cultivation.

Bare of the thin white dress she typically wore, she was sitting in my lap with my cock nestled into the depths of her womanhood with her large milk-leaking breasts pressed against my chest as I held her soft ass cheeks to help guide our movements in our slow lovemaking. Our eyes were closed as we relied on our other senses both physical and supernatural as we explored our partner's body with Isha's hands tracing the curves to my muscles and the scars I had from the battles I had.

While my own hands traced her smooth feminine skin untainted by any sign of her long life and the trails she bore. And of course, I took great joy in finally mapping out Isha's expansive breasts and ass.

The best part of this joining beyond the strong grip of Isha's womanhood was the fact that she being a goddess of motherhood and fertility had a bonus for me. Her divinity-rich milk that was leaking from her breasts was a further balm to my soul and body and was repairing the damage Nurgle's concoction did to my body.

So even as I felt my body and soul recovering I just focused more on the feeling of Isha's heart-shaped ass softly clapping on my thighs despite me holding her ass with my hands to guide her. She truly was the lewdest goddess of the Warp as I couldn't help but feel affection growing for her as she clearly did everything she could to bring me a slow-burning sexual gratification as she kissed and sucked upon my neck and around my ears.

Whereas sex with Ellesmere was often a competition of pleasure or sometimes me just folding the haughty space elf into a mating press and fucking her stupid. Sex with Isha was an expression of love in its simplest terms. Sure I doubted she truly loved me, if she was even capable of that at all in the perspective of what humans would call love. But her gentle and giving nature made sex with her all about slowly finding the most pleasure without just hammering away until your partner broke before you did.

Slowly Isha kissed back up from my collarbone to my ear as she whispered into my ear while I gently fucked into her gripping and twisting depths in the missionary position. "Seed me, my husband." Her whisper was like a needle to the spine that made me shiver and I felt her divine vaginal muscles that were only a suggestion to reality with her supernatural nature flex and strangle my cock as she whispered.

"Breed me as your wife, husband... Claim me and make all know, of our joining as they feel a demi-god born of my loins brought into this world!" She whispered whimpering as I felt her fertility and motherhood divinity stirring against the bindings I had on her so no Warp denizens could feel her in real space.

At those words, of her begging me to seed and impregnate her... As a man what else could I do but grip her ass tightly with one hand, another squeezing her fat breast filled with milk into my mouth as my pistoning hips sped up with our joining no longer being a gentle love-making affair so our joining made depraved slapping noises as her plush thighs rippled with the collision of my waist as I reached my peak?

And she cried out shrilly as my semen was shot into her divine womb that somehow came to life and began sucking the head of my cock of all the cum coming out of my cock. So she could drain all I had for her.

Each convulsion of my frame as I pumped out my essence made Isha whimper and as I finished and drew Isha into my chest as we laid upon my meditation mat she gently pulled my chin downwards so she could needily kiss me with her tongue engaging my own but it was clear this was her last burst of needy affection as she all but melted against me as her vaginal muscles gave my cock one last squeeze to check if there was anything else and finding nothing left she seemed to lose all her steam.

Within moments I could feel Isha who had rested her face in the crook of my neck had her breath evenly out and I could only smile wryly as Isha had clearly fallen asleep or unconscious... As the stress of her bound divinities had worked overtime.

Isha the Aedari goddess of fertility and motherhood was once again pregnant and I could feel the very Empyrean shivering with that conceptual fact...



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