Chapter 69 obligatory giggity. Alt POV
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Yvraine emissary of the Aeldari's god of death Ynnead was in a mood most torn.

The once-filled Infinity Circuit of Craftworld Biel-Tan emptied of its tens if not hundreds of millions of souls rang as hollow and lifeless as the god she served and sought to bring up into the world. But the deathly silence was nothing compared to Yvraine's thundering thoughts at the news she had been given and confirmed upon.

Not only had her Far-Seers confirmed the news but within her mercantile fleets even her allied human pyskers confirmed the news that resounded through the Empyrean.

The Aeldari goddess of life, fertility, motherhood and so much more than could rebuild the Aeldari over time was stolen away from the Gardens of Nurgle... And then there was the news that had her so torn.

Isha had quite literally torn through the Empyrean, flooded and bloated with her lover's essence, screaming his accomplishments across the very stars in how he so valiantly fought through the Blood God's realm and then challenged the very Plague God for her hand in marriage before taking her home, binding her to the material world and finally fulfilling his duties as her husband and impregnating her...

That would have been all well and good if an Aeldari hero was the one who accomplished this heroic task. He would have been venerated above all others and seen as a focal point for the race to come together even!

"But a human, Lady Isha?" Yvraine couldn't help but mutter in disbelief as she covered her perfectly sculpted face with a hand and sighed. Oh, she wasn't dismissive of the short-lived race as many of her kin were, due to her... Engagement with the human demi-god Roboute Guilliman but the human apparently wasn't even a Space Marine or a Perpetual.

But as Yvraine's hand fell from her face and landed on her crone-sword at her side she briefly considered if she could... Or should, kill this human for defiling her people's birth goddess. But then she snorted as she herself had performed worse atrocities in slowing the fall of the Aeldari. "I cannot help but wonder what that Emperor is thinking of a human marrying an Aeldari goddess though." Yvraine pondered as she petted the head of her green lion-like familiar that perked up at feeling her movements.

'Oh, how that dogmatic Emperor would probably be seething at one of his humans falling so far into the bosom of the superior women in the Aeldari.' Yvraine couldn't help but snicker mentally breaking her cold icy expression for the first time as an honest tiny upturn of her lips read as belly-shaking laughter for another person crossed her face as she idly wondered what Guiliman himself thought of this situation and unbidden a heat filled her loins as she wondered once again if perhaps a marriage alliance with a demi-god was possible.

But her mirthful expression fell apart as she realized one last crucial note. That human had successfully infiltrated, fought, and taken the most valuable thing of the Plague God Nurgle. Who is to say he could not do the same and break into Slaanesh's palace and take the last of the Five Crone-Swords so the god of death Ynnead could be birthed without the sacrifice of the Eldar race...

Space and the surrounding weave of reality around Yvraine shuddered under the weight of her will as she gazed beyond the Empyrean and saw that damned new star... The coming light of Eldar, born of the blood of human adaptability and Eldar perfection they were to be a star of creation, of rebirth, and tranquility...

Yvraine's overwhelming power eventually settled as she took a breath and then she took a step and in that step, she stepped through time and space to land with her foot in the massive control room of the Craftworld Biel-Tan.

"Set a course for the south of the Maelstrom, we will be matching the humans in the eradication of Tyrranids as the plague is targeting Maiden Worlds in the area." She ordered coldly as she settled into her throne as she closed her eyes and considered the tendrils of change within the warp that had stirred with all the new events.


Within the depths of a golden palace that stretched across hundreds of square kilometers two hands laid loosely folded over one another as ebony dark hair laid gently across the perfectly sculpted brow of the Emperor of Mankind who silently was pondering the news, he found before all as he was still acting as the light within the Warp in operating the Astronomican while he worked for an alternative.

But none could guess his thoughts and reactions as he withheld... Such human responses within himself. Many decried that mystery human for his actions. Calling him the very definition of filth to be purged in sullying his bloodline to the worst of levels.

Some radicals questioned if the human was a fragment of the Emperor's will that had impregnated Isha to give birth to the new demi-god frame that the Emperor would come to fill with glorious light and purpose...

Still, no matter what was spoken, requested, or even questioned. The God Emperor said nothing when the new High Lords of Terra came to meet him about the news. Finally, one brave Lord asked the pressing question. "My lord, will the inquisition launch a crusade to deal with this human and banish the pagan goddess Isha back to the Warp?"

And at that question, all went still as the Emperor's golden burning eyes finally opened slowly as he eyed that lord of sectors of the Imperium, and finally after the meeting had gone for over three hours he finally spoke. "I have already sent my son Roubute Guilliman and his legions to the location of the human and Isha."

The Emperor's words were a weight upon the poor mortal ears of the High Lords and in unison, blood leaked from the eyes, ears, and noses of the lords who convulsed regardless of the implants within them that kept their over-stressed minds clear.

No longer could the Emperor's majesty and divinity be a mantle he could wear at will, his grace was so great that only Space Marines, his sons, and some of the best of humanity could bear to hear his words without becoming injured under the weight of his grace. With his piece spoken the Emperor stood up to his impressive height. And without reopening his eyes he strode out of the room with his Custodes falling in step behind and in front of him to the side. As he walked the long way towards his throne room he would take back his seat upon the golden throne to keep the Astronomican properly fueled.



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