Chapter 70
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Things had settled down for the most part after the 'Great Clappening' As the Humans and Eldar called it. when I impregnated the lewd space elf goddess Isha with some loving missionary sex in the dark while holding hands.

Granted, it wasn't missionary nor in the dark but if the other lewd space elves in the Sect wanted to romanticize the joining of our flesh and soul I wasn't going to judge them beyond my usual scolding of them being perverts.

Every day I would start my day bright and early kissing Isha, and Ellesmere good morning while they made their weird space elf breakfast for me that consisted of mostly 'greens' but also some eggs and some other things that weren't too heavy, then either I would take Ellesmere or Isha aside to dual cultivate until I made them ahead, then I would have some brunch. After brunch, I would teach some of the Sect members about cultivation until about noonish.

Then I would have a hearty lunch which consisted of the screaming souls of demons being devoured after being brutalized by my bare hands, cut apart via sword intent, or fried to spiritually rich ashes with my Yang flames. After that lovely lunch, I would then go out and lead some disciples in more dangerous missions cleaning up the countless Tyrranids that were left on the world when the scout fleet left after the Swarmlord was killed.

Once I returned home, Isha typically cooked me dinner that was more appetizing to my human senses and then I would take Ellesmere and Isha together to bed and fuck them silly to help their relationship grow and after making the hentai space elves' mind break a bit. I would then settle down with my body filled with their yin energies and go to sleep with empty balls, digesting my overflowing spiritual energy, and most importantly a full stomach.

This life of joy and simplicity lasted all of a week before I was reminded that this was Warhammer 40k and five disciples went out without my knowledge and protection and got 'completely unexpectedly' vored by a pack of Tyrranid Lictors or the assassin bugs with their stupid stealth abilities and patience that can allow them to literally sit in place for weeks on end and ever so slowly moving towards a target with their adaptive camouflage allowing their forms to mimic the surroundings not only in color but in texture as well.

You can never be sure if that was actually a pile of leaves or a two-ton mass of jagged spikes, claws, and vomiting bio-plasma that was going to jump your ass.

I stood up upon the raised platform in which I typically gave my speeches and all the disciples young and old, survivors of this demon world, or even the four Aeldari who were my disciples sat on the ground as I eyed them. "Today, for the first time disciples of the Sect have perished while going out to get resources," I spoke softly and they shrank in on themselves but I didn't blame them nor was I angry really. "The area around the Sect is filled with dangerous beasts as you all well know... Granted I try to keep you guys safe when I take you out on resource-gathering missions but I won't always be there to hold your hands." I continued as the people stared at me.

"What happened is a loss... Especially when recruitment for more disciples is all but impossible." I said wryly as the Demon versus Tryannid war had practically killed all the humans on the planet that I could find, but either way, I shook my head and continued to speak. "But regardless. their deaths were because they were weak... It's terrible and some of you were friends with them but you need to become stronger so you don't get eaten by a monster as well." I finished bluntly as I stood up and went back inside the main Sect building while the disciples talked about my speech.


Arya clutched the soul gem within her necklace that housed her sister's soul, and feeling her sister's touch a ghostly mist formed beside her and took her other hand with her sister's voice coming into her mind clearly after her soul gained power from their own cultivation.

"The Sect Patriarch is rather disappointed in the disciple's loss to the Tyranids." Her twin sister and other half spoke softly into her mind and Arya nodded slowly as she eyed the darker-skinned human she typically clashed with over who would lead the hunting parties that reminded her of her time living upon a maiden world with the Exodite members of her people.

The human, Darian obviously came to speak with her, knowing of her strength, and skill along with having more knowledge of the foes that crawled along this foul planet, and her thoughts were proven right of course as Darian spoke with his deep voice. "Arya, the rest of the hunting squad want to go out without the Patriarch to show him we aren't weak and of course to get more resources... My hammer needs an upgrade and pills are expensive." Darian grumbled at the end and even Arya's face twitched at the reminder about how expensive the pills were in the Sect's internal sections.

Arya couldn't help a small smile crossing her face as she proudly nodded speaking. "Very well, I shall lend you my expertise in hunting the Tyrranid life forms, but I want a flat twenty percent cut of the loot." She said flipping back her ebony hair while Darian's face twisted up into a scowl and literal steam and fire billowed from his nostrils at his snort at Arya's greed.

"Girlie, I am the best blacksmith except for the Sect Master... Don't take the lion's share of the loot when I make your very weapons." Darian smiled and then chuckled as Arya's lips twitched as he continued. "Fine you want a twenty percent cut you can have it but I am charging you fifty percent extra on your next order of explosive tracking arrows... The soul-seeking formation is such a pain to engrave next to the explosive formation after all." Darian said shamelessly.

And so more arguing ensued but in the end, Darian and Arya came to a fruitful conclusion in a deal. Both walked away happy as they prepared to go hunt Tyrranids and gather spiritual objects that could be turned into the Sect for resources they needed.



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