Chapter 71 Commissioned by Kriegan
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Although I warned them to be careful and to be prepared when they went out on excursions, it was clear my speech had instead lit a fire underneath the asses of my disciples. The alchemists were churning out more pills, elixirs, and potions. The blacksmiths were turning out weapons armor and tools. The formation users were making talismans and other inventions to keep their formations ready to be deployed at a minute's notice.

Like a disorganized ant's nest, the human disciples came together practically unknowingly they created a thriving economy in the Sect while trading the cultivation materials and products around. And even I prospered as I could use some of the pills the Sect's alchemists made though they didn't do much for me in comparison to eating a demon or drinking Isha's milk.

But everything that helped would pay dividends in the future.

Ellesmere and I sat together with her in my lap as we sat on the top floor balcony of the tower that overlooked most of the Sect. And while watching our disciples go about their lives we were just snuggling together with her blond hair tickling my chin.

It was honestly a picture of would-be serenity in our normally hectic lives that revolved around us typically killing larger Tryanids that got too close to the Sect or myself spending hours eating demonic eldritch monsters a day.

Finally, though Ellesmere broke our comfortable silence. "Thank you for bringing back Isha." She said simply and although the thanks were more than a couple of weeks late I would take it.

In response, I just tightened my arms around Ellesmere as she sighed and then spoke again. "Its... Painful to see our goddess, our divine birth mother so... Uncaring of the Aeldari she once blessed so often, so gently with her love." Ellesmere shook her head and her long elven ears trailed through the air and almost hit my neck with her shaking head.

Then she sagged down in my arms so she could look up at me and her eyes were filled with a complicated light as she jabbed me in the side with a finger. "And then there is you... The perverted bastard hero who saved our goddess by beating the plague god in a bet, and like any conquering human hero you took your hero's reward and defiled the princess..." Ellesmere said with her voice as fucking dry as the desert.

In response to Ellesmere now bringing up my actions I could only shrug. I did what I did and I wasn't going to avoid it especially when Ellesmere said I could bring in more Eldar lovers should she find them worthy... And she couldn't call the spiritual creator of her race as unworthy at all. So all she was mad about or had a problem with, was her not being able to judge or be ready for me to pull Isha into our bed.

I just nibbled on Ellesmere's ear making her shiver and then she snorted in fond exasperation at my antics as I squeezed one of her very nice boobs before I stopped molesting my lewd space elf to talk. "Ellesmere, the moment I bound Isha here to the physical plane and she realized she wasn't going to be tormented by Nurgle, she all but threw herself at me." I said wryly and as Ellesmere rolled her eyes I continued with a shrug. "She took the bindings I put on her soul to hide her from the Warp as a wedding vow... A lot like someone else I know who took the bindings and oaths on her soul as a sort of binding marriage agreement." I said pointedly.

And to which the reminder of Ellesmere having her own bindings on her soul that would prevent Slaanesh from touching her soul with how I all but owned her very soul and kept her from betraying me... She had no reply to that.

But as we relaxed into silence as our feelings were shared Ellesmere twitched violently and I held her in my arms as she raised a hand to her head and groaned. "Bedammed Greenskins are screaming through the Empyrean." She cursed and I took a deep breath and I pushed my consciousness towards her and she after a moment grasped it with hers so I joined with her mind so I could hear what the fuck the big green lads were shouting about.

"Rooight Listen Ere." I heard the guttural voice of a powerful Ork speaking through the weaves of the Warp. And even as I heard the voice I couldn't help but wonder how many Weird Boyz were being burnt out by the power needed to scream into the Warp. "Ya'll know about OL'Bale Eye. Dat Humie wif Da Red Circle eye Fing Woight?" The voice explained and then it growled and the weight of the beast fell upon our ears as it continued angrily. "Wellz it turnz out some fooken Red Git name Angron has gone and killed em!" The voice roared with hatred in his voice.

The voice roared and in the thundering sound of his voice, I heard the screams of Orks bursting into flames and burning into ashes as the soul of the Warboss roared his challenge to the Galaxy. "I was the only git allowed to do em in!" He screamed and I realized who this fucking was... This was the biggest, strongest Ork Warboss in the Galaxy Ghazghull Thraka! And it seems he was rather upset about his favorite human opponent dying to someone other than him.

"So you best be lissenin and you best be lissenin proper! Youz gits are gonna find em, and then any gits who ain't looking for that Angron I find whether they be humies or those knife-eared gits, I am going to personally krump each an everyone of 'em!" Ghazgull roared and I heard the souls of his surrounding hoard roar as well making the din of the war boss's voice spread even further making Ellesmere groan at the weight of billions if not trillions of Ork souls roaring for battle.

"Any git who tells me where Angron is gets his own ship and crew... And any humie or knife-eared git who tells me any information about Angron gets a planet that I will never lead my boyz to or even get ta join my ship and share the loot!" Ghazgull promised before his voice turned into a snarl as he seemingly directly was speaking towards Angron as he spoke.

"Nowz you big red git... I heard ya got a nice axe, well I am gonna have dat when I pry it from yer zoggin cold dead hands you kill stealin' grot kissin', crab-eating, peace of Zog..." Gazghull finished and then his massive soul that was even larger and stronger than Magnus the Red's pulled back and the Warp went uncomfortably silent.

Literally, someone just walked into the cafeteria, called the boxing coach's son a bitch ass pussy, gave them a location, and told them to get there or they were... Yeah, even the Sea of Souls seemed dumbfounded by the size of Ork fungus balls.



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