12. An Unfamiliar Someone And A Foreign Melody
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She was also reminded of him.

What did her old man was doing right now? Was he still awake, working hard at the port to unload the cargos?

Hisaki covered herself with a blanket. An undesirable thought popped up in her mind.

Would her old man have someone else at this time? Or, did he at least have feelings for another maiden?

Throughout their marriage, there were times Heisuke would open up about his life before he got imprisoned. He swore that he had never been in a relationship with anyone but, he never told her about any girl he used to have a crush on.

To Hisaki, the matters were not important whether those were true or not. Both of them were already happily married. Heisuke also was not a man who tended to be flirty with any woman.

But, as she returned almost twenty years before their supposed marriage, this was a possibility that Hisaki had to think of.

'Please let it be the truth. I don't want to become a third person.'

As long as Heisuke was not in a relationship, it was fine. Her main goal also was to help him walk on the flower path.

Well, they could start as friends, right?

On that night, Hisaki slept peacefully on an unfamiliar bed. It was unlike the nights she spent inside her own childhood bedroom a few days ago.

This would be a good start for her.

Miles away from the Ikeda family home, a few groups of labor workers were finishing their job at one of the ports. Different ships brought different amounts of goods from all over the world.

"Hoho, I thought we had to stay until dawn. Lucky! The ship arrived earlier."

"Wanna go and grab some beer? I'm craving some ramen too."

"I have to go home now. My wife's heavily pregnant. Can't leave her alone for so long."

"Urgh... I have to wake up early tomorrow. Mr. Kajiwara wants me to meet him."

A few men headed to the entrance of the port. Their job for tonight was done.

The labor staff group worked for a huge warehouse. They had three different shifts.

The day shift began at 8 AM and ended at 4 PM. The evening shift took place from 4 PM to 12 AM. While 12 AM to 8 AM was covered by the midnight shift.

But, sometimes they could leave early if the supervisor and assistant supervisor allowed them. The security part was left to the professional.

Aside from unloading the goods, they also had tasks to do at the warehouse a few hundred meters away from the port. But, tonight's portion was covered by another group.

The warehouse stored dried foods and various items coming from abroad. They would be shipped to different department stores and small shops all over the country.

"Heisuke, going home early? Let's go and get wasted ah!"

A man with a buzz-cut asked the man walking quietly behind them.

The man named Heisuke lifted up his eyes from the road. He nodded once, "I have to start early tomorrow too. The manager asked me to cover a shift."

"Ah, too bad," The buzz-cut young man hummed, "Alright, let's plan it some other time."

"En," replied Heisuke faintly.

After walking past the gate, Heisuke waved goodbye to his co-workers. They lived in the opposite direction to his place. The sound of them chatting freely was transmitted in the night air.

Heisuke walked alone on the dimly lit road. It would need almost thirty minutes if he wanted to reach home by foot. At this time, his mother should have already fallen asleep.

As a young man in his mid-20s, Heisuke was taller than most of his peers. But, his body was on a smaller build despite his broad shoulders. Yet, all the hard and strenuous labor he often did gift him with powerful arms.

Heisuke's looks were slightly above average with a swarthy complexion. Several acne marks that originated from his teenage years marred his face yet, he didn't care about them.

His monolid jet black eyes gave off an indifferent and languid vibe, especially when he just stood still and did nothing. They were paired with sharp eyebrows and a straight nose bridge. His hair was cut short.

Heisuke glanced at an old watch strapped around his wrist. The time was already a quarter past eleven. It was a hand-me-down from Shuuya.


Heisuke rubbed his face. Something that had been bothering him started to emerge again in his mind.

A few nights ago, he began dreaming of a person. He also listened to a humming.

An unfamiliar someone and a foreign melody.

A woman appeared in his dreams. Although he couldn't see her face clearly, Heisuke sensed that it was the same person.

The dreams always began with him walking in a small yard full of daffodils flower beds. The bright yellow petals danced in the air with each passing breeze. The calming melody gently circulated the yard as it reached him.

Then, he would see her crouching opposite one of the flower beds. He walked and walked and walked until his feet involuntarily stopped a few steps from her.

The melody stopped as the chanter noticed his presence. With a happy smile, she turned around to look at him.

The dream ended with him putting a flower on her ear.

"This is so absurd..." Heisuke scoffed in disbelief, "Is there a ghost haunting me right now?"

It was too nonsensical to think that he had been dreaming the same scenes for almost a week already. The woman and the melody came out of nowhere.

What made Heisuke more frustrated was the calm and soothing feeling that lingered after he woke up. His bewilderment was in conflict with the warmth that followed the dreams.

"Forget it... Let's just rush home."

Heisuke shook his head a few times, chasing the images of the dreams away. Under the bright moonlight illuminating the port town, he began running to his home.