The beginning
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(Ryoto's pov)

Ryoto: "Aaaa!!!"

I woke up screaming in 'my' bed. The last thing I remember is me being hit by a truck. By that thought process, I was reincarnated.

I feel out my body and figures; it wasn't mine well it is now. I'm a little bit more muscular and taller than I was before. It isn't saying much since I didn't exercise in the past, but still.

The only thing that bugs me is that I don't have any memories of-

Ryoto: "Argh!!!

I grunted in pain as memories flooded into my head, and I smiled as I got (helpfully) all memories.

I am step brother of Rito and Mikan Yuuki and my name is Ryoto. I'm in the same class as Rito; my grades are a little above average. There's nothing unusual in my life. But it'll soon change if everything goes according to the plot.

I hear steps getting increasingly louder.

Mikan: "Ryoto, are you alright!? I heard screaming."

Mikan busted through my door, looking worried with a frying pan in her hand.

Ryoto: "Don't worry about it. I just had a bad dream, that's all."

Mikan: "*Sigh* That's good."

Mikan sighed in relief.

I stood up from the bed, walked up to Mikan, and patted her head.

Ryoto: "Thank you for working, though."

Being embarrassed by the situation, Mikan escaped my headpats with a blush on her face.

Mikan: "W-what are you doing? I'm not a child anymore."

Ryoto: "I know, I know, but you better go to sleep. Even adults need to sleep to have a functional day."

Mikan pouted.

Mikan: "Are you making fun of me?"

Ryoto: "I would never."

I had a playful smile as I said that.

Mikan looked at me as if she tried to uncover all my secrets.

Mikan: "Goodnight then."

Ryoto: "Goodnight."

And so we went to sleep once more. Rito was sleeping in his room dreaming about marshmallows as all that happened.


The next day the Yuuki family ate breakfast together. I say family but our dad and mum aren't with us. Our mother, Ringo Yuuki, is a fashion designer and is often out of the house. Our father, Saibai Yuuki, is a mangaka and is often forced to sleep in his studio because of deadlines.

After we ate, we went to school. Halfway there, Mikan parted away from us because the way to Elementary school was different than Highschool.

As Rito and I were continuously approached the school, I thought of confirming something.

Ryoto: "Hey, Rito."

Rito: "Yes, Nii-san?"

Ryoto: "When are you planning on confessing to your Haruna-chan?"

Rito: "W-what?"

Ryoto: "You know how you failed numerous times before, so I just wanted to know when you are going to try your luck next time."

Rito: "T-today, I plan on confessing to her today."

Rito said with eyes full of resolve, but I could only think about what was going to happen soon, and I smiled.

I patted Rito's shoulder.

Ryoto: "Good luck then."

Rito: "Thanks Nii-san."

And so we continued our walk to school.


I must have the worst luck. The first day in a new life and we had a surprise test.




Mission: "First day at school."

Objective 1: Finish writing a test first in your class.

Objective 2: Do a Bully Maguire dance in the hallways during a break between classes.

Reward: 100 SP, System Shop unlocked.

Failure: You become Bully Maguire

Duration of punishment: one week.



'Is it some kind of joke?'

System: "I'm afraid it is not."

'Huh? Did a system just talk to me?'

System: "That's right, so you better get used to it. Fucking weeb!"

'Great, just my luck, a system with attitude. I want a refund.'

System: "No refunds allowed. You are stuck with me for the rest of your life."

'Well, now Miss. System being, how should I call you?'

System: "Call me whatever you want."

'Then I'll call you System for now.'

System: "..."

I don't have an excellent naming sense

System: "..."

'Okay, okay, I'll give you a name. How about Karen.'

System: "Karen, really? Are you expecting me to talk to the manager now?"

'Not that, Karen, it's after Spider-man's AI in MCU.'

Karen: "Well, whatever. It's my fault for expecting anything from you."

'Just my luck to get a system that abuses me.'


I wrote a test as quickly as possible, not even checking if my answers were correct. I somehow managed to be the first to finish.

The class ended shortly after. My hair covered my eyes. I stood up from my chair and slowly made my way to the exit. As I closed the door behind me.

*BGM "Drive That Funky Soul"*

I walked through the hallways with confidence I shouldn't possess as I started finger-shooting all the girls I walked by. Then I made a stylish side slide and continued walking.

I saw a toilet a entered it. In there, I washed my face to cool me down. I was sweating. Doing that dance in school is more exhausting and embarrassing than I imagined.

'Karen, I hate you.'

Karen: "Love you too, Ryoto."

'Your sarcasm is not welcomed.'

Karen: "Once again, get used to it, but before that, better complete the objective."

'What do you mean I did everything I needed to do.'

Karen: "You forgot the most important part of the dance."

No, you don't mean...

Karen: "Dew it."

And so I exited the bathroom with the clap of my hands and danced like there was no tomorrow with a single tear flowing from my eye.

Kill me.




Reward: 100 SP, System Shop unlocked


Karen: "Congratulations, Ryoto, you completed your first quest."

'Shut up. I want to die.'

Karen: "You did die. That's why you are here."

'Can't you be nicer?'

Karen: "How about no."

'Guessed so.'

I was deeply in my thoughts, but someone tried to get my attention.

???: "Ry... ki."

???: "Ryo... uki."

Yui: "Ryoto Yuuki!!!"

Ryoto: "What?"

Yui: "I got several complaints from female students that your behavior is inappropriate, so I was called to see what's happening, and I witnessed your s-shameless dance."

She couldn't stop blushing as she was explaining to me

Ryoto: "I'm sorry for my behavior. Goodbye."

I bowed slightly and tried to escape her as soon as possible, but she grabbed my shoulder.

Yui: "Where do you think you're going."

Ryoto: "Well, classes are starting soon, so I  thought of going to the classroom earlier to check if I have everything ready. I assumed it was student's responsibility to be always prepared for upcoming lessons. Is it not?"

Yui: "N-no, you are absolutely correct."

Ryoto: "Now then, if you excuse me."

After our short exchange, I returned to my classroom.

(Yui's pov)

Wait, did he just change the topic just to escape? That bastard! I knew that I shouldn't trust men. The next time I see him...

(Ryoto's pov)

It was finally evening, and I was relaxing in my room.




Mission: "Getting a fiance"

Objective 1: Get into the bathroom before anyone else.

Reward: 50 SP, 1 gacha ticket.

Failure: Every time girls talk to you, you faint. Family doesn't count.

Duration of punishment: One week.



Karen: "Yes?"

'What do you mean by a gacha ticket?'

Karen: "It's a ticket used in a lottery, dumbass."

'I know. Why don't I know that there is a gacha machine in MY system.'

Karen: "First of all, you didn't have any tickets to use it, so that information was irrelevant. Second of all, you didn't ask."

'You sound more like Karen with every passing moment.'

Karen: "And you sound more like an idiot with every passing moment, but I'm not complaining."

'Can I turn off the voice?'

Karen: "I hate to repeat myself, and you make me do it a lot today, you know. You are stuck with me, and I am stuck with you."

At least I'm not the only one suffering.

Never mind Karen, I should probably check out the shop.

There were an almost unlimited amount of items and skills in the shop, but the problem is...

Why are they so expensive.



Saiyan bloodline - 1 000 000 000 000 SP

Sharingan - 500 000 000 000 SP

Gate of Babylon - 750 000 000 000 SP

Hiten Mitsurugu Ryu - 400 000 000 000 SP


'Hey, Karen.'

Karen: "Yes."

'Why can't I afford anything?'

Karen: "That's just not true."

'Oh really? What can I afford then?'

Karen: "A pack of tic tacs is for 50 SP."

'Let me rephrase the question then. Why every useful ability or item is not affordable by me.'

Karen: "...You are even dumber than I thought. It's like you are expecting to afford level 80 item after a first mission. It's obvious that you won't be able to buy them at the beginning."

'I know that.! I mean that their price is... how do I say it... completely unreasonable.'

Karen: "...I don't know what you are talking about."

Arguing with Karen won't help, so I better go to the bathroom and complete the mission.


In the bathtub, I began relaxing, but it didn't last long.




Reward: 50 SP, 1 gacha ticket


'Hey Karen, is there a bonus pull if I have 10 gacha tickets?'

Karen: "No."

'...Did Satan himself create you? How can someone make a gacha and don't have this feature? In that case, use the gacha ticket that I got, but I'm still baffled that you are missing the most important part of gacha.'

Karen: "Understood."

A wheel started spinning inside my head, and it, after a while, started slowing down and finally stopped at...

Karen: "Congratulations, you won 'All-Seeing Eyes of God', grit your teeth."

'What do you-'

Once again, I felt immense pain. This time, however, it was solely focused on my eyes. The pain didn't last long fortunately

I opened my eyes and looked at the reflection in the water, and I froze.

'Karen, what is it?'

Karen: "Your reflection. I know it's not the prettiest, but you need to get used to seeing that."

'I meant my eyes, you sharp-tongued voice.'

Karen: "What is wrong with them?"

'They are blue...'

Karen: "Of course they are. They are All-Seeing Eyes of God. You should know how they look. You were weeb in your last life."

'Maybe a little warning next time.'

Karin: "I'll try."

'So how should I hide these eyes?'

Karin: "Close them."

ClOsE tHeM.

Karin: "I'm serious. Just do it."

So I did as she asked me to. I closed my eyes and had no problems seeing through my eyelids. I forgot that I could do it with these eyes. I need to get used to having closed eyes most of the time.

Karin: "ClOsE tHeM."

Okay, okay, I'm sorry, you were right. But why did it hurt that much?

Karin: "Your eyeballs were literally replaced. It would be more strange if it didn't hurt, plus no pain, no gain."


Karin: "And since the system implemented these eyes, you don't need to wait a few weeks to get accustomed to them."

At least one good thing happened today.

Suddenly water started bubbling and then exploded. From the explosion emerged a beautiful girl with long pink hair.

Ryoto: "Eh... Hi?"



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