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(E/D: Seggs without a boner... Help me! HELP ME!)

(Ryoto's pov)

I was already naked, so basically, I was the only one without clothes in this room, but that's the point. Although I didn't care about anything at the moment as my full attention was focused on the girls. It would be the first time we have cosplay sex. Before even cosplay, sex was the thing. We are practically making history today.

Rin slowly walked up to me, sat on my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck, and started kissing me. She started by being reserved, but with every second, we deepened the kiss. She pushed me down on the bed soon, but we didn't stop kissing.

Because of this stimulation, I was already rock hard, and my penis was standing proud.

Not wanting to be left out, Yoruichi and Isane approached me as well. Yoruichi went straight for my penis as she licked her lips, and Isane, not knowing what to do as most of my body was occupied, went after my fingers and started licking it erotically.

My whole body was feeling pleasure. 3 against 1 isn't fair... for them, but I'll allow them to think that they have the upper hand for now.

It went on for a while, and I could see that Isane was slowly getting into it and not only her but Rin as well. Yoruichi was into it from the start, as if she was in heat.

Heavily breathing, Rin stopped kissing me to get some air. I used this moment to free her breasts from her clothes. They deserve to be free, after all.

To my surprise, she wasn't wearing a bra. While understandable, I still smirked at her and pinched her nipple, earning me a loud moan.


I could feel something wet on my abdomen, and coincidently it was also where Rin was sitting.

Of course, it wasn't the only wet part of my body as my penis was being handled by Yoruichi, who was licking it as if it was the most delicious thing in the world. Not to mention my fingers which were being devoured by Isane, who had a hungry look in her eyes.

It looks like foreplay won't be needed today.

Rin stood up from my abdomen to make a place for Isane because all of us knew that she was near the limit and she would jump at me at any moment. No one was blaming her, as we all knew that, for some reason, she couldn't control her desires in bed, but she was getting better. 20 years ago, she wouldn't be able to even wait.

The funny thing is that Isane always tries to be dominant in bed, but she never succeeds.

"Let the nurse take care of you~." Isane said as she positioned herself on top of me and went 'for the kill,' meaning her feminine hole devoured my member. Yoruichi went behind me and let my head rest on her lap, and started nibbling at my ear.

Rin did not have anything to do right now, so I got my hand under her skirt and started pleasuring her as well. I didn't want her to be left out right now.

Isane was moving up and down and in circular motion not only to pleasure herself but also me. After a while, she went after my collarbone and bit it, leaving a mark. I think she just wants to mark me. Two can play this game, but before I could counterattack, my head went down, and it was not on Yoruichi's lap anymore but between her thighs.

On another thought, a counterattack can wait a bit longer. It's really comfortable between Yoruichi's legs.

"We can't let you do whatever you want~. We also want to have some fun as well~."

Yoruichi said and immediately kissed me afterwards. An upside-down kiss, I enjoy those.

Going back on topic, I can't allow myself to just lay down and do nothing... as tempting as it sounds.

I attacked Yoruichi's weak point with my free hand, which was behind her ears, and scratched it there.

Yoruichi tried to moan, but she was silenced by my kiss, which I deepened.


As I was kissing Yoruichi, I felt a stronger bite around my chest area. It was Isane being jealous and cute at the same time. I could see her pouting, but she didn't stop moving.

"Now, now, you can't be selfish, Isane. You already are the first one in line."

But I could see that she needed some attention, so I focused on her for a short while, but I did it my way.

I reserved our position and pushed Isane on her back, and the top belonged rightfully to me. Then without any warning or mercy, I started pounding her.

"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Mmmm~!"

Even though she enjoyed it, she didn't want to stay at the bottom, and she tried weakly, I may add, to reserve our positions once more, but she couldn't. I got closer to her, keeping our bodies very close in a missionary position, and she bit my shoulder and drew some blood.

She bit too hard because of all the pleasure she felt, so I didn't blame her for that. Besides, it didn't hurt that much, anyway.

I would come soon, and from what I heard from Isane, she would as well.

"I'm coming~! I'm coming~!" She hugged me tighter and wrapped her legs around me so I wouldn't escape, not that I would want to.

As our climaxes got closer and closer with every thrust and I finally released inside Isane as deep as possible and stayed inside until I completely emptied my load. After I was done, I exited Isane's hole, letting some of my sperm spill out.

It seems that I'll need to fill her again later but first...

I turned to Yoruichi.

"A bad kitty needs some punishment."

Yoruichi lay on her back, and Rin got on top of her on four facing her, so I had two beauties in front of me.

And the night continues.

(E/D: I, sometime ago, watched a h*ntai where a fat guy has a foursome and the girls wanna get pregnant but they don't and the rest is plot. The chance of pregnancy after Segs is only 80% if I remember correctly so Author you can still fix this.)



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