Morning? More like noon
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(Ryoto's pov)

I was lying in bed, fully awake, staring at the ceiling. On both of my sides, girls were hugging my arms, and one of them was sleeping on my chest. I didn't sleep one bit as we had just finished our fun.

I looked around the room, and it was a mess.

The bed we are sleeping in? Destroyed. That's just a mattress now on top of broken wood.

The walls? Covered in bodily fluids and some parts ripped off.

The ceiling? The same as the walls.

The furniture in the room? Mostly destroyed.

Our stamina? Depleted. I'm the exception.

The clothes? Ripped in some places.

Time of the day? Noon... 3 days later.

That's right, I haven't slept in 3 days trying to impregnate my 3 girlfriends. To be honest, I'm impressed by my performance, but even I was starting to get tired by the end of day 3. Of course, we had small breaks to hydrate ourselves and eat some snacks to replenish our energy.
This was a close battle, but I was the winner in the end.

It was fun having sex on walls and ceilings but I think I'm going to sleep for now. I deserved at least that much.


I woke up sometime later, but this time a familiar warmth was missing around my body. The girls had already got up before me and sensing their presence, I could feel that they were in the kitchen.

Looking at the room, I concluded that I didn't wake up that much later than they did as it was still a mess, and judging by the sun, only 4 hours had passed, but I already am feeling refreshed.

I found a yukata that belonged to me and wore it. I'm starting to like more traditional clothes as of late... not that I have a big choice, but now I'm presentable to the public. I was hungry, and the girls were probably as well since they were in the kitchen, as I stated before. So this is my next destination.

Walking in, I could see Rin cooking with Isane's help while Yoruichi was eating some snacks lazily.

"Morning..." I said through my yawning, as I entered the room.

"Morning or rather Good Afternoon, you can wait at the table. We are almost done cooking anyway." Rin greeted me.

I could see that Isane, as usual, was embarrassed by her nightly behaviour but also was in an incredibly good mood. The same could be said about all of them, but I noticed that they all were limping a bit.

I know that I shouldn't, but I feel somehow proud because of this.

I sat in front of Yoruichi, who was lazy, biting something as she was waiting for a meal.

"Sup, Yoruichi. Still tired?"

"Like all of us, except you, I guess. How are you looking so energetic when I would argue you were the one who worked the hardest."

"What can I say except that I just can? Aren't you a happy girl because of that?~"

"That I am. But maybe I should say that I'm a happy cat, nya~" She did the pose while saying that. She knows that I love it.

"Changing the topic, I'm surprised that your clan even allowed you to have my child. I know that you have your brother that can take your position as a Head of the clan, but he is still too young."

"Hm? I didn't ask anyone for permission. Why should I need others about my life decisions?"


I feel a headache incoming, but what's done is done. I could guilt trip the elders because of the assassination attempt during my academy, and I don't want to brag, but I will. Without me, the assassin could be a success in his action.

Not to mention the Menos Grande that appeared, and I drove it away. Also, now as a Captian, my word has a lot more weight to it than before. Not on the level of a member of one of the five great noble families, but it still something.

My thoughts were broken by Yoruichi's feet that started touching my crotch.

"You are doing this thing again."

"This thing?"

"You think how to solve a problem by yourself, and we are..." She moved her feet seductively. "...a team, and as such, we solve our problems together."

"That's right, so you better not forget it." Rin came from behind me, placing a plate with my meal and kissing me on the cheek.

Hearing this, I smiled. I already knew it but hearing it is always nice. Although it will take some time to change my way of thinking but I'll get there eventually.

"Also, just so you know, I did what I did because I want to have a family with you, all of you, but I don't want my kid to be part of the Noble family. Trust me, it's better that way."

I guessed that much. Yoruichi may be a little prankster with the personality of a cat, but she isn't stupid and doesn't make rush decisions unless they are for fun which I related to.

She must have thought about it for a long time to come up with this conclusion, and as her partner, I'm going to support it unless she makes a stupid decision.

Besides, Isane and Rin will support her too. We are in this together.

I will need to visit the Shihoin clan soon to come to some kind of agreement. Yoruichi doesn't want to have our child grow up there, I assume, for a good reason.

She grew up there, so she should know the pros and cons of being part of the clan. That's why I'm going to fight them for my future kid, figuratively and literally, if needed.

But that's for the future. A near future but a future nonetheless. Right now, I want to just relax and do nothing.

"By the way, did you announce that all of us were going to be absent during the last 4 days?"




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