Unexpected meeting… again
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(Rin's pov)

I heard that Ryoto got chewed by Captain Commander because Isane, Yoruichi, Ryoto and I missed 4 days of duty. I feel kinda bad for him because it was mostly our fault. I was forbidden from helping Ryoto with his work because it was his punishment.

I did it secretly anyway because I felt guilty. Even Ryoto didn't notice. It was also easier than I thought. I just entered his office before anyone and 'borrowed' some of his paperwork to finish them by myself.

It wasn't much but I know how much Ryoto hated paperwork. I don't know why because he is very good and fast with it. Maybe he feels like it takes away his time that he could use in better ways. Who knows?

After I was done, I sneaked those documents I finished into Ryoto's office. Fortunately, he already left the office.

Now that I had some free time to myself I wasn't sure what I should do. I am a lieutenant now, so I have a different set of responsibilities. The problem I have is that I don't know what those responsibilities are. I never was a lieutenant before and Ryoto didn't explain anything to me.

Maybe I should ask Isane about it. I doubt that Yoruichi would be able to teach me anything about being a lieutenant. At most, she would say 'Just do whatever you feel like. Not like anyone would have the balls to say anything to you.'

"She isn't wrong though." Tsunagari said inside my mind.

'Don't ever start that Tsunagari. We both know that if I won't be the responsible one in this relationship then only Isane can be and she can't say no to Ryoto.'

"Chill out girl, chill out. There isn't anything wrong with having some fun. You should know that~ Besides you are steadily getting stronger and in a decade or two, you'll achieve Bankai. Everything is going fine."

Is she implying my nightlife? Does she know about it!!?

'If I listened to you then nothing would be done on time... or nothing would at all.'

"Fine then. Hmph!"

I could imagine Tsunagari pouting but I know that she means well. She is just too laid back.

Where was I? Right, I was thinking about what should I do with my day.

In the end, I decided to visit the Shinigami Academy. I felt nostalgic and helped out with Kido lessons sometimes.

As I was walking towards Academy, I was stopped by members of my Squad, but for some reason, they didn't have any reason to stop me, as if something got stuck in their throats. I could see pity in their eyes though which was strange.

I ignored it as I witnessed many weird people during my life and I assigned these people to the weird category.


I was done teaching the class. I really enjoyed teaching others. That's the one thing I discovered about myself. Sometimes I wonder if I would become a teacher back home. But if I ever return, maybe I'll try to pursue that profession. Thinking of the principal though I started doubting my idea of becoming a teacher.

It was time to return home but I noticed someone familiar. I didn't see him in many years but it was hard to forget someone like him.

A man fully covered in clothes, hiding every bit of his skin. It was none other than Sajin Komamura and seeing him here in an Academy uniform I could only conclude that he is trying to become a Shinigami.

I walked up to him.

"Hello Komamura-San. Long time no see."

He looked up at me and I could see some recognition in his eyes.


I smiled hearing that he remembers me. We met only one time after all.

"I go by Rin Yuuki now."

"I see. Then Yuuki-dono, I'm glad to see you doing well. Since we last met I wanted to thank you for helping me that day. You helping me that day and gave me a spark of hope. I decided to be a Shinigami after our meeting. It took some time before I could enter the Academy, but I finally did it and now I am about to graduate. Unfortunately, I won't be in your Squad since I applied to Squad 7." He was talking to me in a respectful manner the whole time.

"Funny that you mention it. I became lieutenant of that Squad recently so it looks like we're going to see each other more often. If anyone's giving you a hard time there, just tell me. We can't have bullying in our Squad now, can we?" I slammed my fist on my chest to show my confidence in doing so.

It looked like he smiled.

"It seems so."

(Ryoto's pov)

Sajun is a great guy. He showed me some shops with accessories for women and even helped me choose. For Isane I found a white ring made of platinum which I chose because her Zanpakuto name means 'Frozen Snow' so I thought it would be appropriate.

For Rin, I chose a black ring also because of the color of her Zanpakuto. It wasn't black like my Bankai but was darker than normal Zanpakutos. Also, it was made of black gold which was neat.

Also, contrast. The contrasts are nice.

Now into the hard part, Yoruichi. I couldn't find anything for her and I was tempted to go to the pet shop to find some pet accessories but I knew that I would get my ass kicked for it in the future so I stopped myself.

After some searching and a lot of help from Sajun I finally found it. A small accessory in the shape of a cat and it was golden to match Yoruichi's eyes. I could attach it to a choker so she could wear it on both forms. I'll still need to ask Kisuke for help but at least I'm done with this.

As thanks for helping, I gave Sajun a few lollipops with healing properties since I noticed that he isn't completely healthy. He isn't as sick as Jushiro-senpai but he his health could hinder him a bit.

The last thing to do was to go to Kisuke and then give the gifts to the girls.



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