Meeting Yoruichi’s parents
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(Ryoto's pov)

Kisuke is a genius, and I'm happy to be his friend. What I'm not happy about is that he enjoys teasing me about my relationship with girls. Especially Yoruichi.

Nonetheless, he made a black chocker and attached the accessory I bought to it. He even engraved my and Yoruichi's name on the back of it. I asked him to do it also for the rings, just to be fair, and I liked the idea.

Besides that, Kisuke made the rings more durable since they need to withstand future battles, and we don't want them to break.

After it was done and I got the presents ready, I gave them to the girls and... they were overjoyed, and I earned a big hug from the three of them at the same time and a wonderful night afterwards.


A month later, I got the news that not only Rin, not only Isane but also Yoruichi was pregnant. That's right. All three of them at the same time. I wanted to avoid it a bit longer, but I'll need to have a talk with Yoruichi's parents, as her mother is still the head of the clan at the moment, even if she acts otherwise.

I suspect that walking up to them and saying, 'I'm doing your daughter' wouldn't be wise, so I'll restrain from doing that.

Now that I think about it, shouldn't an old clan like Shihoin have an elder council or something?

"Hey Yoruichi, does your clan have an elder council, and if yes, shouldn't we have a meeting with them as well?"

"We have elders, but they have no power in the clan. They are basically glorified actors because we pay them to be elders just because other Noble Houses do have them."

"I see, so the only ones I need to worry about are your parents." I tried to confirm.

"I would say you need to worry about mom the most. She may seem all nice and approachable, but she is dangerous and will probably try to force you to marry into the clan. Dad will just act scary in front of you and will try to make you angry and possibly beat you up, but otherwise, he is harmless."

"This entire meeting will be bothersome, am I right?"

"Pretty much, so just be yourself."

"... That's the worst advice that you could give me, but I'll trust you."

She smiled, hearing me, and took my hand as we walked towards the Shihoin clan mansion.


I was sitting in front of my kinda parents in law. Both of them had darker skin, the same cooler as Yoruichi, which was to be expected.

Yoruichi's father looked very stern with his arms crossed. He also had a scar on his face going through his eyes, making him blind in that eye.

"So, you're that punk our daughter told us about. You don't look impressive with that fake haori you're wearing. It just shows how weak you are! Just because Yoruichi became Captain, you don't need to pretend to be one!"


I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that, and I think it showed on my face because Yoruichi's mom looked a lot like her, just more... milf-like and gave off a big ara-ara energy which I shuddered at. Bad memories and all. Her distinctive feature was her closed eyes. It means that she is dangerous. I had never met anyone with eyes like these to be a metaphorical sheep. More like a wolf in sheep's clothing. From Gin to Yama-jii and even Unohana at times.

"Dear, Ryo-chan here isn't pretending to be Captain. He is one."

Ryo-chan? Even more bad memories surfaced. Is she doing this on purpose? I know it's not possible, but still...

Even after 30 years, I'm still haunted by her. I'm not scared, but the memories of her make me shudder.

"Bah! He probably got lucky."

I see. He doesn't like me. Lucky for him the feeling is mutual.

"Now honey, can you tell us why you suddenly brought your boyfriend to us? I doubt that it was only to introduce him, was it?" She opened her eyes slightly, revealing some of her cold-looking golden eyes. I could immediately tell that she killed a lot during her active years. 

She looked at both of us with her cold gaze. Neither Yoruichi nor I flinched at that, but I could feel little bloodlust coming from the mother.

"I can answer that question." I butted in, at which she raised her eyebrow in intrigue.

"Oh, and what is it, Ryo-chan?"

"*Cough* *Cough*" I cleared my throat. "We came here to congratulate you."

This raised more questions than answers for my parents-in-law. They looked at each other and then at me.

"What are you congratulating us for?"

"Becoming grandparents, of course."

The room became silent, and Yoruichi's parents looked at me, then at each other, and then at Yoruichi, and this went on for a while.

It was fun looking at it, and I smirked seeing their reaction and Yoruichi did the same. I guess she didn't see them like this before.

After they finally processed the news, the father exploded while the mother cupped her cheek in her hand.

"WHAT!!!?"/"Oh my."

The father was about to jump at me, but the mother stopped him with a single glare.

I can see who is wearing pants in this relationship.

"I can't believe it's happening. I was almost sure I would never live to see a day when I would become grandma from Yoruichi's side."

"And what is this supposed to mean." Hearing her mother, Yoruichi was annoyed. Maybe because everyone that knows her is surprised by the news of her having a boyfriend.

"Nothing at all, but I wonder if it's a boy or a girl. Should I start buying clothes now or after it's born? What about his or her room? Have you decided on the name already? Can I choose it? Please, please, pleeeease!"

Both of us were overwhelmed by questions and, overall, her.

I should ask about their names later because I don't think Yoruichi ever mentioned them.

Now I think it is a good time to mention our plans. I looked up to Yoruichi, who understood my intent and nodded, saying that she agrees with my decision.

"Before we start talking, we need to talk about our plans. We don't want our child to be part of the Shihoin clan."

Hearing it, Yoruichi's mom stopped acting cutesy and affectionately, and the air around her turned cold.




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