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(3rd pov)

Years have passed since Ryoto became a father and everything was peaceful.

Ryoto was busy with his Captain duties and training but always had time for his three children, who were becoming increasingly energetic and looking for trouble left and right.

Fortunately, Ryoto wasn't alone in a difficulty called parenthood. Rin, Isane, and Yoruichi were together with him, and they all thought about all of Ryoto's children as their own.

At the moment, Ryoto was sitting inside his office reading some documents related to his Division. He was currently wearing glasses.

The only reason for that was because he thought it was funny and ironic that he would need them. Not only that, but because he always had his eyes closed, it made it even more amusing for him.

Confusion of others was funnier when you are one of the few that is on the joke.

"Captain, someone is here to see you." One of the Shinigami of the 7th Division walked into the office after he first knocked on the door, of course.

Before Ryoto could say anything, a small silhouette ran into the room.

"Dad!" A small girl with dark skin and purple hair jumped on Ryoto, and he caught her without a second thought.

"Yukima, what happened?"

His daughter with Yoruichi was called Yukima Yuuki, as Yoruichi didn't want her to be connected with Shihoin in any way. Because of that, Ryoto was forced to complete many missions, some of which included but were not limited to hunting down people, dead and alive. He may not like this but seeing his children's smiles, he knew it was worth it.

"Bya-chan won't play with me! He said that he was busy with training, but the only thing he does is swing his sword!"

At that moment, two other of Ryoto's children walked in.

"Yukima, don't bother dad with that. We already told you that it's what training is."

A boy with black hair said to Yukima.

"Buuuut Masaru-nii, Bya-chan is being cold to me." She pouted.

"He is not cold, he is just busy, and you annoy him at the worst possible time."

Answered the silver-haired boy, that tried to sound intelligent and mature. He always tries to be the adult one of the trio, but he loses to Masaru in that regard.

"What did you say, Akio-nii!?" Yukima glared at the boy.

"Now, now calm down, everybody. It's not a reason to argue about."

Ryoto tried to stop the fight from happening.

"Oh, I know! Why not let dad train us as well? Then I could kick Bya-chan's butt!" She turned to her dad with puppy eyes. "Can we?"

Ryoto wanted to refuse to allow them to have a fun childhood for a little longer, but on the other hand, it would be beneficial for them to get stronger, and they are already at the age when it's suitable to start training. Little Byakuya(Bya-chan) began to not long ago as well.

"*Sigh* Fine. I'll call Rin since Isane and Yoruichi are busy."

"What about your work, dad?" Masaru asked, at which Ryoto smiled and patted his head.

"Don't worry. I've got a perfect person to take care of it." He turned to the Shinigami, who brought him the news about his children visiting. "Tanaka!"

"My name is Takeru... sir." Takeru answered weakly. He was, after all, new in the Squad and was intimidated by his Captain. It didn't help that there were still rumors circulating about him among members of his Squad.

"Tanaka, I've got an important mission for you. I know that you're new, but I see talent within you that is ready to bloom, but for that, you need experience. Are you accepting this mission!?"

For some reason, Ryoto sounded very inspirational for poor Takeru, who didn't know that his Captain just used him to escape paperwork. He still didn't get the memo from his senpai in Division to not agree to their Captain's requests, but against his better judgment, he agreed.

"Y-yes, sir!"

"Good then, I'll leave this document to you. If you don't know something, you can ask Komamura. Good Bye."

With that, Ryoto left the office with his children.


Good to know that there are still suckers in my Squad. I didn't think it would work, but here we are.

Yukima was riding on my shoulder, and the boys were walking beside me. It looks like all of them have the intention of training. I'll start out slow, but for the moment we are going to train with real swords, I'll need to see their resolve.

Children or not, I'll need to make sure that fighting with swords is not fun and games.

It's also worth mentioning that non of my children inherited my eyes or spider powers, so that's good news. At least I didn't have to deal with a baby crawling on the ceiling. For now, at least. I don't know about mine and Lala's baby.

It wasn't hard to find Rin, but she gave me a look that said that I should be working right now, and she didn't believe that it was taken care of.

She really knows me well.

But she decided to go with me for a little training session with the kids in the end. We went to the Underground training room for training as it's the safest place in Sereitei, as no one knows about it being there. I still don't know how but I'm not complaining.

But time really flies fast. It feels like it was only yesterday that we celebrated their first birthday, and today they'll start their training.


On the training ground, I was explaining to my kids the basics. Reiatsu, Kido, Zanpakuto and etc.

They may know some of the things already, but I want everybody to be on the same page. I know that Yukima is more of a practice person than a theory person. She just finds talking about it boring, repetitive too.


I may have spoiled her too much since she is the only girl out of the kids and also the youngest.

Masaru and Akio, on the other hand, listened to my explanation carefully, but I noticed that Akio was starting to get bored too and was only paying attention because Masaru was. He thinks of his older brother as a rival, after all.

I decided to stop the lesson and ask a simple question.

"Since you all want to start training, why not tell Rin and me why you want to? Everyone has a reason for wanting to get stronger. Some want to be able to defeat their enemies, others want to protect their closest family, and there are also those who want to stand on the top of the world."

"Then why did you get stronger, dad?" Akio asked, and the other two nodded their head.

I felt happy hearing my children curious about my past. It made me go back many years.

"At first, it just happened. I gained strength and trained it because it felt right." I was pretty lost at that time. "Then it was because of survival. I realized that I needed to get stronger if I wanted to survive." I was explicitly thinking of fighting Lala's fiancés and surviving Gid. "And in the end, it was because I wanted to protect my family, and that includes you three as well."

It made my children think about their motivation for a bit. At the same time, Rin interlinked her fingers with mine and squeezed my hand.

Moments like these make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

"I... I want to protect everyone too!" Masaru said. "That's why I'll become like Captain Commander. He who is the strongest and won't lose to anyone!"

Is my son a protagonist? What's worse, is he Shounen protagonist? Do I need to be even more careful than I already am? Am I going to die for his character development? Sorry son, but I'm not planning on dying.

"I don't want to be weaker than Masaru. That's why I want to train." Akio added.

So he decided to follow his older brother. It's not bad, but I hope he'll find the motivation of his own in the future.

"I don't get the hard stuff, but I just want to beat Byakuya in his own game for ignoring me!"

So she wants to get stronger just because of spite. I guessed as much. That's just like her. She has her mother's personality, after all, for better or worse, but she is... simpler, for the lack of better words.

After hearing out all of them, I had to ask them one final question.

"Are you ready for training?"

"""Yes!!!""" All of them answered at the same time.

"I want the full answer!"

"""We are ready!"""

I smiled.

"Hi, Ready... I'm dad."

(E/D: Dad jokes... hahahohoahauhohahhahaahohehehaha)



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