Training with kids
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(Ryoto's pov)

I made a dad joke, as I tend to do at times. Yukima had a deadpanned look on her face that told me that she wasn't amused by my joke.

Masaru clearly didn't find it funny but smiled gently anyway, which did more damage than I think he expected.

Akio, in contrast, was holding back his laughter, trying not to laugh out loud and keep his composure. He was the only one of the siblings that found my jokes funny, but he didn't want to admit it.

"Ahem! How about we start our training session. You'll mostly spar against your mothers or me. We'll be using wooden swords and spar unarmed alike." I turned to Rin. "Bring back memories, doesn't it?"

I was obviously talking about the wooden swords part.

My comment caught the attention of my children.

"What do you mean, dad?"

I was always happy to tell the stories of my youth to my children. It allows me to look back at happy times as well as connect with my children.

"Long time ago, before you three were even born, before I even met Yukima's or Akio's moms, and even before Masaru's mom or I became Shinigami, Rin was always seen with her wooden sword, and because of that, I asked her to train me."

The kids had stars in their eyes and looked at Rin.

"Does that mean that mom is stronger than dad?" Rin seemed amused by Masaru's question.

"Who knows? I would say that your dad is stronger than me, but fights are often unpredictable. Anything could happen. Not to mention that Ryoto has a lot of trump cards and is very flexible in his fighting style, but if I could cut him at some point, I would probably win."

She says that now but I know that she is close to achieving Bankai, and my instincts are telling me that it will be a terrifying ability.

"Is he really that strong? I only saw him lazing around and escaping paperwork."

I could feel an arrow piercing my heart, hearing my own daughter say that.

I'm not hurt... I'm fine...

"Before your father starts sulking, we better start your training," Rin said while smirking at me.

To prepare the necessary equipment (read: wooden swords), I walked up to one of the boulders and opened its top, revealing a button hidden inside.

Children, especially Akio, were smitten by the hidden mechanic, but I wasn't done just yet. I didn't forget to smirk back at Rin.

I'm not petty, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

After I pushed the red button, yet another revealed a hidden place where wooden swords were stashed.

"Urahara really needs to get a hobby..."

"It is his hobby and a great one at that."

I handed out swords to each of my children.

"Let's start with a simple spar, and to motivate you all a little more, the first one to land a hit on me will get their favorite dish prepared by me."

Hearing the prize, I could see everyone starting to salivate. Even Rin, who looked serious the whole time, had a slight trace of salivating from her closed mouth.

"That's what I'm talking about! I'll be the winner today! I'll go first and win that price." Yukima raised her sword and pointed it at me.

I gently smiled at her confidence.

"You misunderstood me, Yukima. I want all three of you to come at me at the same time." I took a wooden sword as well and swung it a few times to familiarise myself with it.

"Come at me!"


"How... we couldn't... land even a single hit...?" Yukima and her brothers were lying on the ground, trying to catch their breath.

"Dad.. is a lot... stronger than we imagined... I can't wait to get as strong as... he is..." Masaru added.

"It's a shame though... that we... are not getting dad's cooking..." Akio lamented.

I walked up to them.

"Great spar, kids. Want to continue?"

"...My lungs are killing me..."

"I think that's a no, but if that makes you happy, the reward is here to collect until someone gets it, so the three of you still have a chance."

I noticed that they got exhausted already and were ready to fall asleep. I picked up Yukima and Akio and let Rin carry Masaru.

This training was very fruitful. I get to know that my children have immense talent for fighting. Even without any training in their life before, in just that short sparring session, they improved dramatically without any advice from me.

Especially Masaru, who got this look in his eyes that he was always observing and planning. He also adapted to his siblings' uncoordinated fighting.

Akio, on the other hand, seemed very calculating although very inexperienced, or he looked like that similar to his older brother.

Yukima was very wild. Like a wild animal which is very fitting looking back at it, but for her to get stronger, she needs to tame that animal inside of her.


The last 2 months were dedicated to training my kids. Rin, Yoruichi, and Isane had their turn as well in training children.

At the moment, I was sparring with them and giving them pointers at the same time.

I tilted my head a bit, and moments later, a sword passed the space where it was.

"Attacking from behind is smart, but always have a plan following the failure of said plan."

I grabbed the sword and threw Akio, who was still holding it.

"Sometimes it's better to abandon your weapon to create a better opportunity to strike. Don't hold your sword no matter what, and use other means to defeat your opponent."

I raised my sword above my head to meet an attack from above.

"Attacks from above are effective at times, but they are mostly easy to block, so avoid them if it's possible."

That's how our sessions went, but there was something bothering me. Yukima was clearly not giving her all, but for some reason, I had a feeling that she was planning something.

"Masaru-nii! Akio-nii! Now!!!"

Both Masaru and Akio stopped their attacks and backed away. Yukima, on the other hand, stood in front of me with her arms crossed, full of confidence.

I wonder what my little girl has in store for me.

"It's over, dad! Today is the day I win! Be prepared for what I'm about to do!"

I smiled at her and waited for her to make a move.

Yukima owed those "eyes", and I could feel her Reiatsu going wild. Her Reiatsu felt... violent.

She slowly raised her hand near her head with all of her fingers bent for some reason.

She then made a motion with her hand to cover her face with it, and the moment her hand uncovered her face, it revealed a hollow mask, and behind it, yellow eyes with a dark sclera surrounding the iris.

My eyes went wide, but I couldn't allow her to do anything before I confirmed that she was in control. That's why I used Shunpo to get in front of her in an instant and tapped her mask with the back of the handle, destroying it without harming Yukima.

With a serious tone I said.

"It looks like we'll need to have a talk."



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