Chapter 6 – Guards and armor
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Fear is of the devil. Faith is of God. Remember this. - Nekroz :)

For the first time in weeks, I woke up the same size I had been the night before. Unfortunately, or fortunately, for me that size was still absolutely massive. I was taller than most doors and wider too, Both in the chest and in the hips. Especially the hips. I tried to not think about that as I squeezed out my tent - fighting past the flaps to escape into the open air of the forest. 

The rest of the camp stared when I finally got out; Guards and locally recruited militia, both. They, like everyone else since two days ago, were ignored. Their bewildered gazes slid off me like water on glass, with only a few daring to linger. Those that did were dealt a guilty conscience when I cast my gaze around the camp. 

Far too many people looked away far too late. 

Before I could further incriminate anyone a hand tested itself on my back. There was hardly any distance between the hand and my butt. Unconcerned by how close the person was to my rear, I turned and faced my 'master', a title he demanded I address him as so long as we weren't in the palace. 

Lucas was smiling ear to ear. "What, you're not gonna get angry? Or throw one of those looks my way?" 

"No," I told him, smiling as he cast a mock offended face at me. "I know your type." 

He chuckled. "Hmm, maybe I am rubbing off on you." 

He didn't elaborate any further as he led me into his personal tent. It was the biggest tent in the camp, far too spacious for just one mage, and it was well stocked in books. Most of which I couldn't read. My apparent illiteracy didn't bother me one bit as Lucas roamed over to his desk and pulled out a map. I watched as he scanned it top to bottom with his eyes, searching for something. When he finally found what he had been looking for, he beckoned me over. 

I didn't hesitate to come up behind him and look over his shoulder. Lucas, on the other hand, dodged away from me as I leaned forward, my breasts smothering his shoulders. He left the map on the table for me though. A red X the spot he presumably wanted to show me. It was marked right under the biggest tree in the forest, in the middle of said forest. 

For a second I wondered why bandits would set themselves up so far from the road. The answer was provided seconds later when Lucas pointed something else out on the map. 

Right next to the bandits base of operations was a tiny hamlet that was barely even there. Its name wasn't one I recognized: Holzdug. 


"Used to be a little mining village. Now its an abandoned tunnel with a ghost town. The bandits are probably using it to get around, both to hit their targets and escape." 

I stared at the map as Lucas voiced his thoughts aloud. They weren't directed at me, and so I ignored them. Not to be rude, but because I was no longer sure what he was talking about as he slowly devolved into mumbling something to himself. As he continued to make less sense and get quieter, I started thinking about the situation myself. Not the bandits odd set up, but rather the oddity of our mission in general. 

Namely sending out a whole, albeit small, platoon, a mage, and a Chosen in 'training' to take out a group of bandits. As far as I knew the bandits weren't all that numerous and had been just causing a minor spot of trouble on one of the less traveled roads. It seemed ridiculous for the princess and crown to have responded with such force. Unless they hadn't, of course. Which was something I still had difficulty wrapping my head around. 

That the princess and crown weren't the sole holders of the military's reins. 

I was pulled from such thoughts by a poke to my adorable forehead. Which was adorable no matter what anyone said about it. Lucas was staring at me, inquisitively, a single brow raised. 

"Go get your armor on." He ordered. 

I left the tent with a salute. Minutes later, I was back in my own much smaller tent. Almost all of the available space was filled with a copious amount of me, myself, and I. There was hardly enough room for me to move around and grab my armor. Still, I managed. It was an uncomfortable process but once I was done and had my armor, I crawled back out. Stares were re-thrown my way as I left for the forest. 

The thick foliage was my cover as I got dressed. 

The act of putting my armor on was a long and complicated ordeal. It mainly consisted of me strapping on several pieces of 'metal' custom made to fit my unique figure. It was easily one of the most time consuming things I'd ever done. Just getting my breasts alone all geared up took a few minutes. 

When I was finally done, though, I looked like something out of a myth. A knight dressed in a mix of midnight black and white armor. A helmet bearing a closer resemblance to that of a bear than anything human. And a sword as long as man held in one hand like it weighed nothing. All while a snowy mist clung to both my skin and armor alike, chilling all who would dare approach. 

I wore it with a grin plastered onto my face, relishing in the stares it got as I returned to Lucas's tent. Even he stared for a moment, eyes going straight to my helmet as soon as I entered. Only to dart away just as quick. 

He ignored me after that. His attention was completely on the map now. I could tell that he was planning our route to the bandits hideout, and coming up with a plan. It was something he was an expert at. Well he seemed like an expert to me at least. Whether or not that was true, there was much about planning that I could learn from him. 

Leaning forward, I tried to do just that. I stared at the map from above his head, my shadow casting the whole desk into darkness. It didn't seem to bother him, as he didn't say or do anything that indicated he even registered it. I took that as a sign that I wasn't bothering him and continued. Thoughts twirling about my head as I tried to think of a route and plan myself. Not that my suggestions would even be considered - as the whole camp knew I was Chosen. 

No, l just wanted to have the skills my 'master' possessed for the same reason a child would want anything. To have it for having it's sake. It was a habit I picked up living in the Slums, as random skills could always come in handy at some point. So, regardless of what Lucas may or may not have thought, I tried my best to copy him. Both physically and mentally, to the best of my ability of course. 

Eventually, though, the map was put away and Lucas stood. He came eye to 'eye' with my gut for a split second and walked past me. I shuffled after him, out the tent and back into the camp. All the guards and militia we brought looked to Lucas as he walked about, their eyes glued to him rather than my eye catching figure. Something I couldn't blame them for. It was so rare to see an actual mage in the flesh, much less a decorated one. 

They all continued to stare at him as he took a spot near the center of the camp. 

"Get ready to move out." 

Everyone, young and old, scattered to do as he said. Gear and supplies were packed into bags and onto horses. The tents were torn down and packed up as well. Then once the camp was completely taken down, everyone that owned a horse got on it and set out. As for me and those that didn't own any horses, we followed behind on foot and set out into the forest.