85. Nico Robin
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They went for quite a distance before they were boarded by an uninvited guest. Unlike the original story where she had boarded their ship without anyone knowing, it was quite different in this case. Igaram didn't have to be blown up by her so she had to follow Going Merry and climb up the ship with her Devil fruit.

But she did get a grand welcome by the Straw-hats. Zoro had already sensed her and pointed his sword at her. Luffy and others were also alert as Zoro spoke of someone trying to sneak in their ship.

"Oh! It seems I am getting quite a welcoming party."

"You.. You... Miss. All Sunday. Why are you here?"

"All Sunday? You mean she is an officer agent with a partner. Who is her partner?" Nami, the intelligent person of the group, already could make out from the name that this woman was an agent of Baroque Works.

Of course, the woman was Nico Robin, claimed as the Demon Girl by the government at a very young age, essentially when she was a child. She had been running around and escaping from the Government for such a long time. It was kind of miraculous that she was still alive after so many years after getting herself mixed with the people of the sea.

"Don't point those weapons on me." Robin said as she used her Devil Fruit Hana Hana no Mi to disarm Zoro, Igaram and Usopp. But this was where she got the shock. Zoro was easily able to evade her Devil Fruit power which was using a hand that bloomed on the body of Zoro. And Usopp's body strength was too high to make him move. The body of Usopp was slowly getting transformed into an Arrancar and such bodies were one of the toughest with natural strength.

It's the same as Ken. His body got stronger day by day though he didn't progress very well in the character completion that time. Now, it was the same as Usopp, making his body stronger.

Of course, Igaram was disarmed easily but he was the only one who was on the losing side.

"Devil Fruit? What is it?" Zoro's eyebrows creased as she saw her making a move. He could vaguely feel that something came out of his body and tried to disarm him but he wasn't sure what. Usopp didn't even realize what it was before the hand of Robin dissolved away into flower petals.

"Your crew is quite the surprise Monkey D. Luffy and Monkey D. Kenny." Robin said as she again used her powers to take away the Straw-Hat. This was where Luffy got angry as he showed his sharp teeth to Robin and demanded to return his Straw-Hat.

The Straw-Hats got agitated and were ready to take action, just when Ken spoke out to calm the two parties.

"Robin, please don't scare the children here. They are still new to the sea."




Now it was time for Robin to be a little scared. She didn't expect her identity to be revealed so fast among the crew which she had an exclusive interest in. Luffy's crew had two inheritors of D and she was particularly curious about these new and powerful pirates with bounties surpassing the 100 million mark. Like others she also underestimated the crew members of Straw-Hats, thinking their bounty was so high because there were two pirates among them which carried the will of D and it was threatening to the world government.

Well, the first one got debunked by how Zoro and Usopp reacted to her Devil fruit and now the vice-captain of the ship actually knew of her. This was bad for her and she would need to escape as fast as possible from here. She had been alive in the sea due to her cunning skills and quick thinking.

It was really very dumb of her to board a ship that had bounties higher than hers.

"Robin! so that is her name."

"I seem to have heard that name somewhere. But whatever it is, we need to catch her. She is the partner of Crocodile. We can't let her go away." Igaram said it was the most logical decision right now. He had seen how powerful the crew members were and maybe they would be able to take her down and bring her as hostage.

"You.. Do you know me? How? My poster picture hasn't been updated since I was a child." Robin instead asked Ken, she needed a distraction and talking right now was the best distraction.

"You don't need to be so defensive, Robin. We are not here to restrain you."

"Oye Ken, what are you saying she took away my Straw-Hat, I say I kick her." Luffy shouted.

"Punisher Kenny please catch her. She is the partner of Crocodile and catching her will be quite helpful." Vivi said.

"Hai.. Hai.. She is a bad person." Igaram too said.

"What are you asking me for? Luffy is the captain. Ask him." Ken just washed his hands away from the mess of Robin. Meanwhile Robin, who was trying to sneak away was pointed at by Usopp's arrows right at her face.

It didn't need an expert of spiritual pressure to feel that she would die if Usopp released the glowing arrow in his bow. She didn't know what kind of Devil Fruit it was, but it was definitely deadly.

'What the hell is this crew? Why are they so powerful?'

Of course Sanji, from behind, had already fallen in love with Robin with his heart eyes and already started arguing against Usopp to put down his bow. Seeing that there was no momentary escape she gave away the Straw-Hat to Luffy.

"I have very important information with me. I can give it to you if you let me leave." Robin said as distraction didn't work and so the next best thing would be trying to negotiate. She wanted to help the Straw-Hats to begin with but now she needed to say this in negotiation.

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