Chapter 14: Is this really your dream wedding?
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The water reaches up to my knees. It’s clear and neither cold nor hot. Soft sand envelops our feet on every step. We are wearing our wedding clothes, both white. Above us, a single source of light illuminates a small area inside this cave. We bask under that light. Lucine and I.

“Lucine, are you sure you want us to marry here?”

“The spot we are standing on is the place of my dreams. I’m sure.”

People call it the mouth of exotic love. In this place, the Author blesses marriages without outside help. It was a cave with a shallow pond. A peculiar one that only opens its doors to unmarried folks.

With a name like that, you recognize it’s not for the normal couples. Unusual types get married here. Those who want to marry objects, multiple people and, uh… ‘closely related’ couples. I mean, we’re not related in a sixth finger growing on our child sort of way. It’s not an excuse if it’s true.

“I’m so happy it opened for us. I’m also happy to be with you now, brother. So grateful to sis. That she allowed my selfish request. I hope this goes well.”

“It’ll go well. I promise.”

I hold her hands and give them a kiss. The mouth of exotic love has another nickname. A nickname that’s gives a more ominous feel. The mouth of heartbreak.

For each success, hundreds more fail. Bonds that people thought strong, break. If the author blesses you after taking a vow from the light, a contract forms with the involved people’s names. However, the light disappears if the author disapproves.

All that succeed have stayed together forever. But. The relationships of those who fail break.

This is pretty hardcore, to be honest. Lucine, do we have to do this?

“Brother, are you having doubts? About our marriage and life together?”

While I don’t have doubts about our choices. This is still next level.

“No. Never.”

I look into her eyes. My eyes focus on her. I need to be strong here. We must fulfil this dream of hers! So please bless us the author above!

“I love you, brother Atlas. Ever since I was young and I recognize my love and devotion will only grow as I grow old. This is my vow!”

“I love you too, Lucine. And—. “

As I was speaking, I notice the light weaken. As if losing interest. My gut was telling me that if I continue my vow and kiss. It will fail.

Doesn’t matter! I’m on top form today! Thank you Saori! It was a close call yesterday. It was fortunate, or maybe unfortunate? That Lucine was there to stop her. Stop her? By myself? Understand this. That’s impossible! Anyway, get back on topic. What I’m saying is my mind is clear from any pain!

I need to stall for some time. In an instant, I pull Lucine close to me and hug her. With her back now facing me, I whisper words of love into her ears. As I did that, I notice the light shine brighter. The light returns to its original state. That works?

“Brother, what are you doing?”

“Lucine, you’ve been avoiding us being alone for quite some time now.”

“N—no, I didn’t do that. It’s only a coincidence.”

The light became even brighter as we spoke. It’s official now. I learn how to turn this into a success!

“Don’t lie to me Lucine.”

I put a hand on her breast, massaging it.

“Oh… Brother here, are you sure?”

“You want me to stop? It’s just the two of us.”

“This is where people ge—get married, bro—brother.”

“If you don’t want me to continue, say it now.”

She shuts her mouth. I pull down her dress with my other hand. With both hands, I massage her two ripe melons. They exude out milk. Her loud moans and screams echo inside the cave as her body shakes in pleasure. Liquid running down her thighs. I guide her down as she falls to her knees.

“Oh Author. It’s happening like in my dream!” says Lucine in between breaths.

What? Your dream wedding was a wet dream!

The light’s scope has grown bigger. With the light that strong, it should succeed, right? I look at Lucine. She’s looking at me with her mouth open, gasping for air. Gotta make sure though. This is our marriage we’re talking about!

My hand finds hers, and I place her hands near my sword. Sheath inside my pants. Waiting to be unsheathe. She knows the rest. With my unleashed sword revealed and always ready. She kisses the tip. Her hands sharpen its blade.

How did their mouths fit it in before? I was always out of my mind in our… earlier sessions. She tries to put my sword inside her mouth, but it doesn’t open that wide. Tears began forming in her eyes. I get the urge to hold her head down. She gives my sword one last kiss before leaving it.

“You won’t grab my head like before, brother?”

I am such a bastard. Looking at the scene earlier. I don’t think it’s supposed to fit. What did I do before? I’m crazy. The light grew even larger.

“Come here Lucine.”

She raises both her hands up. I lift her like when we were kids. She giggles at that action. I carry her in front of me.

“I’m so happy that you’re so strong.”

“You’re light.”

“I’m aware of my weight.”

I hug her tight. Her dress clung to me. My clothes get wet and it’s not only water.

“I think I have an idea where a lot of that weight goes.”

“That’s rud—”

In one stroke, my sword enters inside of her. She wore nothing down there. Screams and moans reverberate through the cave. My essence keeps on filling her insides. The movements don’t stop.

“Bro—brother, kiss me! I love you!”

“Not before the vow!”

“Oh… Oh! Ahh!”

She’s out of it! Lucine can’t form complete sentences anymore. Her body shakes with every thrust and strike. Her body fills with my essence.

“I’ll love and be with you forever.”

We kiss. Her body trembles and shakes.


A kiss on her lips.

A cave shrouded in light.

A woman falling from the sky.

A woman falling from the sky!

I can recognize that back from anywhere! It’s Saori! I catch her somehow while Lucine still clung to me. My sword is still inside of her. It’s a miracle.

As I held both of them in my arms. A contract falls in front of me like a leaf. It lands on my face. It has all 3 of our signatures.

I move towards a place with no water. While laying them down on the sand. I notice that Saori now has a paper bag covering her face. That’s the right move, considering my previous behavior.

It seems the author knows about my earlier actions.

Dear author,

I can explain!

If you notice typos or other mistakes, please tell me. Thanks!