Chapter 4: First Kill
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"What do you know about the attacks, Sebastian?" Malcolm asked as the two led the way through a muddy road.

Food was not the only reason for them to go out hunting. If that was the case, there was no reason to bring so many people with them.

The cattle and the chickens were victims of mysterious attacks from an unknown enemy. Food was not abundant in Rattenburg, which meant these mysterious attacks could potentially harm everyone who lived in the village.

"We saw some footprints near the farms, but with the recent raining season, it was hard for us to know for sure what beast it was," Sebastian said.

Henry was walking near the other kids, but his ear never left his father's conversation. The more he learned about the world, the better. 

"What are you thinking about, Henry?" A soft voice entered his ears, making him return to reality.

It was Jenifer, the daughter of Sebastian. She had black hair and looked pretty. Perhaps something in the future could happen when both of them aged, but Henry was worried about other things, like using his system to achieve greatness.

He looked at her, smiled, and said, "nothing. Just excited; this is my first time hunting."

Jenifer chuckled and whispered in Arthur's ears, "this is my first time hunting too, but don't tell anybody."

Arthur understood Jenifer was trying to act tough, but deep down was nervous and scared, just like any normal kid would be. Among the kids taking part in the hunting trip, Joshua, Henry's brother, was the only one with more experience than the others.

The fact was enough for him to brag about it during their journey, and every time one of the adults praised him, he would look toward Henry to see his reaction, but Henry did not even look at him, making Joshua snort and attack him using a deadly gaze.

"Everyone, we will enter the forest now. Focus on everything happening in our surroundings, and if you hear or see anything strange, share it with your companions," Malcolm said.

"Henry, Joshua, come here, Father will teach you how to track animals."

They were six adults and four kids in total. It was hard to keep everyone in the same place, and no one wanted to share their hunting, so groups formed. Malcolm was alongside his two sons, Sebastian was with Jenifer, his daughter, and Pete was with his mother. The others banded together and formed a group.

Malcolm was trying to explain something Joshua already knew, as he had hunted with his father. Henry did not know these things, but with his superior intellect, it was not hard to understand what his father meant, but it was hard to execute it.

One of the things which gave Henry an advantage was his newly acquired skill, the Keen Senses. Malcolm first explained the different types of tracks, showing them on the ground.

"This one is a deer. You can tell by the format of the feet and the footprint size," Malcolm said, pointing at the footprints on the ground.

After he explained the different tracks — those from the animals who lived near Rattenburg — Malcolm asked Henry to track an animal independently, and he would watch everything by the sidelines.

It was like a test; one Joshua had taken before when he brought a few rabbits home. Henry knew about that, but different from his brother, he wanted to get something big, like a deer.

Yes, a deer was what Henry had in mind, so that was the track he tried to follow by using everything his father taught him and his skill, Keen Senses.

Henry swiftly walked through the forest, avoiding any hole in the ground or branch that could make a warning noise to his prey. He followed the track for about five minutes, and then he saw it, in the distance, a big deer sipping water from the river.

It was the best moment to strike, and Henry made sure not to miss it.

"I should use my bow. What attributes does it benefit the most?" Henry thought.

If he saw the system like a game, increasing his dexterity would make more sense. But one had to use force to pull the string, and considering how weak his body was, then adding some of the free points into strength was not a bad idea.

"I should split it. Five points to each."

That seemed like the best idea, and that was what Henry did.

[Henry Lionheart]

[Level: 3]

[Exp: 0/200]


[Strength: 6]

[Dexterity: 6]

[Vigor: 1]

[Wisdom: 1]

[Spiritual Force: 0]

[Free points: 0]

When Henry added the points, he instantly felt the difference in his body. However, he was still unsure what path to take in the future, and all the attributes seemed good.

"Strength, dexterity, and vigor are for fighters, while wisdom and spiritual force are for mages? I need to learn more about magic because if it is more powerful than swords and bows, I want to be a mage. Also, it looks cool!" thought Arthur.

He still did not know many things about the world and wanted to learn as quickly as possible to make every free point worth it. But Henry believed anyone, fighter or mage, would like a strong body, so it was not as if Henry wasted his points.

With his increased attributes, Henry took the bow from his back and put an arrow on its string. One clean shot was all it took for him to end that deer's life; there was no way he would miss it.

Henry slowly pulled the string, focusing on his breath, utilizing his Keen Senses to their fullest. Time seemed to slow down as Henry aimed at the deer's neck, releasing the arrow afterward.

Malcolm watched everything from the side and was impressed by his son's display of skill. With his strength, he knew the arrow would kill the deer, but Joshua still screamed in surprise as the deer fell to the ground, lifeless.