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Unlike every day, he woke up upon a knock...
Winter had never been colder, and the mattress was warm with its futon. He tried returning back to sleep, however, the knocking got stronger.

"Ruby, It's Mary, your neighbor."

He opened one eye and looked at the window, the sky was still purple and the sun hadn't been fully out.

However, that was also why he pushed himself out of his bed. Knocking the door in such a time meant there was something important, right?

As he opened the door, a tall woman appeared, her face had the pinkiest lips, or maybe it looked so because her face had such pale skin... Ms. Mary entered the house and purged into the bedroom.

Following her he found her opening the only closet in the house and moving the clothes out... Even though he kept his silence, but he wondered why.

"We need to find some good outfit for you... today is very special."

He stayed silent and sat on the bed. After a while of looking Ms. Mary took a long black trouser and a worn-out jacket that his mom used to use to cover the window if a strong wind broke it.

"This is the best you have here."

Ms. Mary threw the two pieces on the bed and asked him to wear them...

"Just take off your trousers and wear this, you can put the jacket on the shirt you are wearing black on white is a good trend."

She kept talking and never said an important topic.
Then she looked at him,

"Now wear!"

Her eyes were light blue, her hair was as dark as midnight... she was tall, maybe even taller than his mom.

And even though he didn't know the reason... He followed what she said.



When he finished changing the clothes, Ms, Mary took his hand and pulled him out of the house, to hers... the house that confronted theirs.

As she opened the door he smelled pepper, mint, and eggs being cooked with oil... actually he didn't need to identify that as Carolina and her grandmother were beside the door using some bowel to prepare breakfast.

Ms. Mary pulled him to the table in the middle of the kitchen and made him sit waiting as she used the stairs to reach the second floor.

Carolina glanced at him twice and then said "Good morning Ruby." as she sliced some tomatoes.

He gave her a positive gesture and turned his gaze on the table.

"Are you excited about today?"

Granny asked as she used a big spoon to mix the ingredients in the bowel. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Do you know what I talked about?"

And he negatively gestured.

"As I thought mary told You nothing. Carolina, leave the tomatoes and go sit beside Ruby. Tell him what is happening."

Then Carolina followed that and sat beside him, She then complimented his outfit and asked him about hers.

She wore a one-piece black dress, wide and fluffy at the bottom and tightened on the waist area with a blue belt... she looked so slim.
However, he couldn't compliment that.

"Is it good?"

He just gave a positive gesture.

As her elbow rested on the table, she leaned her chin on her hand... and started explaining what was happening.

"Some amazing people from the middle continent came to the village, They came by an order from his highness to collect as many talents as possible from the poor villages."

As Carolina talked he kept his eyes on hers, all of what she said was very analyzed by him...
Basically what happened was a few people from The Royal Academy in the middle continent came their village under an order from the human king.

They were ordered to provide any astonishing talent they would encounter with a fully-funded scholarship to The Royal Academy where the selected could live in the same environment as the nobility and the royalty...

That was why all the families were excited to show their children to those people. Because if one child were to be chosen, the whole village would benefit.


Ms. Mary came down only when all the plates were ready and anyone could eat.
Like her daughter Ms.Mary as well wore a dress, However, it was blackish green and was slim from neck to bottom...As she was tall enough to reach the upper shelf in a library easily, she looked good in that dress.

"Ruby we call this Omelet, I know your mom doesn't cook well." Ms. Mary said as her spoon cut through the Omelet and held to a big piece showing it to him.

"We use pepper, tomato, onion and some spice with eggs to make it. Believe it or not, Carolina did most of the work. She has good taste in food."

Said Ms. Mary as she blinked to Carolina. Carolina for few moments turned her face as if she didn't want anyone to see her expressions, However, he still could see some pinkish lines through her cheeks.


Through the market, Ms. Mary held Carolina's hand by her right and his by her left. As they walked through the market a person said: "If Caro would be chosen mark needs to treat the whole village."

When Ms. Mary heard of mark she smiled, it was obvious that Mr. Mark was Carolina's dad.

"Mom why dad is still asleep?"

"Because we played a lot last night."

"what's about me?"

"You slept early..."

Even though, he was only ten... He probably understood what Ms. Mary meant by playing.
When the sun fully rose out, they were already by the forest gate. Aside from them, many families brought their children and the neighborhood was a bit crowded.

"There are a lot of kids like me."

"I believe the village has more than seventy kids." Ms. Mary answered and looked to her sides as if she was looking for familiar people.

And she didn't need to look because another mom approached her...

"Mary! How are you?"

A woman was a little shorter than Ms. Mary approached, along with her daughter by her hand. Her daughter faced Ruby.

Her daughter looked like Ruby's age and a little shorter than him. Her hair was black but had multiple purple locks as her eyes were pure purple.

As he stared at the daughter's eyes... they changed color??

No that wasn't possible... changing to dark for half a second then returning to purple...

He gazed at her eyes more, and when she noticed she looked at his eyes as well, her lips curled in a smile, and in that same moment...... it happened


Her eyes didn't change color... but her eyeballs disappeared completely for a moment...
She got a step closer and he felt his heart rate rise a little bit... However, his expression was as calm as usual.

She touched his shoulder and closed her lips to his ear... then...



she muttered.



"Today, I will die"


chapter has ended


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