4. First Battle Outside Arvan
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The next time I wake up, I’m in the middle of a town.

As expected of a fantasy game, the buildings around me seem to be built with medieval Europe in mind.

Glancing around, it looks like I’m popping up in a square. A lot of people come and go; most of them have a green color above their heads.

On the back side, in the center of the square, there is a large crystal.

The game seems to have started successfully.

Well, what should we do now?

There is no point in staying in the square forever.

As far as I can see from this square, this city seems to be very large.

Let's explore the city first.

And of course… as soon as I take a step forward, a wild pervert appears!

"Hey, Hey! Yo, Yo!"

With a weird shout, he is sitting naked in front of me.

Ah, this is the real thrill of adult games, isn’t it?

No, it’s a baptism? kind of a ritual to welcome newbie?

This man is a pervert, needless to say.

He'll probably do it every time he sees a new female character anyway.

I lowered the filter sensitivity, so I can clearly see the naked men.

I should say something gutsy here.

"Damn, so small!"

It's bad. I'll start laughing now.

Because the thing hanging from his crotch is way smaller than mine.

When I turn to the man to pay attention again, the man is frozen.

Oh, what happened?

Well, if you don't have anything to do anymore, I’ll bid farewell to you, Mr. Pervert.

I'm off to explore the city right away.

From this square, there are four large roads to the east and west.

Each seems to lead straight to the entrance/exit of the city.

Let's head north first.

While walking, I noticed that a map is displayed at the edge of my field of vision.

When I look at it, I notice many things.

First, there are the zoom-in and zoom-out options. You can view your surroundings in detail, or you can zoom out to see the surroundings of the city in an eagle's eye view.

Also, it seems to change depending on whether you have been there or not. Right in front of me is an inn called the Ramones Inn.

If you check it on the map, the map will also display the same name.

If I remember correctly, it didn't have a name until I noticed the name sign. In other words, if you want a detailed map, you need to actually walk around and check the name of the shop yourself.

If you don't need the name of the store, it seems that you can just stroll leisurely.

I also noticed this by looking at the map, but is it about 50m away from me? It automatically turns into a detailed map. I don't know the name, of course.

It seems that the complicated street is not displayed on the map unless you roam to a certain extent.

Ah… It’ll be difficult to make a detailed map.

While I’m doing that, I walk to the north gate.

Apparently, the road leading to this north gate was full of inns on both sides of the road.

I don't need to rush to decide on an inn where I’ll stay the night, so I only check the name for now.

Now that we've reached the north gate, let's go out of town.

I should start fighting monsters now.

My heart starts pounding a little bit.

I check my equipment before exiting the gate. Even if I say equipment, I only have the clothes I'm wearing now and the dagger.

First, I carefully observe the surroundings.

The area around the north gate is grassland. There is something moving in the meadow.

A monster, is it? It's the Cuckobird I defeated in the tutorial.

Let's start the hunt now.

As I approached a nearby Cuckobird, it noticed and stared at me.

I can see wariness in its eyes, but it doesn’t seem to want to run away from me.

Am I being underestimated by a mere chicken?

Urgh… somehow it irritates me, but I know that I can’t be reckless here.

I also hold the dagger in one hand and approach it little by little.

When I reach a certain distance, it suddenly rushes towards me.

Surprised, I jump sideways and the cuckobird runs past where I was earlier while flapping its wings on the side of its round body fiercely.

Of course, no matter how hard it tries, I don't think it’ll ever be able to fly.

I let out a mocking grin and successfully taunt the stupid bird.

The monster charges, and I immediately swing the dagger and slash from behind.

After slashing 1, 2, and 3 times, the Cuckobird turned around.

Yet, I continue my attack with abandon.

Only after seeing the monster blitz toward me even though it was barraged with slashes by my daggers, did I realize my decision must have been wrong.

I was so addicted to slashing that I couldn't avoid it.

The chicken-like monster slams its body against mine, but I also successfully land another hit before being blown away.


I killed the fucking bird!

"It was hard…"

I mutter to myself.

Even with the same enemies as in the tutorial, the strength seems to be completely different.

I was attacked, so I checked the status.


HP: 60/100



The attack packs more punch than I expected.

When it comes to pain, it hurts, but I don't think it's enough pain to die from an attack that's about double this.

Well, if I really feel the pain of dying, I feel like I'm going to be a cripple.

There must be a filter around there.

I hope it doesn't affect my actions.

I have to recover for the time being.

I take out an HP potion, open it, and drink it in one gulp.

This HP potion can recover 50 HP, so it's a little wasteful, but it can't be helped now.

Because if I let my guard down, I will die immediately.

It’s my first day, so I don’t want to die that easily.


As before, I approach the cuckobird, who is alone, it rushes towards me, I dodge sideways in the same fashion and slash the dagger three times.

After that, I wait until it charges again, dodge, and slash.

After 7 slashes in total, I’m finally able to defeat it.

Doing my best, I am confident that I can beat it without taking damage.

Anyway, let's use the skill this time.

The skill I use is [Stealth].

Since I can take the initiative, the efficiency of hunting will increase. Hopefully.

I activate the [Stealth] to get closer.

I'm sneaking up from behind so I don't get into the enemy's line of sight.

It's pretty close, but it doesn't seem to have noticed it yet. You can feel the effect of [Stealth].

I launch my assault from the rear with my dagger. After that, just like before, repeat evasion and attack to finish the monster off.


I found something interesting here.

Did the number of attacks needed to beat the chicken bird decrease compared to before using [Stealth]?

Let's test it again.

I try fighting with and without [Stealth].

Apparently, when [Stealth] is used, the number of attacks is reduced by one.


The opponent doesn't notice, so I guess it's a surprise attack that doubles the damage, or a critical hit.

For the time being, I deem the [Stealth] is very effective.

Alas, I need to stop using the [Stealth] here.

I've run out of MP.

Of course, I have the option to use MP potions, but I think it's a waste because there's only one.

Ah… It seems that I’m so engrossed in hunting Cuckobirds, I somehow left the North Gate.

I should be back soon.

I’ll also check the status and items.


Name: Eve

Race: Human Lv2 (↑1)

Job: Thief Lv3 (↑2)

HP: 150/150 (↑50)

MP: 20/150 (↑50)

STR: 80

VIT: 120

AGI: 130 (↑10)

DEX: 130 (↑10)

INT: 40

Points: 10 (↑10)


[Passive Skill]

Sensing Eye Lv1, Dagger Mastery Lv4 (↑3)

[Active Skill]

Stealth Lv2 (↑1)

Points: 2 (↑2)



Cuckobird Feather × 10

Cuckobird Feather x 5

Cuckobird Meat × 8

Cuckobird Egg × 2


I see.

Each level has increased.

Is it because the race level has increased that HP and MP have increased? Humans seem to be an average race, so it seems that both HP and MP increased on average.

The reason why the stats are increasing is probably that the level of thieves has increased. It seems that AGI and DEX increase by 5 for each level.

My status points are also increasing, but I'm not dissatisfied with the current situation, so I'll leave it alone. I might need it as a trump card or something that could turn a situation around in the future.

Yeah. Let’s keep it for now.

Some skills have increased as well, but I don't feel that my attack power has increased.

Is it the speed of the swing or the rise width that is very small?

This will need to be observed continuously.

And the last: drop items.

I killed 15 Cockobirds and the items I got were feathers, meat, and eggs.

Then I look at the inventory and find out that it seems that you can have up to 10 of the same item at once. No, let's just say I can only stack 10 together.

Apparently, up to level 10, it seems that 10 types x 10 items can be held at maximum.

Equipped items are in a separate box.

If you reach level 10 or higher, you will be able to have as many as your level x level.

It might be better to be careful not to waste items.

Let's go back to town.