Chapter 16.3
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Chapter 16.3 – Reap What One Has Sown.

After buying the shirt, half a year’s worth of Nuo Nuo’s savings flew out of the door.


On one hand, Nuo Nuo was furious that this kind of brand never offers a discount, on the other hand, she pondered on how to change Xiao Big Boss’ spendthrift ways. Drinking and eating with Su Su, they played till eleven in the evening before returning home. Fortunately, Su Su has a car, her Beetle dropped Nuo Nuo off at the building’s entrance.

After the small white rabbit and her close friend bid farewell to each other, she cheerfully got out of the car, holding half a year’s worth of her savings (>__<), she headed home. Suddenly she heard a deep male voice from around the corner, “Nuo Nuo.”

As soon as the small white rabbit turned around, she was greeted by Xiao Big Boss standing under the street light. The dim lights seemed to suffuse him with a warm radiance, an indescribable gentleness and elegance. Black leather shoes, brown trousers paired with a shirt, Xiao Big Boss always wore such simple clothing with style and flair.

But at this moment, this extremely tyrannical man, with such a magnetic presence, had an additional something: The small white rabbits could clearly read Xiao Big Boss’ gleaming eyes expressing one word: Resentment.

Xiao Big Boss mysteriously came to Nuo Nuo’s home.

After finishing overtime, it was already ten thirty, Xiao Yi called the small white rabbit’s phone out of habit. The ringtone rang non-stop but the owner did not answer the phone. Xiao Big Boss consoled himself, Nuo Nuo was having too fun, she did not hear her mobile phone, he should try to call one more time, this time came a standard female voice:

Sorry, the number you just dialed has switched off the phone……

Xiao Yi paused, in a fit of anger,  smashed the phone on the ground.

Xiao Big Boss went absolutely berserk, he was so angry that the entire office felt oppressive air descending upon them. The small white rabbit was wrong, very wrong. Xiao Yi couldn’t understand, who was she really dining with? How could she not even pick up her own boyfriend’s call, and even shut down the phone to cleanly remove any interference.

Xu Nuo, very good.

This is, really——very——good——

The vinegar was well fermented, the angry and jealous Xiao Yi walked out of the company, did not go home, but instead directly drove to Nuo Nuo’s house nearby and to lay in wait for the rabbit.


Because Xiao Big Boss was afraid he might bump into her parents, he deliberately parked his Volvo in an alley ahead and walked to the small white rabbit’s home, hiding in the corner waiting ~ indeed a moment later, the small white rabbit was skipping and hopping out of the black Beetle.

The Beetle car, was light and cute, it has always been popular with the girls. When Su Su, the rich little lady, bought the car, Nuo Nuo jealously referred to it as the “Exclusive Mistress car”. If Xiao Big Boss was thinking clearly, he should know guessrf that the driver should be a lady. But because the flames of jealousy had drastically downgraded his IQ, Xiao Big Boss immediately determined that the person in the car was Ran Qing He. He gnashed his teeth in anger and waited for the car to drive off before calling the small white rabbit in a deep hoarse voice.

Nuo Nuo seeing that Xiao Yi was actually waiting for her, her little heart fluttered.

In a mid-September night, although the winds were not chillingly cold, but the temperature was still quite cool. Remembering that Xiao Big Boss was discharged from hospital not too long ago, also recently the company has been extremely busy, his health was not in good shape. Being mindful of this, Nuo Nuo hastened her steps and ran in front of Xiao Yi, tiptoed and touched his forehead.

Phew, luckily, although his eyes are slightly red, face also pale, but he did not have a fever.

“Why are you here?” The small white rabbit’s heart was thumping, at the thought that Xiao Big Boss might have been waiting for a long time, her heart ached and said, “If there’s something, just give me a call!”

After speaking, the wooden and silent Xiao Yi furiously looked up, with a sharp glance, “Give you a call? Calling you, would it get through?” Nuo Nuo blinked, tonight Xiao Big Boss was in a strange mood. She took out her mobile phone and had a look, no battery.


This morning, the blur little white rabbit forgot to recharge the battery, Xiao Big Boss’ one night of calling had directly caused Nuo Nuo’s mobile phone to automatically switch off.

Seeing this, Nuo Nuo laughed heartily. She looked up and was about to explain, when Xiao Yi’s lips had already pressed down. During this period, Nuo Nuo was used to being hugged and kissed by Xiao Big Boss, just not going all the way yet, but this sudden kiss took her by surprise.

But, most importantly, this was the entrance to her home. Although there were not many people around late at night, but thinking that the security guard could be hiding behind the window and peeping at this intimate scene, Nuo Nuo was absolutely horrified. The security guard uncle’s usual pastime was to play mahjong with the old ladies of the neighbourhood, exchanging gossip at the same time.  She does not want to become tomorrow’s hot topic of discussion.

Feeling Nuo Nuo’s lack of concentration, Xiao Yi’s arm exerted more strength in hugging Nuo Nuo. As a result of such intimate contact, Xiao Yi’s warm and hurried breaths were right on Nuo Nuo’s face and collar. It felt itchy, like a cat pouncing on butterflies, wanting to catch but couldn’t.

The small white rabbit realized that if this continued, something will definitely happen. In panic, her hands and feet began to struggle, “Xiao Yi, don’t——”

Two people were entangled with each other, when there was a “pah” sound. The shirt that Nuo Nuo bought, fell on the ground with the paper bag, successfully diverting Xiao Big Boss’ attention.  Slowly letting go of Nuo Nuo, he frowned and stared at the paper bag, full of jealousy, “What is this?” Ran Qing He, this guy had a meal with Nuo Nuo and actually also bought her a gift?

“This is……” the lollipop I bought for you?. Nuo Nuo hesitated. She originally intended to give it to him on his birthday as a present, if she revealed the truth now, there would be no surprises.

Xiao Yi seeing the small white rabbit’s evasive expression, his imagination started to run wild and felt a stabbing pain in his heart. His face was also turning so pale that tears may fall any moment. Bending down to pick up the paper bag and just about the open, when he heard Nuo Nuo shouting, “Don’t!!”

Not waiting for Xiao Big Boss’ reaction, Nuo Nuo morphed from a rabbit into a fierce tiger, and snatched the paper bag from Xiao Yi in one swift move. After Nuo Nuo retreated to a safe distance, she carefully looked at the shirt. Luckily, luckily the packaging did not break, the shirt inside should still be ok, right?

After all, this is half a year of her savings!

Furthermore, if she were to let Xiao Big Boss see the shirt now, it would be completely useless, because…… The shirt had to be paired with the birthday gift she personally made for Xiao Big Boss to be meaningful…..

On one side, the small white rabbit’s two cheeks reddened. Looking like a bashful young girl, she hugged the “Lollipop”, totally immersed in her own small world. While on the other side, Xiao Big Boss’ heart was consumed by the burning fire of jealousy. Seeing Nuo Nuo so anxious about something Ran Qing He gave her, Xiao Yi was absolutely dazed, then he coldly said,

“What’s so precious?”

Nuo Nuo blinked, she wanted to explain but she didn’t know how to, so she shook her head and said, “No… I…”

“Enough!” Her words, not complete, Xiao Yi already started roaring out loud. While the small white rabbit was dumbfounded, he marched off. Nuo Nuo, you really let me down.


After receiving the notice, Ran Qing He rushed to the president’s office. Earlier, the Xiao Zhang from the Administrative Department said President Xiao Xiao was looking for him. Because he walked too fast, when Ran Qing He arrived at Xiao Xiao’s office, there was a layer of dense sweat on his forehead.

Xiao Xiao sat upright on his rocking chair, obviously waiting for him. Seeing Ran Qing He enter, he nodded, indicating him to sit down. Ran Qing He seeing his grave expression, his heart started to pound.《Huang Yan’s》situation and elsewhere is not the same, from the cleaner auntie in the lowest position, to the president’s assistant in the highest position, all the company employees knew that their President Xiao Xiao was someone who only leads by pointing [1]: Doesn’t care about finances, doesn’t care about managing people.

In fact, instead of Xiao Xiao the CEO, he is more like a high level technical staff. Besides writing programs, he always let his trusted aide, Li Yu, handle all other company matters. It has been said this Li Yu comes from a good background, studied abroad, and was a high level staff in an international gaming company. Later on, he was in the inner circle of a company headed by an influential person.

At the beginning, the development of《Huang Yan》was not smooth. It was this mysterious influential person who generously helped out, becoming the company’s largest shareholder. And this Li Yu was sent to help manage the company. Therefore, from then on, all company matters were managed by Vice President Li. President Xiao Xiao’s personal appearances were not just less and less, but a complete absence. So today, when Xiao Xiao suddenly invited himself to have a talk, Ran Qing He was in an unsettled state of mind.

After he sat down, Xiao Xiao went straight to the point, “Qing He, you know, I never meddle in other people’s business. But recently, there’s been some intense gossip in the company. To prevent anything from happening, I decided to find you and have a talk.”

Hearing this, the cold sweat on Ran Qing He’s forehead increased, he only nodded, “Yes”.

Xiao Xiao pondered, “Recently, I heard you and the new planner Xu Nuo have been very close, seems like you knew each other before, some people say…… You used your influence to bring her in.” Xiao Xiao held his laughter back, and then raised his eyebrow after a pause, “You know, I hate nepotism, so I had to especially ask you.”

Hearing this, Ran Qing He’s eyes widened, repeatedly waved his hands, “I didn’t, I really didn’t, Nuo Nuo and I, she and I——” His words half spoken, it seems that something had touched Ran Qing He’s nerve, he gritted his teeth and didn’t continue.

Xiao Xiao frowned, he hesitated for a while before adopting an official tone, “Qing He ah, I do not want to deliberately dig into your personal affairs, but I hope you can tell me, so I can do my job. With regards to your secrets, I will naturally not say a word to others.”

Hearing this, Ran Qing He buried his hands in his hands, and lost all defences. After a long time, he finally started to speak in a low voice, “Three years ago, Nuo Nuo and I were lovers——”


Qing He was half way speaking when he heard a clunking sound of a heavy object hitting the wall, and jumped up startled,”What’s that?”

Hovering above Xiao Xiao’s head, were three black lines, and he apologetically smiled, “Nothing, nothing, you continue.”

Qing He steadied his nerves, and restarted again in a low voice said, “Sigh, bad things happen to good people. Actually, we were so in love, also we were each other’s first loves. When we were together, we even discussed where to buy our future home, when to get married, which school should our child attend. Nuo Nuo is a very good girl, at that time, I was poor, but she always encouraged me saying, if the two of us worked hard together, we can build a home. She was willing to be a mortgage slave with me.”

Drawing a breath, Qing He’s eyes became slightly red as he continued, “But because of some misunderstanding, she left me. Over the past few years, I’ve been frantically trying to find her, I wanted to clear the misunderstanding, but I could never find her. Who knows, I actually met her at the interview, she said to me, these past few years, was hard on her……”

Half an hour later, Ran Qing He finally ended his sensational monologue and left Xiao Xiao’s office. After Ran Qing He left, Xiao Xiao was struck by a sudden headache. After steadying himself, he opened the inner office with trepidation.

Inside, sat a handsome man, but his lips were a pale white. Xiao Xiao wiped the cold perspiration from his head, and whispered, “Xiao Brother, are you all right?”

It has been said, the Heavens liked to play tricks on people. To think that his senior, Xiao Yi, such a handsome and elegant man, managed to evade the Trojans and maintain order in the company, has a car and house, but he couldn’t prevent his girlfirend from being… Unfaithful [2]. Uh…… It doesn’t like look right, according to what Ran Qing He just said, Xiao Senior is actually on the other side of the wall [3], but now, what to do?

Xiao Xiao, who has absolutely no experience in consoling people, timidly poked the motionless Xiao Yi, and asked, “I ​​think little sister-in-law just had meals with him but did not do anything. How about this, since nothing has happened, why don’t we separate the two of them?”

“Ran Qing He has been here for almost two years, he did not commit any mistakes, if you really think someone needs to go, why don’t we invite little sister-in-law……” Xiao Xiao gulped, seeing Xiao Yi’s increasingly ugly expression, he did not dare to continue. After a long silence, Xiao Xiao finally saw his distinguished senior brother gritting his teeth slightly,

“She actually had…… A first love……”

The small white rabbit actually, had someone she loved before me.

I’m actually, not her first love.

His pure small rabbit, had actually been handled by another man.

For the first time, Xiao Big Boss was aware that the world does not revolve around him.

What first love, they’re the most hateful.


[1] 甩手掌柜 Shuai Shou Zhang Gui: Leads others without doing any real work.

[2] 红杏出墙 Hong Xing Chu Qiang: The red apricot tree (红杏) leans over the garden wall (出墙), meaning a wife having an illicit lover.

[3] The wall that Xiao Xiao refers to, is an earlier reference to [2]. But in this case, since Xiao Big Boss and Nuo Nuo are not in the same company but Nuo Nuo and Ran Qing He are, Xiao Xiao is joking that Xiao Big Boss is the outsider now. Also, another meaning could be that Nuo Nuo and Rang Qing He were each others first loves and Xiao Big Boss, the person who has now come in between them.


suteki: Oh boss you’re jealous for the wrong reason, not that you know it. Falling right into Nuo Nuo well play out cheese game.