Chapter 20.2
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Chapter 20.2 – The Company Crisis

 Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt

The encounter with Ran Qing He, Nuo Nuo did not mention a word.

Instead she kept in mind what he said about the takeover of OWL Wing, then when she thought about how Xiao Big Boss and the seniors’ strange behaviour, Nuo Nuo’s suspicions were aroused. But she knew Xiao Yi’s character very well, if he didn’t want to let you know about something, even if you beat him to death, he would not utter a word╭(╯^╰)╮, Nuo Nuo decided to bide her time, she used circuitous tactics to gain an understanding of the situation.

That day Nuo Nuo asked her good friend Nana to help paint the walls of the newlywed’s house. At night, Xiao Big Boss used to excuse of inspecting the fruits of the labour to abduct the small white rabbit to the new house. Actually, this house was bought by Xiao Big Boss a year ago, but at that time because Xiao Papa and Xiao Mama were always out, Xiao Jun had not yet graduated from high school and needed someone to look after  (=_= It’s actually the other way round right? Usually it was actually Xiao Jun who did the cooking while Xiao Big Boss was responsible for eating), so Xiao Big Boss did not move out to live on his on. But even so, the newlywed’s house was renovated simply, with the addition of the small white rabbit’s efforts, buying new furniture, installing the internet cables and water heaters, this place was actually suitable for moving in already.

Recently, Xiao Big Wolf who had first taste of sweetness, pondered hard about how to get intimate with his delicious small white rabbit. However, taking into account that they were both still living with their parents, he couldn’t do anything. He also thought about how to get Nuo Nuo to move in early to the newlywed’s house, but because someone’s face was thinner than paper, he couldn’t bring up this suggestion, so this matter was always being delayed.

So this night, Xiao Big Boss finally found the perfect opportunity to naturally detain Nuo Nuo in the newlywed’s house and refused to let her go. =__=

After a hot and heavy session, the small white rabbit was utterly exhausted and fell asleep. When she woke up, she touched the space next to her, but it was empty.

Nuo Nuo drowsily rubbed her eyes, just as she wanted to yell out for Xiao Big Boss, she indistinctly heard Xiao Yi talking on the phone from the balcony. The small white rabbit’s ears pricked up and she could hear Xiao Yi making a downcast promise, “Well, well…… That matter is settled? Good…… What did Yu Qu say? Oh! Please help me to inform her, I will endure right to the end and not give up!”

“Bang——” After his speech ended, the crisp yet decisive sound of the phone slamming down rang through the air, Nuo Nuo hurriedly closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Not long after, she was enveloped in his warm embrace.

The small white rabbit rubbed her eyes, pretended to have just woken up and bit Xiao Big Boss’ shoulder, Xiao Yi laughed, “Whose family does this rabbit belong to, would unexpectedly bite people?”

Nuo Nuo lay in Xiao Big Boss’s arms and was unwilling to move, she only replied in a strange voice, “When a rabbit is anxious, it will bite and refuse to let go!”


Their bodies rubbing against each other, someone’s bestial nature was awaken and attacked once again, at the moment she was pounced on, Nuo Nuo was slightly distracted, finally she clenched her teeth and said, “Recently the company……is everything fine?”

Xiao Big Boss was instinctively stunned, used his dark eyes to stare at the small white rabbit, silent for a moment, his eyes curved as his patted Nuo Nuo’s head, “Why did you suddenly ask this question?”

Nuo Nuo turned her head aside, she never thought to challenge Xiao Big Boss’ ability to beat around the bush, “Nothing much, just causally asking.”

Looks like, there is really something going on.

Firstly, recently Xiao Big Boss has been really busy, then he wouldn’t allow her to read the company’s documents, now…… Nuo Nuo was silent, she closed her eyes as she let Xiao Yi intimately kiss her neck. Earlier on during the phone call, Xiao Big Boss mentioned Yu Qu, he also said “I will endure right to the end and not give up”, could the company really be having a crisis?


The more Xiao Big Boss refuse to say anything, the more anxious the small white rabbit felt.

The next day in the afternoon, Nuo Nuo invited Owl Wing’s most talkative person, Fei Long, out for lunch. Fei Long arrived at the designated restaurant, once he entered, he started teasing her, “Oh, little Nuo Nuo, you’ve got some guts ah! You dare to invite me out behind Xiao Yi’s back, aren’t you afraid of being caught and accused of adultery?”

Before inviting Fei Long, Nuo Nuo deliberately instructed him: Don’t let Xiao Big Boss or others know. So Fei Long also knew today Nuo Nuo “came with evil intent” and deliberately teased the small white rabbit.

Nuo Nuo exclaimed in astonishment: “What adultery, it sounds so scandalous. Fei Long, you and I are honorable people……”

Nuo Nuo pouted and she had not finished speaking when Fei Long shook his head and interrupted the small white rabbit, “Adultery is adultery, the honorable person is me not you. When I say ‘adultery’, I meant that your heart has a guilty conscience.”

When she heard this, the small white rabbit fell silent, then she bluntly said, “Well, today I’m looking for you, because there is something I want to ask you.”

Fei Long was a person of many years experience in the battlefield, when he heard Nuo Nuo’s straightforward speech [1], he also held his breath to listen why she invited him out for this one-to-one conversation. After a moment, he heard Nuo Nuo faintly say, “The matter regarding Yu Qu, I already know about it.”

After he heard this, Fei Long felt a big earthquake, for a moment, he couldn’t speak normally, “You, you know? Who told you about it?”

Nuo Nuo was calm, she pretended to be angry, “It doesn’t matter who told me, today I just want to ask you, do you really think of me as a friend, as a shi mei [2]? Such an important thing, Xiao Big Boss doesn’t want to tell me because he’s afraid I’ll be paranoid, but how can you guys not inform me?!”

When she finished speaking, the eyes of small white rabbit who was acting actually started to become red. From Fei Long’s tone of voice, even if the company is not in immediate danger of collapsing, but it looks like it is indeed of danger of doing so. At a time like this, everyone is still trying to hide the matter from her, Xiao Yi also never mentioned a word about it.

Is this what he meant by growing old together with her? Aren’t husband and wife supposed to share weal and woe together? Why is it at his most painful and difficult time, he still refuses to tell her?

On this side, after Fei Long heard the small white rabbit’s words, the blank expression in his eyes faded, the next second his mouth was shouting stop and waved his hands to stop Nuo Nuo’s pretend act. He laughingly said, “Nuo Nuo wait a moment…… Before you admonish me, can you first tell me, who was the one who told you about Yu Qu’s matter? And what was said?”

At this point, the small white rabbit who was fully immersed in her act, tearing but not crying, was dumbfounded.

Thoroughly dumbfounded.

Well~ If she knew the whole story, why would she also ask Fei Long? Sure enough, is the cat out of the bag?

Fei Long observed the small white rabbit’s lips twitching, crossed his legs and said complacently, “Speak.” Indeed, the older the ginger, the more spicier it becomes [3], the small white rabbit’s skill at torturing for a confession was terrible, too terrible. Just these few words and she wanted to find out the truth? Pretending to sniffle and cry, she thinks that all this has gone unnoticed by him?

No way!

Nuo Nuo’s lips twitched, since her move did not work, she quickly changed her tactics to putting on a sweet smile on her face, and coquettishly begged, “Fei Long boss, very big boss, very very very big boss, you are the oldest person in the Planning Department, and the only one who has a child and a wife, we all regard you as a dear brother.”

“When I was at the company, you the one who took care of me the most, you said I was young, when the other seniors teased me, you would help me scold them. Recently, Xiao Big Boss has been acting strangely, yet he is unwilling to tell me the truth, I’m really worried. I can’t eat properly, can’t sleep properly, please be kind and tell me the truth, hu hu hu…..”

The small white rabbit clasped her hands together, rubbing and crying at the same time, suddenly, Fei Long’s previously stone cold heart also started to waver. What Nuo Nuo said was true, compared with other guys, Fei Long was the oldest in the Planning Department, because he already had a family, a good wife and a filial son, he was the most mature and a model for his colleagues.

Nuo Nuo and Xiao Yi’s romance, he has always watched with interest, now seeing that this couple was wrecked with worry and doubt because of Yu Qu, he was also shaken. With a sigh, Fei Long’s tone softened, “Hey, aren’t you making things difficult for your brother? I….”

Fei Long hesitated, he thought and thought again then shook his head, “No no, a gentleman’s word can never be withdrawn [4], that’s how I teach my baby girl as well. I have already promised Xiao Yi not to tell you, if I go back on my word, what kind of example am I setting?”

When it comes to his precious three-year old daughter, Fei Long’s principle is rock solid, it can not be shaken. Nuo Nuo knew that Fei Long wanted to bring his daughter well, just as she felt frustrated and lost hope, suddenly her mind flashed an idea, her eyes gleamed,

“Boss you promised Xiao Big Boss you won’t tell me, but you did not promise not to write it down for me right? You can write down the situation on paper, that’s not going back on your word right?!”

Fei Long, “……………”

Nuo Nuo was a super girl, super good at deceive herself and others, Fei Long felt her suggestion was stretching it, but the small white rabbit still enthusiastically found the pen and paper and invited Fei Long to write on the situation.

Fei Long held the pen, his head could not help but break out in a cold sweat, from time to time he would visualize Xiao Yi’s dark black eyes, if he says it, he’s dead meat, if he doesn’t say it——

Fei Long raised his head and was met with the small white rabbit’s bright earnest eyes, if he doesn’t say it now, in the future he’ll also die! As the future Mrs. CEO, the small white rabbits will have a lot of opportunities to whisper into Xiao Yi’s ears in the future, if he offends Nuo Nuo today, he’s afraid that he won’t have an easy time at OWL Wing after this.

No matter which way he chooses, it’s a death route. Fei Long’s heart decisively decided to place his bets on the winning odds —— switch camps to the future Mrs. CEO.

“Little Nuo Nuo, if I inform you about this matter, you can’t betray me ah ~” Fei Long boss held the pen and looked as if he was about to cry, why does it feel like… he is signing a contract to sell his body?

Nuo Nuo couldn’t really be bothered, just “uh huh”, nodded her head causally.

Fei Long carefully thought again, even if Nuo Nuo doesn’t betray him, the people who knew about this matter are only a few, Xiao Yi may inevitably suspect him…… Paused for a moment, Fei Long’s eyes flashed a sinister look, “If you’re really tortured into a confession, just say it was Zi Yuan Beauty who said it.” Since matters have come to this point, Fei Long couldn’t care about the kinship between brothers, Zi Yuan, I’m really sorry /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Since he has made up his mind, just as Fei Long was about to write, his phone rang.

Fei Long looked at the caller ID, made a “Shh” gesture towards the small white rabbit, picked up the phone and muttered a few words, then his complexion changed drastically, with a stupefied expression he hung up the phone.

The small white rabbit guessed the other person was Xiao Big Boss, but she didn’t know the content of phone conversation, she urgently jumped up, “Forget about other things, quickly write it out!!”

Fei Long paused, he looked up and seriously said, “Nuo Nuo, I must go back to the company, I can’t write it out now.”

Nuo Nuo blinked, “What happened?”

Fei Long gnashed his teeth, the veins on his forehead about the burst, “The company’s website was maliciously hacked into and has been paralyzed. The Technology Department is defending it now, I have to go back and help.”


The pen in Nuo Nuo’s hand unconsciously fell to the ground. At this moment, Ran Qing He’s words were running through Nuo Nuo’s mind, “The takeover plan for Owl Wing is already in the action, just wait for Xiao Yi to weep!”

Wait for him to weep weep weep weep……

The malicious attacks, could it be the doing of Yu Qu?

[1] 开门见山 Kāi Mén Jiàn Shān: The door opens on a view of mountains; come [go] straight [right] to the point; cut the cackle and come to the horses

[2] 师妹 Shī Mèi: Junior sister apprentice

[3] 姜还是老的辣 Jiang Hai Shi Lao De La: The older one is, the wiser one is

[4] 君子一言,驷马难追 Jūn Zǐ Yī Yán, Sì Mǎ Nán Zhuī: An honest man’s word is as good as his bond; A real man never goes back on his words; A promise is a promise; A nobleman’s word is as good as his bond, even four horses cannot take back what one has said.



lemonsalt: Are things really as bad as Nuo Nuo thinks? What does Fei Long know that Nuo Nuo doesn’t?