Arc 2 Chapter 2 : Journey of a Traveler
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During the few days of rest Yuuji got before he travelled he decided to explore the kingdom a bit more. After all he only explored the shopping area. While he was walking he saw a variety of things. kids playing ,knights patrolling , old people sitting down together recalling memory. he felt like he was back at his hometown. the scenery nearly brought him to tears. however what made him get back to his senses was recalling the memories of people bullying him and verbally abusing him. he was nothing but a mere introvert back there in japan ,but now he's considered a hero who saved a kingdom from annihilation. here he can be his normal self and start again and correct everything he didn't like in the real world. walking lost in thought Yuuji bumps into a familiar face.
"Hey you! Watch your steps"
"Ahaha sorry! Oh it's you Purple neko!"-said Yuuji
"I told you to call me by my real name! by the real name!!"-said Boryana pouting to show how annoyed at Yuuji she was
in fact Boryana did not hate Yuuji like some of her actions show she's actually grateful to him. he did take revenge for her father-figure general Marcus and protected her people
recalling back to the battle Boryana didn't have a chance to even cry! she only was able to scream in agony. however the amount of people she must protect was so large she had to somehow shift her focus onto battle
"Alright, Alright i will start calling you by your real name and what is up with that cute pout"-said Yuuji trying to please Boryana
"You'd better do!"-said Boryana sounding annoyed
"By the way .. what are you doing out here in the city shouldn't you be getting ready to travel?"-asked Boryana confused as to why Yuuji didn't already leave
"I was just checking the town one last time before i left and i was just gonna pass by the shopping area to get some food ready as well"-explained Yuuji
"I suppose that's a good idea. hmm maybe i'll come with you i need to get some groceries"-said Boryana
"Then let's go!"-accepted Yuuji enthusiastically
After that Yuuji went with Boryana to the shopping area for a bit of shopping Yuuji bought some fruits and even passed by uncle Sam. while Boryana only bought necessary stuff such as 2 bottles of milk and a kilogram of tomatoes
they went around walking until it was becoming nighttime
"Good luck on your adventure Yuuji-san"-said Boryana
"Thank you. i'll be sure to come back after i'm done with the next kingdom"-promised Yuuji
"Just for your information. the next town is really dependant on their adventurers' guild everything from material gathering to killing mobs to even finding lost cats!"-explained Boryana
"oooh so i can submit a request to find you if you're lost but i would be scared for the adventurer that's gonna grab you you're a hostile cat"-said Yuuji trying to ease the situation with comedy
"TREAT ME LIKE A HUMAN WILL YOU ?! I'M ONLY PART BEAST"-Yelled Boryana while Yuuji just stood there laughing
"back to the main topic! you need to get to gold rank as quick as possible to get some special treatment there that will help you on your journey"-explained Boryana
"I understand thank you for your help"-said Yuuji before saying goodbye to Boryana
Yuuji went back home in the next morning he prepared everything for the Journey from fruit to even onigiri which he made with how his grandma taught him. after everything was prepared they went to the royal mansion to say their goodbye to Thoka and inform her about them leaving
"Good luck on your Journey Yuuji-san i do wish you success on this next Journey"-said Thoka with a calm tone like usual
"Thank you! i'll be sure to visit every so often"-said Yuuji
after handshaking Yuuji and Amilia headed out to the gates to where their journey to Aetherland starts