C5 – Birthday x2
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Today was Davron’s birthday.

‘Huh, it turns out people celebrate birthdays! Yes, I know, call me caption obvious, but this is a different world with different cultures. I don’t even know how long a year is!’. Davron thought.

“Happy birthday, my sweet birthday boy!”[Ellena]

Ellena was hugging Davron. She already had an obvious pregnancy belly.

“Happy birthday, happy birthday!”[Flora]


The birthday kid was laughing bashfully with a red face. ‘It feels nice having all the attention’

“Close your eyes, Dav. Mommy has a present for you!”[Ellena]

Davron closed his eyes.

“Wait.. wait a little bit more.. a little tiny bit more”[Ellena]


“Fufuf. You can open your eyes, sweety”[Ellena]

The moment Davron opened his eyes, he saw Ellena holding a candy bar in front of him.

“Dav, I know it’s not much, but I hope you still like it”[Ellena]

“Woow. A candy bar!”[Flora]

Flora looked at the bar with glowing eyes.

“Yes yes, I brought the candy bar from a traveling merchant. He said even the princess eats them!”[Ellena]

“Even the princess!”[Flora]

Flora’s eyes turned into two little suns. ‘I love this side of her’, Davron thought.

“Thanks, mom. You’re the best mom in the world!”[Davron]

Davron took the candy bar from Ellena outstretched hands.

Crack Crack Crack

One candy bar turned into 3 little pieces, or rather Davron had broke them into 3 little pieces. Ellena and Flora were surprised by his action.

“Here, those are for you.”[Davron]

Davron gave both Ellena and Flora respectively a little candy bar. ‘How am I able to eat them alone? Impossible! It’s obvious how much Flora wants to try it and I also want to increase my good-son points, hehe.’

Flora looked at Davron and her candy bar alternately. Then, she started to jump around her little brother.

“Dav, you’re the best little brother! Hihihi Little brother Hihihi”[Flora]

“Are you sure, sweety?”[Ellena]

“Of course! I want to eat it together with you!”[Davron]

Ellena felt proud, having such a sweet son. She kissed his forehead.

“Okay, dear”[Ellena]

“Let’s eat it together”[Davron]

“Yes, yes”[Flora]

All of them moved their piece slowly to their mouths. They bit their candy bar at the same time.



Ellena and Flora were full of smiles. ‘Cute. I definitely need to buy them sweet, when I start working’, Davron came to an important conclusion.

“Mhmmm, so sweet. Thanks, Mom”[Davron]

“Everything for my cute children”[Ellena]

“Mom, how old am I?”[Davron]

“You’re 1 anno old, darling”[Ellena]

‘1 anno? What is an anno?’, Davron wondered.

“1 anno.. how much is 1 anno?”[Davron]

“Hmm, is my Dav old enough to understand big numbers?”[Ellena]

“Woow, big numbers”[Davron]

Davron nodded enthusiastically.

Ellena smirked to herself, thinking how her cute Davron would be shocked hearing big unknown numbers.

“Okay, Fufuf 1 anno is 438 days!”[Ellena]

“Four ..hu.. thirty-eight! Woow, am I an adult now?”[Davron]

‘I need to play my role as a baby.’

“Haha, no darling. Your mommy is even older”[Ellena]

“How old?”[Davron]


Davron saw his mother’s face contort with bulging veins. However, it disappeared as fast as it appeared. ‘Fuck, I shouldn’t have asked that’.

Cough Cough Your mommy is still young as an elf”[Ellena]

“Is.. mama okay?”[Flora]

Davron was hugging Flora to calm her down. They were currently in the living room, waiting patiently for their mother.

“Mama is strong, everything will be alright!”[Davron]

“Really Really?”[Flora]

“Of course! Brother or sister?”[Davron]

“Hmm, Brother or sister?”[Flora]

“Yes, what do you think will be our little sibling?”[Me]

“A sister! I want a little sister!”[Flora]

“So you want a little sister, because you already got a little brother? Hahaha”[Davron]

Flora looked caught off guard. A cute red color adorned her bashful face.

“Of course not!.. a little bit”[Flora]

“I also want one more sister”[Davron]

“Why no brother?”[Flora]

“Hmm, I feel like I wouldn’t want to share you with him”[Davron]


The door to Ellena’s bedroom opened and the midwife, whose name was Olga, appeared.

“Hoo, why are you not a sleep yet?”[Granny Olga]

“How is mama?”[Flora]

“Hohoho, everything is fine! She is already in her bed with your new sibling. If you want you can enter”[Granny Olga]

“Let’s go”[Flora]

Flora was excited. She grabbed Davron left arm and pulled him into Ellena’s bedroom.

The siblings entered the bedroom and immediately their mother laying oh her bed with a tired expression. In her arms was a little baby.

Ellena noticed her children.

“Why are you not sleeping yet?”[Ellena]

“We wanted to see our new sibling!”[Flora]

“Oh, you want to see your new sister?”[Ellena]

Flora exploded with happiness.

“A sister! Dav, I have a little sister!”[Flora]

Davron was also joyful, hearing that his new sibling was a sister. ‘Yes I know, I should also be happy if it was a brother, but somehow I wouldn’t like to have a brother in my family. I’m not blind, I noticed that I started to feel possessive towards my family. A brother would be like another male in my territory.’

Davron looked at his new little sister and she looked back at him with her cute doe eyes. ‘She is so tiny. I bet she is smaller than I was.’

She had surreal pink eyes. Her baby hair was a mix of brown and pink, whereby brown was the more prevalent color.

“Mom, what’s her name?”[Davron]

“I don’t know yet, I wanted to name her but nothing comes to my mind. Do you have any suggestions?”[Ellena]


“How about Luna?”[Davron]

“Huh, Luna?”[Ellena]


Luna started to giggle happily when she heard Davron’s suggestion.

“I guess she likes her new name”[Ellena]

Ellena smiled at her son.

“Did my little girl drink enough.. Oh, she is already asleep”[Ellena]

Ellena was talking to herself in a hushed voice.

Davron and his mother were lying on their bed. Ellena slowly took the sleeping Luna from her left boob and laid her to her side.

“Me too”[Davron]

Davron looked at Ellena with anticipation

“Okay, darling. Come here.”[Ellena]

Davron crawled closer to her. Ellena grabbed his little head and brought it to her right boob.

He slowly positioned his mouth closer to her nipple. The, Davron enclosed her crown with his lips and started to suck on them. Sweet liquid flowed into his mouth. He was overcome with a feeling of happiness.

Davron forgot himself and started to grope Ellena’s left boob. His tongue begun to caress her nipple.


Ellena let out a quiet moan.

‘Oh shit I did it again. I don’t want her to think I’m weird’. Davron panicked. Sometimes, he would lose his mind when he was being breastfed. ‘I want to control myself and be a normal “child”, but it doesn’t change anything about the fact that I was still mentally an adult. My desires overlap with our family connection and her motherly charms, so it’s a lot harder for me’

Luckily, Davron got himself under control and started to behave like a normal child. Ellena still didn’t say anything about his antics. ‘It would be so awkward if she mentioned it’, he thought.

Davron finished his late-night snack.


He slowly closed his eyes to cover the situation up. Ellena thought that he had fallen asleep and laid him down.

“Good night, my sweety”[Ellena]

“Unfortunately, we can’t help you with it. I hope you can find help within god”[Male Priest]

“Please, I beg you, cure my little Luna!”[Ellena]

It was not the first time that Ellena and her children visited the local church. Davron was now 3 annos old and around an anno ago, it had turned out that Luna had become ill. Her body had gotten weak and sometimes she had been getting fevers.


“Please, I will even pay you!”[Ellena]

“Like I already said, we can’t do anything about this illness. We can’t even find the source of the problem! The only ones who could maybe cure your daughter are the priests from the main church in Rakladiil.”[Priest]

“But… it’s impossible to go there. There are too many monsters on the way and Luna would not survive the harsh trip!”[Ellena]

“Then you should pray to our God Ferndo, the God of Pity”[Priest]

“..Thank you. Let’s go..”[Ellena]

Ellena looked sorrowful. She felt betrayed by the world. Her mind couldn’t comprehend, why her sweet daughter had to suffer so much.

The family went out of the church. Davron was carrying Luna on his back, while Flora was beside walking beside him. Usually he had been the one who carried Luna. Davron wanted to lessen his mother’s burdens. Despite being only 3 annos old his body was already more mature than a typical 3 annos old child.

Ellena looked back at the church, hoping that the priest would surprise her, but nothing happened. With a sigh escaping her lisps, she and her children slowly made their way home.

The church was Red Woods Villag’s most beautiful architecture, clean and pompous. Everything else was shabby and dirty.

This village didn’t even have a good infrastructure, the roads where muddy and not traversable in the winter.

Davron’s house was a bit more remote from the village center, like most of the other farm houses. The village center consisted mostly of a few shops, a smith, the church and village head’s house.

The village head was leader of Red Woods Villag. He wasn’t a noble but he liked to behave like one. His two sons seemed to have it inherited too. Davron had only seen them a few times, however each time was one too much.

“Don’t worry mom, I will grow up and take care of you all”[Davron]

Davron tried to console his mother.

Ellena patted his head.

“You’re a good boy, nothing like your father”[Ellena]

Ellena was now more vocal about her anger towards her “husband”, after Luna started falling ill. Who can blame her, he hadn’t visited them after that one time.


Ellena opened the door and they went in.

‘I need to grow up faster..’


1 anno = 438 days

Edited: Changed to third person. Minor details changed.