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When Reyes returned to camp he had already forgotten all about the old man.

There was no sign of the Gilba regular army he had been expecting to see .

It seemed that they had turned around and moved their offensive to the east.

Having lost their current enemy, the Black Wolf Riders were to continue their advance and move on to the next mission of securing the supply lines of Phelan's regular army.

As Reyes left the commander's tent feeling listless and tired, one of the women cooks came up to him and told him that they had picked up a strange old man on the way who claimed to be an acquaintance of his.

 Finally, he remembered about the old man.

"Hey, old man."

The old man was sitting in a corner of the carriage.

When Reyes called out to him, he stood up in a hurry, bowed deeply, and said his name was Yorog.

"I'm Reyes. I'm the vice commander here."

Yorog asked him to let him thank him in any way he could.

 Reyes laughed and asked him what he could do for him.

Well, he thought, if he could help a woman with her work.

Yorog told him that he was the head of the Nork Magic Academy in the Kingdom of Garai, a large country in the south, and that he was on his way to look for talented kids.

Reyes laughed and did not believe him, but Yorog picked up a stone at his feet and threw it over his head, saying that he had lost his wand on his journey and could only do this much, and then watched as it turned into a bird and flew away, muttering, "Is this real?"

'I've heard of the Nork Magic Academy ,'

 Reyes said.

It's a place where anyone with a talent for magic can receive an equal education, regardless of where they come from or their status. I also heard that after graduation, people from all over the world will be very interested in you and you will be able to get success in your career. You're the director of the academy there?"

 Yorog nodded and added to Reyes' vague knowledge.

The school is located on an island called Nork Island, the age of entrance is limited to nine years old, and the school is a boarding school with three years each for elementary, middle, and high school, for a total of nine years of education.


Reyes snorted once, and then remained thoughtful for a while.

Yorog silently watched him.

Eventually, Reyes began to scratch his left side absently. It was a habit of his when he was about to say something that was difficult to say.

..”....Your academy only takes talented kids, right?"


When Yorog nodded, Reyes groaned again and began to scratch his side.

"I need a favor."

Finally, Reyes spoke up.

"It's about my son."

 "Your son," Yorog responded.

"Yeah, his name's Almark. He's five years old."

 Reyes scratched his side.

Almark's mother died soon after he was born," Reyes said, still scratching his side. I raised him as a single parent, but he's not very strong, or rather, he's too timid. Being a mercenary is a tough job. You can't rely on your friends, let alone your enemies. The only people you can rely on are yourself and a group of friends. I can assure you, if he becomes a mere mercenary, he will surely die before he turns twenty."

 Yorog listens silently.

So, I wonder. Why don't you take him into your academy?"

Reyes continued before Yorog could speak.

“ Of course he doesn't have any magic talent," Reyes said. “But as long as he can find a place for himself in the south, where he can live, where still no war. Please, take him in ."

 Reyes bowed his head.

Yorog was silent for a while, but eventually he laughed and said, "That was a strange thing to ask. I'm the one who owed you a favor, and you're the one who' s bowing."

Anyway, in response to Yorog's request to let him see the boy, the two got up.

When they noticed that it was already dark,

 It seemed that preparations for diner had begun.

Reyes pointed to one of the campfires, which were burning here and there, and said, "There he is.”