prologue 3
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The child was sitting idly beside the women who were busy cooking rice.

The flames of the campfire made his face reddish.

 When Reyes called out, "Almark," he looked at his father .

He looks surprisingly intelligent.

But the light in his weak eyes told of his timidity.

 Recognizing his father, the boy ran up to him happily.

But he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw that his father was standing beside an unknown old man.

"It's all right, Almark," he said. This old man is a good man."

 Reyes said, but Almark ran up to his father and quickly hid behind him.

"He's shy,"

Reyes said and sighed.

'You're so pathetic."

'No, he's got a very clever face. 'I suppose it's because of his intelligence that he's so cautious.'

Yorog approached Almark as he said this and bent down at the hip, saying, "Which one?"

Almark was clinging to Reyes's leg and refused to move , but Reyes dragged him forcibly out.

Yorog gently put his left hand on Almark's head.

 Almark shivered and looked as if he was about to cry.

Almark don’t be afraid," Reyes yelled at him.

As soon as Yorog's hand touched Almark's head, there was a snap and something like an electric spark.

Yorog was taken aback and pulled his hand back in a hurry.

"What's wrong?"

 Reyes asked.

Yorog looked at Almark's face, with serious face and  wide-eyes  .

'...... you surprised me......'

Yorog rubbed his hand and told Reyes that his boy had incredible magical powers,

'I've seen many talented children ,but I've never met one with this much potential."


Reyes was pleased with that.

 He had no idea what kind of magical talent he was talking about.

At any rate, his son had been recognized by the old man.

"He probably has a talent with the sword as well. I'm sure he will grow up to be a fine mercenary."

"Sword talent is not a great thing,"

 Reyes answered immediately.

"The mercenaries need to have the mind strength to live without relying on anyone else. Whether you are strong or weak is not important. He probably doesn't have that."

...... " that is what you are thinking ."

Yorog gave Reyes the detailed route to the academy.

“When he turns nine, bring him to the academy. I'll make sure he's a will top-notch magician.”

"I'll make sure to bring him. Good for you, Almark."

 Reyes hugged his son.

Almark had no idea what was happening, he was just being held by his father, who was sweaty.

Yorog then traveled with them to the border and then left, bowing his head many times.