Prologue 5
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Although he had gained real combat experience in the mercenary corps, Almark was only a nine-year-old child.

Traveling alone in the north was incredibly harsh.

Moreover, the autumn had passed and winter was approaching.

Hunger, cold, monsters, and angry people were Almark's enemies. Everything was against him.

He almost lost his life many times, but each time he managed to escape with his extraordinary swordsmanship and luck.

Sometimes he was taken in by a band of mercenaries on the way, and sometimes he worked with travelers, fighters, and magicians.

 The chances of being betrayed by these people he relied on were more than 80%.

Through such hardships and heartbreak, Almark learned how to tell the difference between those he could trust and those he could not.

By the time he had crossed the Menober Strait, which separates the northern part of the continent from the midlands, the spring season had arrived.

Almark had managed to survive the toughest winter in the north.

His senses were sharpened during this harsh journey, and he learned many skills for survival.

Nakahara is a rich land where wars have ended a long time ago.

It was the first time in his life that Almark had ever felt something new.

People who lived a life where they do not have to worry about what they are going to eat that day.

 Almark looked at them with a sense of wonder.

 The people were kind to Almark as he traveled.

To the people of Nakahara, the boy who traveled alone from the north at the age of only 9 was nothing but a superhuman.

During his journey in Nakahara, Almark first learned the joy of travel and experienced the kindness of the people. He also learned about the richness of war-free countries.

The season had turned from the spring oto summer and was now turning into autumn.

By the time he reached the southern part of the continent, he was out of money.

Almark continued his journey, as if he were a beggar.

The winter had come, but having survived the winter of the north, the winters of the south were nothing to him.

Every day he camped out in the field, gazing up at the stars and learning how to communicate with himself.

The seasons passed, and spring came around when Almark was 11 years old.

Nork Island was just across the sea, but he worked for a month in the harbor to earn his boat fare.

When it was finally over, two years after his promise to Yorog, Almark arrived at the Nork Magic Academy.