Chapter 5
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When he returned to his room, Ziad was looking sullenly at the long sword leaning against the wall.

He could see that Almark had returned.

He said, "Ah, welcome back. It's a great sword, isn't it? I don't know much about swords, but is this what you call a karma sword?»

He asked

 Almark shook his head.

"I don't know either, it was given to me by my father. I've used it in many extreme ways, but it didn't break, so it's very sturdy.”

Ziad muttered to himself, "used it in many extreme ways,......," and looked at Almark's face again.

You look a little tired. What's happened downstairs?"

“I met a girl down there .......”

"Who is it?"

"She said her name was Leila ...... Leila Coogan."

"Layla! She's kind of a tough girl, isn't she?"

 Ziad chuckled as he said it.

'Oh yeah, haha. The first girl you met was Layla, huh? Haha, that was a disaster. for sure ,I wish it had been Wendy!"


 Almark reacted to a name he had never heard before.

"Who's Wendy?"

Zeid was about to open his mouth to answer, but changed his expression quickly when he noticed what was going on outside.

“Oh my God, it's getting late! Hurry up and change into your uniform , Almark. You need to go to school now."

"I understand," Almark replied and put on his uniform .

He didn't have time to feel any emotion because Ziad was rushing him, but his heart was pounding at the sight of the dark blue suit he was wearing for the first time in his life.

 A magician. One who wields invisible power. One who touches the depths of the world.

A magician.

When he was in the north, magicians were just a bunch of guys with a nasty way of fighting.

So when his father first told him that he would eventually learn magic, he was shocked.

That is why he started training himself in swordsmanship. He thought that if he could hone his sword and become stronger, his father would change his mind.

 Even after his father recognized him and he went into battle, he had no hesitation in continuing to be a mercenary. Everyone around was a mercenary. He could not think of any other way of life.

 "I can live by the sword. I was beginning to feel proud of myself."

However, his father did not change his mind.

The day before his departure, he heard his father's speech and looked into his father's eyes.

 Almark gave up on himself as a mercenary right there and then.

He was still undecided about the mercenaries. There is no doubt about that.

 But more than that, he wanted to fulfill his father's wishes.

 He wanted his father, whom he respected, to think that he was a great son.

 Learn magic. To become a magician. It was something completely unknown to him.

He did not want his father to think that he was a coward who feared the unknown.

 He wanted to show his father that he was the brave son of a brave mercenary, Reyes, and that he could make it in the magical world.

But during his travels, Almark's view of sorcerers changed drastically.

 He learned that the destructive magic used by the magicians of the north was only limited to a few.

 The southern countries are the home of magic.

 Magic is deeply rooted in people's lives.

He wanted to use magic himself. He wanted to bring the advanced magic of the South back to the North.

In addition to his father's wishes, he came to believe this of his own volition.

Zeid rushed him outside .

 He walked quickly to the school building.

The feeling of the uniform tangling around his body is fresh.

He thought to himself, "I'm going to be a magician."