chapter 6
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 On the way to the school building, Ziad suddenly stops and looks back.

He turned to Almark with a grim expression on his face.

'......I hate to tell you this, but ....."

"What is it?"

'Your father's job, is ...... and mercury treated here kinda bad ......

"A mercenary ......?"

«There hasn't been a war in this country for a hundred years. The only war that has occurred is the occasional one with demons that appear on the frontier. So there is a tendency to despise the people of the north as if they were savages. ...... Oh, God, no."

Seeing Almark's eyes sharpen in response to the " savage," Ziad hurriedly waved his hand.

"Not all of them are like that, of course, I suppose, but that's the general impression people have ....... ...... especially of 'mercenaries.'"

'But there are mercenary groups that come from the Middle Plains.'

'In reality they might. But people usually think that only people from the north are fighting for Their own. Sake "


It is true that Almark had been familiar with such thoughts from his travels in the south.

 ”We have nothing to do with that. Only stupid barbarians with a different level of civilization would be like this . ...... It is certainly a good way of thinking.”

If they could live without killing each other, there would be nothing better.

But to share this view was to deny the way of life of his father, Reyes.

 Almark could not do that.

"But I am the son of ...... the mercenary ...... "Shadow Fang" Reyes."

In fact that the academy director is also giving a tough tasks .



 However, if he reveals his father's occupation, he will be subjected to strange and insulting stares.

Besides, the Academy of Magic is a royal establishment.

Even though it did not matter whether the student came from a high or low social class, the current situation in the northern part of the continent made him hesitant to publicly declare that he was the son of a mercenary.

 The former students from the north were all the children of royalty and nobility.

 Even they have not been accepted in the past few years.

In fact, on the enrollment documents, Almark's father's occupation is written as a blacksmith, per Yorog's instructions.

'Yes,...... I understand that, but if you tell them ....... ...... you won't be able to stay at this academy.”

 Almark bit his lip.

Whenever he is faced with a decision like this, he always remembers his father's words from the day they parted.

"Use your ...... head, Almark. Don't depend on me to tell you what to do or how to do it. Study hard, get smarter, get better , get a bunch of friends ."

 Almark bit his lip hard once more.

 (...... Dad, I'm proud to be your son.)

 (I will not forgive anyone, no matter who they are, who makes fun of me because I am the son of a mercenary.)

 (But ......)

 Almark had learned a lesson on his hard journey.

He had learned that just following your feelings will not get you what you want.

 (I'm sorry, Dad.)

I understand. I'll keep quiet about it.

“Yes, ...... "

 Ziad looked relieved.

A young woman in a light green uniform was waiting for them at the entrance of the school building.

“Oh, your homeroom teacher is Ms. Fia, right? I love her, damn it.”

 Ziad wiggled his body.


When Almark moved away for a moment, the woman called out to him with a kind smile on her face.

"Nice to meet you. You must be Almark."


“I'm Fia. I am the homeroom teacher of the class you are going to transfer into , the second class of the third grade of the elementary class”

"I'm Almark. Nice to meet you."

“......Then, teacher Fia you'll take care of the rest."

Ziad bowed his head down behind Almark.

Almark bowed his head behind him. "Thank you very much, Ziad."

“No problem. I'm always at the front gate, Almark. If you need any advice, please come to me anytime."

“Yes . Thank you for everything."

 Almark shook hands with Ziad.

“Let's go now. The classroom right this way.”

 Fia led Almark into the school building