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As Fia walked to the classroom, she told Almark about the elementary class in a handy and concise manner.

“The elementary class is a three-year course, with three classes per year, each class having 15 students.”

“In the elementary class, students learn basic general education while also acquiring rudimentary magical skills and knowledge.”

"In the third year, everyone already knows a certain amount of magic, even if it's at a very elementary level, but you don't have to be in a hurry. The director has told me that you have a great talent. You will definitely be able to use magic, so let's take time and work on it."

 At Fia's words, Almark nodded his head .

“Until now there were fifteen of students , so there was always someone left over when we made pairs, but now there will be sixteen person , so that's good."

 Fia laughed as she said this.

 The third floor of the school building.

“We have arrived. Come on in."

She opened the door as she was led. him in

 It was a simple classroom with bright sunlight shining in.

 Fifteen students watched with interest as Almark walked in.

 Almark was used to being in public.

When he was traveling in the middle plains, he had been invited to join a troupe of traveling artists and had wielded a sword under the guise of a boy swordsman prodigy.

 Standing in front of everyone beside Fear, he looked around at all the faces in the classroom.

 Leila's face, whom he met today, was also there.

 he looked ...... for seat and found an empty seat in the back right corner of the classroom.

 His eyes meet the girl who was sitting next to his seat .

 She looked at him and smiled.

 She is a girl with a mysterious charm, very graceful, but her smile gives a friendly impression.

Almark wondered if she was also the daughter of a nobleman, remembering Leila's behavior in the morning. Leila was sitting by the window, looking out the window with a bored look on her face.

 Fia introduced Almark. Leila glanced back out of the window and glanced at Almark.

At Fia’s suggestion, Almark also briefly introduced himself.

"I'm Almark and I'm from the Kingdom of Arneti. I don't know anything about this academy or this island yet. Please take care of me from now on."

 When he bowed, the applause was louder than expected.

 Not bad, Almark thought.

“Almark ,due to family circumstances, you have delayed your entrance to the academy for two years. I'm sure there are a lot of things you don't understand, so please help him out, everyone. Um, your seat is at ......."

"Here "

 The girl whose eyes met Almark's earlier immediately raised her hand. Fia nodded lightly.

"Next to Wendy. Almark, take a seat over there."


Almark said hi to the girl called Wendy and took a seat.

 Wendy smiled and said, "Nice to meet you."

 The first period started .

It was an introduction to the world, which Fia was taking.

Almark, who had not yet received his textbook, asked Wendy, who was sitting next to him, to share it with him.

 ”The big four that created this world, the middle eight that filled the space between the big four, and the small sixteen and their families that were derived from the middle eight.”

 It was all new to Almark, and he did not understand how it was related to magic. It was an hour of furrowed brows.

 When the class was over, Almark thought to himself, "I'm going to have to get someone to teach me about this later."