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About 1/2 of the kids in the class gathered around Almark's desk.

They all seemed to be curious about the newcomer, who had a unique atmosphere. They asked questions one after another.

'”I've never heard of the Kingdom of Arneti, where is it?"

“You must be a commoner if you don't have a family name. What is your father doing ?"

“What made you delay your arrival for two years?"”

Almark answered one by one with a smile without any troubles.

 The Kingdom of Arneti is one of the northern kingdoms. Almark was born there.

To be precise, it was when the Black Wolf Cavalry was being stationed there, but of course he didn't say that much.

He kept his father's occupation as a traveling blacksmith.

He also said that the delay in entering academy was due to the fact that he and his father were in a faraway country.

 ”What does a blacksmith make? When he answered, "Swords," without thinking too deeply, they looked at him strangely and aked , "What do he sell swords for?”

"Tell me about yourself ."

 Wendy, who was sitting next to him , stood up at Almark's request.

""Well, since we're deskmates , I'd like to introduce everyone to you, Almark. Let's see, ......."

 Wendy introduced her classmates with a smile.

 ”Morgen, the son of a lumberjack from a village in the western part of the Kingdom of Garai. He is a friendly-looking boy with a large round body.”

 ”Nelson, whose father is a knight squire from the Duchy of Myx, a neighboring kingdom of Garai. He has a strong-looking face.”

 The girl with a slender body that would break if touched is Lilty, whose parents are musicians at the Royal Academy of Music of the Kingdom of Forretta, a large country in the middle plains.”

 ”The girl with freckles who listens to everyone with a friendly smile is Norish, the daughter of a farmer in the small country of Lang in the southern part of the continent.”


 After Wendy introduced everyone else, Morgen pointed out Wendy with hand and said,

“ This is Wendy Berherb. She is the daughter of one of the most powerful noble families in the Kingdom of Garai, the Barhaberb family."

Wendy's face clouded as she said, "You're overreacting.”

And the only other person who hasn't been over there is ......."

 As Morgen was about to say this, as a voice called out from behind him, "Hey, guys!

 A large, stern-faced boy was glaring at Almark and the others, two equally large boys.

"The next lesson is about practicing magic. How long are you going to keep making noise? Move your asses out of here."

 (Practicing magic? Is there going to be such a class unexpectedly?) Almark's heart was pounding.

 Seeing this, the large boy laughed.

"Hey, newcomer. You must be able to use magic to a certain extent since you've been here for two years. I don't want to be a babysitter for a bunch of novices.”


"We've got another commoner in our class, and the first and third graders are going to make fun of you."

 The three of them slumped their shoulders as they walked away, leaving Almark in a daze. Almark looks back at Morgen.

"Who is that ......?"

'Toruk Shiffei. He' s from the Kingdom of Garai, just like me. I'm a commoner, and he's the son of a nobleman. Nobles and commoners are equal in this acade,y , but he is a jerk who always tries to make a snide remark about his nobility. He's good at magic and martial arts, so I can't say anything. ......”

 Morgen sighed as he shrank his round body.

“Martial arts,......, there's even a class like that?"

'It's a liberal arts class. I'm not good at it. Torque is the second strongest guy in the class.”

"Second ......? Who's number one?”

"Wallis, the class president. He's exceptional. Now, we should get going too."

 At Mogen's suggest , Almark stood up .