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The magic practice place was located in a separate building just across the from the school building.

The ceiling is high and the space is wide, but it does not feel liberating at all.

 This is because all the windows are covered with black curtains.

 With only the light of the lamps illuminating the room, the almark lined up and waited for teacher.

Everyone is chatting without a trace of nervousness.

Almark is standing at the back of the line when he sees Torque, who had just been involved with him, look back at him and whisper something to his cronies.

 Soon after, a pale-faced, skinny teacher entered. He was clad in a gray suit.

"Let's start ....... First, each of you will light a lamp with your own magic without using a wand."

At the same time as the teacher spoke, the lamps turned off and the room was surrounded by darkness, except for the faint light of day shining through a small opening in the curtains. With that, the atmosphere of the place changed completely.

The students, who had been so cheerful earlier, became quiet all at once. Then, the only sound in the room was the sound of their deep breathing.

As Almark watched with ragged breaths, small flames began to light up in the palms of the students' hands.

 "It's light magic,"

 Almark thought.

 The magician he had encountered on his journey had used it often.

The magician was not a former student of the academy, but he had a lot of practical experience.

But compared to the magical light he had shown at that time, the lighted flame in the students' hands was much more delicate.

 The size of each light remained exactly the same, floating motionless in the palm of their hands, just a few inches above the surface.

These eleven-year-old students had more advanced skills than the elder magician.

 Almark understood it now.

 They are not just innocent children.

Each of them was a genius in magic, with talents worthy of being allowed to enter this academy.

The skinny teacher seemed to be silently walking among the students, checking on the students .

 Occasionally he would whisper something to some of them, perhaps offering advice.

He came up to Almark and stopped when he noticed that nothing was appearing from his hand.

“...... Oh, you.”

 The teacher muttered in a faint voice and gave a small nod.

“I've heard about you. Come to me after class. I'll give you a little make-up lesson."

 Almark nodded instead of replying, afraid to speak.

“Okay, it's enough .”

The teacher clapped his hands and all the students' lights disappeared with a clap, and at the same time the lamps lit up. Apparently, the lamps were also lighted by magic.

Everyone seems to be focused well," he said. "Or did you think that since you were in front of the new student , you couldn't act so impolite ......?"

 The teacher smiled thinly as he said this.

 The students, illuminated by the lamp light, are all different.

 Some look cool, others have sweat on their foreheads. One One hard  breathing is Morgen.

"Okay, we are going to use the wand. Take one each."

 The teacher pointed to a wooden box in the corner.

The students started walking in that direction at once, and Almark followed them.

In the box were dozens of wands, each about as long as Almark's waist, placed haphazardly inside.

It’s practice wands."

Almark asked Wendy, who ,was nearby, in low voice

"What are we going to do next?"

 Wendy answered in a whisper, Wendy send to Almark

Maybe it's the wind element practice , maybe it's the rock chipping," Depends on teacher mood."