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After having lunch in the cafeteria with so many students was still a new thing for Almark, but he ate too quickly and was laughed at by Morgen and the other students.

I need to learn how to eat with pleasure, Almark thought.

 There were various classes in the afternoon, all of which were new to him.

After finishing the day's classes somehow, Almark parted from his classmates and went to the magic practice place alone.

When he opened the entrance door, he found a skinny teacher waiting for him in the dark, musty room.

"Teacher Yilmaz," Almark called out.”

“You're here. But I don't think you're ready for real magic . Let's change location.”

Yilmaz asked him to go outside.

His face is still pale in the sunlight.

They return to the school building and enter one of the classrooms.

 As soon as Almirk takes his seat, teacher asks him something..

"Now then, Almirk, let me ask you a question. Do you need a wand to cast magic or not? What do you thing ?”

 Almirk thought for a moment and answered .

"Every magician has a wand. I think it is because they need it to use magic".

"I see."

Teacher nodded, did not mention Almirk's answer, and moved on to the next question.

"Then, is it necessary to wear a robe in order to use magic or not? What do you think?"

I think that all ...... magicians wear robes. The teachers and us students wear robes, too. It's because they have to, right ?"

"I see."

 Teacher nodded again.

"You have observed magicians before, haven't you?"



 Almirk swallowed hard as he was about to answer, "On the ...... battlefield."

'On my way to the academy."

"I see. So you know what a magician is?


 Almark nodded, and so did Yilmaz.

" I understand your situation , Almirk."

 He said sternly.

"Then forget everything you ever thought you knew about a magician."


 Almark is puzzled and at a loss for words.

“What you have seen, what you believe , is only the outward and surface appearance of a magician. Do you know what the magician's other name is?"

"A magician ...... who wields invisible power."


 He nodded.

"The essence of a magician is not in his appearance. The wand, the robe, none of these are the true nature of the magician. The true nature of the magician is as invisible as the power he wields."

“There are not many magicians in the world who are aware of this. But you must at least understand it if you are going to study at this academy. That is where you must start. You will not need a wand or a robe to master the magic I will teach you that .”

"Then why?"

He wanted to ask, "Why do all have wands and robes?"

“You are clever. You have absorbed a lot of knowledge through your eyes and ears. It is easy for me to answer your questions , but that would prevent you from truly understanding. You are too smart for that."

 He asked Almarc to close his eyes.

“All magic begins with meditation. You must begin by feeling the magic that inside of your body . Students who have just entered the primary class meditate for hours every day to master their magic. Take your time. However, you are already a third-year student. You don't have much time left. But I have high hopes for your , as the headmaster said. Let's get started. ......"

 He stayed with Almirk in meditation for several hours that day, until sunset .